Also referred to as "hoverpods". The workhorse craft for Robotropolis, usually seen patrolling the outskirts and more open areas of the city, and used as the main firepower for Robotnik's armed forces. They usually carry a crew of two SWATbots as standard, and are armed with a single heavy laser cannon.

Mega Muck Hoverunits


A modification of the standard Hoverunit. It replaces the standard armament with a large spray nozzle for shooting large amounts of Mega Muck at its targets. It still retains the standard crew of two SWATbots.

Command Hoverunit


A heavier version of the standard hoverunit. It comes armed with two laser cannons instead of one and is usually piloted by Robotnik personally when he travels in city, or by Snively in his duties. Occasionally Metal Sonic may also pilot one if traveling over long distances.

Battle Command Hoverunit


A heavy version of the command hoverunit, usually piloted by Robotnik and Snively directly. It comes equipped with various heavy weapons and other equipment (Nets, deployable spy orbs, etc.) for use in situations a normal hoverunit couldn't handle.

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Hover Unit Interior
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