Heavy Rider (Sega)

"Halt thine excrement, knave!"


Name: Heavy Rider
Nicknames: The Rider
Species: Egg Robo model Badnik
Gender: No physical gender but Rider prefers to be called by Female pronouns.
Age: Less than a year.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Completely loyal to Eggman but can occasionally wander off on her own to find “beasts” worth “slaying” to honor her creator. She can also be quick to put others in harms way for the sake of adding more danger to a stunt.
Height: Above Average - Storm's size (4'7'')
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: “Boss” level enforcer for the Eggman Empire. Leader of a force of Badniks that somewhat resemble a biker gang, dubbed by their founder as “The Knights of the Egg Salad table.”
Likes: The cheer of the crowd and praise of Dr Eggman. Challenging foes to an honorable duel. Oil baths. Dramatic entrances.
Dislikes: Being showed up. Disloyalty. Cowardice. Messing up a stunt.
Played By: Val
Theme: Hi Spec Robo Go!


Chivalry. Honor. Gallantry. These are the traits of a true knight and as such, all things Heavy Rider embodies. A servant of the people, Rider is a noble warrior of the Empire and will fight any opponent to defend it. Likewise she is also a slave to the allure of a cheering crowd, putting on daring stunt shows to dazzle audiences with death defying leaps on her trusty steed, Jimmy the Motobug.

Instilled (or installed) with a deep love of all things knightly, Rider strives to become a living legend, a champion of the Empire and she will do anything to prove her prowess no matter how stupid it may seem. She would dive headfirst into a dragon’s jaws if she had to.
Likewise she performs as many dangerous tricks and jumps to cement her status in people’s minds as a bot without fear! So determined is she to prove her mettle that she volunteered to become the Egg Boss of Oil Ocean just to increase the danger of her stunts.


The usual capabilities of an Egg Robo.
Excellent balance and reaction timing to allow her to ride Jimmy to full effect.
Able to produce and wield with expertise, a giant spiked flail.
Remote command of the pyrotechnics positioned around Oil Ocean.


Overly headstrong to dive into danger to prove herself.
Easily loses focus of those around her.
Becomes overly furious should any harm befall her noble steed, Jimmy.
As a robot she is vulnerable to EMPs and electrical attacks.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Heavy Rider was created as part of the Hard-Boiled Heavies line of Egg Robos. Programmed with gigabytes of data on knightly conduct and tales of valor as well as an innate hard coded desire to protect her creator’s dominion.

By her own request, Rider was assigned to preside over the Oil Ocean and set up her very own stunt show to wow audiences. While there she established her own elite “Knights” to better defend the region from unwanted blue nuisances.

Post-RP History

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Other Info

Rider also caries around a spiked Caterkiller to swing around as a more mobile flail.


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