Holoprojectors are devices provided to and used by the Dark Legion. Usually built directly into cyborgs, but for exceptions they can be used via a small watch-like device. These devices are used to help legionnaires blend into the public, hiding distinguishable physical traits such as prosthetic limbs or mutations. Typically they're designed to resemble the person before given their enhancements, or whatever species they happen to most closely resemble.

These devices only provide one holographic image. However, these projections are ultra realistic. They never flicker, and no matter how close you are to them they don't lose quality. On top of this they're sensitive to surrounding elements such as wind, rain and even snow, responding accordingly and realistically.

Despite the extreme amount of realism and attention of detail paid to them, there are several major weaknesses. First and foremost is that, as a hologram, they're completely intangible. So, what may appear to be fur may actually feel like metal when touched. This goes for other senses as well; the individual may smell unusual or cause unnatural sounds when they move (metal feet tapping against the floor for example). Another is that the individuals may cast unmatching shadows, and things such as thermal vision may be able to see through them.

These devices aren't exclusive to organic members of the Dark Legion. Finitevus has been known to use holograms on droids as decoys.

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