Honey the Cat (Sega)



Name: Honey Cat
Nicknames: Ridiculously Powerful Cat (courtesy of Dr. Eggman)
Species: Common cat
Gender: Female
Age: Female
Alignment: Hero (Lawful Good)
Type: Speed (actually, you know, Power might be better for her)
Height: 3'2
Build: Lean
Residence: Station Square
Occupation: Vigilante, Volunteer for various homeless shelters, hopes to become a fashion student (…?)
Likes: Oranges with cream, ruby red, ninjas, Chun-nan imports, JUSTICE1!one, carrot cake, fashion, baseball for no explicable reason
Dislikes: Unfairness and inequality in the world, not being on time (a common problem of hers), when people don't wear matching socks (don't ask she's just anal retentive about that one), pirates (… yeah), sticky food or food that gets caught between your teeth
Hobbies/Talents: HOME-RUNNUUUU! … by which I mean baseball, volunteer work, and designing ridiculous outfits
Played By: Raki
Theme: "Fighter!" - by Christina Aguilera (OH GOD.)


Bright, warm, and somewhat too excitable, Honey genuinely wants to bring 'good' to the world. From defeating the likes of Dr. Eggman to helping the homeless, Honey does everything she can to reach this most likely impossible goal.

However, in doing this, she also has a tendency to be far, far too dramatic, in an almost stereotypical superhero fashion (though, this may very well be something that she is aiming for). One would think that because of this she may be more at place in the theater rather than brawls, but she surprisingly holds her own extremely, incredibly, ridiculously well.

She seems to fancy herself being a ninja of sorts when… uh… well, she isn't one.



Despite the natural feline grace and flexibility, Honey's greatest asset seems to be sudden, powerful strikes. Most famous is her "Home-Run" attack, where she brings out her golden bat of justice (…) to send the opponent flying.

Other than that, she has the natural feline affinity for climbing and the normal feline hatred of swimming, something she's extremely poor at (there are, after all, no 'kitty paddles').


Honey fancies herself a master of martial arts. She… gets this from watching far, far too many old Kung-Fu flicks, which could be part of the reason for all of her un-needed dramatics.

Other than her fighting skills, Honey knows how to handle Extreme Gear- hers in particular being a modified scooter/street cleaner. Yes, it cleans streets.


Honey has no emerald driven abilities.



Other than the no-swimming thing mentioned, Honey has the normal weaknesses. She is not invincible, though her uncanny luck can sometimes make her seem to be so. She can't take anymore damage then any other person, though she'd probably go down kicking and fighting the entire way.

Other than that, has a few little piggly little weaknesses, for instance, having sensitive skin and breaking out easily if she uses the wrong shampoo.


Honey is an extreme idealist, and while not as gullible as some, she can be fooled to believe someone has 'turned a new leaf'. Other than that, she can be quite stubborn, sticking to her views, sometimes even when they're obviously wrong. In her zeal to both make the world a better place and to prove herself to be a true hero, she may rush headlong into danger as well.

Pre-RP History

When Honey Cat first heard about Eggman's plans for the Death Egg II, Honey wanted nothing more then to bring it down (FOR GREAT JUSTICE)- unfortunately, there was only enough room in the spaceship for one, and it was planned for a tournament to be held to find the strongest to ride up to the Death Egg. Honey happily signed up, but on the day of the tournaments she was held up by the senior citizen's trip to the museum (she had to help them all cross the street).

By the time she arrived, it was already to late and Sonic was on his way to destroying the Death Egg.

While she was quite happy that the Death Egg was destroyed, she was a bit disappointed that she wasn't the hero of the day…

Since then, she continued to do as she always had, helping anyone she can find in need (and some that weren't in need, or didn't want help, or just plain old guys named Sam). She still keeps a watchful eye out for the day when she can rise up to the ranks of a true hero.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Metal Sonic Not so much an affiliate as a punching bag that she has met on more than one occasion.
Jonas Lans Mechanic who fixed up her Gear. Seems like a nice enough guy, really.

Misc. Info

For those not in the know, Honey is a character from Sonic the Fighters that didn't make it into the final version of the game. Her model still exists in game, and with hacking she can be played… her design is based highly off of Honey from Fighting Vipers, however in this game she has been redesigned to be more unique and more modern in the terms of the Sonic world.


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