Gun Droids

Unmanned combat machines intended to save GUN time and money. Their power and abilities vary depending on the jobs they're built for, but they all seem to be fairly effective, albeit rather stupid. There are five series of droids.

Beetle Series


The Beetle Series is by far GUN's most common droid style. The gunner models fire with their front-mounted cannons, while the bombers drop explosives from above. The spark models don't attack, but their electric force field will pack a punch if it's touched. The gold and mono beetles also don't attack, as their specialty is surveillance. With their impressive camouflaging ability, the golds are used more for spying. Spring beetles seem to serve absolutely no purpose to GUN whatsoever.

Hunter Series


GUN's second line of droids take on a rather humanoid form, perhaps in the hopes of fooling enemies into thinking that they're actually mechs. The Hunter Series droids are all armed, although their firing frequency varies. Shield hunters are only produced when there is an excess of defective soldier shields.

Rhino Series


The Rhino Series, GUN's third line of droids, are tank-like vehicles that strike with surprising quickness when enemies get too close. The Rhino Cannons fire explosives, while the other three simply try to ram their opponents.

Hawk Series


The Hawk Series are some of the most aggressive droids GUN produces. They swoop down from above and attack before the enemy even has time to react. They tend to be a real nuisance, even to G.U.N.'s own soldiers.

Hornet Series


The Hornet Series, GUN's latest and greatest series of droids, seems to be the most strategic. The hornets slowly take aim and then fire a barrage of seeking missiles. However, upon firing their missiles, the hornet droids are then completely vulnerable to attack. The Phoenix style has the toughest armor and the strongest missiles.

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