Joseph Montgomery Gatorman, known mostly as Gatorman, Gatorgolf (by DB), or sometimes Joey, is the vulgar straight man of the bunch. Make of that what you will. Gatorman currently lives in some nondescript townhouse in Maryland, working full-time as a courier.

His favorite character has always been Vector the Crocodile.

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SegaStH Characters

SatAMStH Characters

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Sue Danta

newsue50.png Sue is Meadowood's resident architect. Not only is she eager to build structures, she enjoys building friendships with the rest of her group.

Vector the Crocodile

savector_deebs50.png The detective of the San Grandia Freedom Fighters. He had to put his profession on hold when Robotnik took over the city; he's now assisting Tekno the Canary and the others at Area 27.

ArchieStH Characters

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Alicia Acorn

aralicia.png Former queen of the Kingdom of Acorn; she spends her time taking care of her husband, Max.

Barby Koala

arbarby.png One of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, she sometimes decides to let her knuckles speak for her.

Erma the Ermine

arerma.png Second-in-command of the Arctic Freedom Fighters. She is more proactive than her colleagues and yes, she can camouflage!

Geoffrey St. John

argeoffrey.png Currently leader of the Royal Secret Service and loving husband to Hershey St. John. Formerly a petty, vindictive jerk.

Rotor Walrus

arrotor.png The crack engineer of the Knothole Freedom Fighters; enjoys inventing gadgets to help fight Eggman.

Steady MacReady

steady.png Maintains The Regatta, a local dive in New Mobotropolis.

Vector the Crocodile

arvector.png The most laid-back of all the Chaotix, Vector serves as Knuckles' second-in-command. Loves music, food, and good times.

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