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Name: Grand Battle Kukku XV
Nicknames: Lord Kukku
Species: Chicken
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Height: 6'0"
Residence: Battle Fortress (flying mobile facility), Cocoa Island (training facility)
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Grand Master of the Battlebird Armada
Likes: Birds, fine whisky, caviar, his son Speedy, warm days, his perch.
Dislikes: Rain, non-avians, Tails the Fox.
Played By: Xeric
Theme: "You Remind Me" - Nickelback


The Battle Lord is somewhat regal in his approach and inclined to treat allies and his troops with respect. As the head of the "true" rulers of the skies he acts afloat to lesser creatures. However, when things do not go as how Lord Kukku wants, he immediately drops his "gentleman" nature and bursts into a volatile rage. Lord Kukku is one to hold a grudge, you cross him and you'll be the top of his hit list for the rest of his, or even his own. His own troops are quite aware of his explosive nature when even the slightest thing goes awry, and fear reporting bad news to him on the chance they may recieve gruesome punishments that make getting demoted the least of their concerns.

Although he prefer the solitude of her perch, he enjoys the company of his son Speedy and sometime even Dr. Fukurokov.


Being an avian, Lord Kukku is adept to wingless flight. Although he only has basic combat techniques he is extremely powerful. He has average smarts; he can recall all of Babylons history and could possibly design and build a basic Extreme Gear board. He's quite tech-savvy and could work a computer and pilot aircrafts although he'd probably just get a member of the armada to do it for him.


Due to his size and stature, Lord Kukku isn't very fast even when flying.

Sometimes he can be overconfident, not only about himself but the also the cabability of the armada. Often enough this can cause his downfall. He also relys on the armada too much, often enough basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning etc. are trivial to Lord Kukku.

Emerald Abilities

None Known.

Pre-RP History

Lord Kukku comes from a long line of Battlebird leaders, originating from Babylon in Terra.They were originally an order of thieves who spent thousands of years hoarding riches from the rest of Terra. During the old ages of which Babylon Garden was their home, history recounts that their god, Angelus, became angered by their greed and arrogance, and struck down the mighty island, and the band of thieves. What really happened was the Arks of the Cosmos, which powered Babylon Garden, malfuctioned causing a Black Hole to form transporting Babylon Garden and very few of the order of thieves to Gaia.

After several months, rifts began to form within the small group with several members of the Order splintering off around Gaia. The remaining members formed a new Organization named the "Battle Bird Armada". Their main goal to rule the skies of Gaia and one day resurect Babylon Garden. The Armada were the original creators of Extreme Gear, a popular form of transportation throughout Terra and now Gaia due to mass production.

Later, the Battlebirds found training lands in the form of Cocoa Island. Coming across the Chaos Emeralds on the island, Lord Kukku decided to deploy his troops to find the gems of extraordinary power in intent to conquer the planet. Unfortunetly for them, Miles "Tails" Prower happened to be vactioning on the island. After learning what the Armada were up to and what immense power the Chaos emeralds possess, Tails got to work and defeated the Armada including Speedy(Lord Kukku's son), Dr. Fukukorov(BBA's lead scientist) and the Battle lord himself.

After Tails left the Island with the Chaos emeralds, the BBA decided to stay to repair the Battle Fortress and use Cocoa Island as their training grounds.

Lord Kukku still hold as grudge against Tails to this day.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Dr. Fukurokov Long time confidant, and cheif Scientist to the Armada.
Speedy Son and heir to the Armada.

Other Info

None at this time.


Battle Bird Armada

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