Honey the Cat (Sega)

"You look fabulous, Darling!"


Name: Honey the Cat
Nicknames: None Known.
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 3'2
Residence: Central City
Occupation: Designer, CEO and Founder of Honey Clothing
Likes: Fashion, Hot Weather, Karate, Extreme Gear, Work.
Dislikes: Rain, Water, Television, Boredom, Quietness.
Played By: Xeric
"Sunset Town" - Sonic the Fighters Soundtrack
"Gorgeous" - Taylor Swift


While upbeat and friendly, Honey is also a determined businesswoman; going to such lengths to join a fighting tournament in a vain effort to advertise her outfits and products. She has a very strong drive toward accomplishment, even taking up martial arts just for the sake of giving herself more to do between her work as a fashion designer and CEO of Honey Clothing. Even when facing a problem, she has enough confidence to somehow get around it. However, while she has noble intentions, she can be quite devious in battle and while solving business problems, though until pointed out she thinks little of it.



As a cat, Honey is naturally quick on her feet, agile and has an affinity for climbing. She also has fantastic eye sight and can see in the dark.


She's trained in several types of martial arts, she has the ability to "Shadow Sneak", where she can move in quick, short burst and give the illusion for multiple copies to confuse her opponents.

Honey is intelligent, being able to run her own business as well as design the outfits and accessories her company sells. She also builds and maintains her own Extreme Gear.


With an emerald, Honey is able to increase the speed and range of her Shadow Sneak ability.



As a cat, Honey is terrified of water and cannot swim.


As a determined buisnesswoman, when things dont go her own way, she becomes hysterical and bitter. She's be quite stubborn, sticking to her views of Neutrality, even if sometimes shes proven wrong.

Pre-RP History

Honey grew up in Central City in an moderately wealthy family and always had an eye for fashion. She had a pretty normal life, went to college to study fashion and interned at several fashion establishments to gain experience.

She eventually opened up her own business called "Honey Clothing", mostly designing modern, practical clothing for the adventurous person.

When Honey first heard about Eggman's plans for the Death Egg II, Honey wanted nothing more then to bring it down as a way to promote her clothing line and bring attention to Honey Clothing in general. Unfortunately, there was only enough room in the spaceship for one, and it was planned for a tournament to be held to find the strongest to ride up to the Death Egg. Honey happily signed up, but on the day of the tournament, she was beaten in the preliminary rounds. This didn't put Honey off, she was more inspired by the heroics of Sonic and his friends.

Since then, Honey has become a successful business woman, designing the uniforms for high ranking organisations such as the Battle Bird Armada, and a hugely successful line of Extreme Gear attire.

Post-RP History

Crossover History



Misc. Info

Honey owns, operates and maintains her own Extreme gear, the Kunoichi, which was a present from the Battlelord for designing the Battle Bird Armadas uniforms.


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