Known Humans

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Humans on Mobius are the evolved descendants of what we consider modern humans. Though they remain physically similar for the most part, many branching "species" of human have resulted in both the course of natural evolution and due to genetic manipulation done millions of years prior. While "conventional" humans still remain, some "species", such as the Edonians/Edenites, have developed snow white skin and pointed ears, while others have developed abnormally large eyes and slitted pupils for heightened night vision. It is not so far fetched to believe that species that resemble "elves", "trolls" or even "bigfeet", may exist, and some may even have tails or prehensile feet. To top this off, just like thropes, they can be prone to a rare trait that gives them unnatural hair, skin and eye colors.

Humans, more-so than most other species, generally stay with their own kind and are rarely seen in multi-species communities. Those that do choose to live among thropes are often viewed as outsiders and are often victims of specism and hate crime, especially species that have sparse amounts of fur. Humans communities who have lived apart from thropes with little or no contact are often known to have cultural biases, viewing other races as inferior beasts and showing disdain for them. Eden, however, is a unique exception to this standard. Though viewing themselves as superior they live with thropes in a symbiotic relationship.

"Overlander" is considered a derogatory racial slur to most humans. The exception to this rule are the Edenites.


Known Conventionals

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Known Edonians

Edonian humans are generally pure white to pale cream in skin tone, making them extremely sensitive to sunlight when outside the the underwater domes they inhabit. Due to their lack of true sunlight they also operate on 30-hour days. Edonian Humans also typically have elven-like ears, generally short but can vary in length depending on the individual. Men generally have longer ears than women. They are sensitive to the air outside Eden's conditions. For more information on Edonian humans and their culture, please refer to this article.


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