Known Hybrids
  • None

Hybrids are the result of a person born from parents who are of two different species. Due to thropic culture only recently beginning to embrace inter-species relationships, hybrids are considered an uncommon oddity. Depending on how mixed their traits are, they may be prone to anything from odd looks, to alienation and hate crime in extreme cases.

In SatAMStH the shift toward accepting inter-species relationships and hybrids began when the ruler of Mobotropolis, King Acorn, married outside of his species, producing a hybrid heir to the throne - Princess Sally Acorn.

Hybrids are only accepted into any of the roleplays as long as they don't seem too biologically outrageous. Mammals/reptiles, for example, will not be accepted, but mammal/mammals may be considered - the chances becoming better if their two species belong to the same animal family (canidae/canidae or sciuridae/sciuridae for example). They must present a good design and profile that equally balances hybrid strengths and weaknesses (IE, don't give them all the strengths of both species and none of the weaknesses).

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