Inari the Wolf (Sega)

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Name: Seth Lox
Nicknames: Inari
Species: Arctic Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Alignment: Dark
Type: Intelligence
Height: 3'4''
Build: Average
Residence: Wherever the current Dark Legion base is.
Occupation: Dark Legionnaire
Likes: Pizza, hurting government employees, making others look dumb
Dislikes: GUN, the government in general, inferiors(aka almost everyone), others making HIM look dumb
Hobbies/Talents: Screwing around with computer systems, robotics, screwing around with people
Played By: Lans


Very moody, not someone who generally likes company. He also takes great joy in causing other people pain, especially those who directly work for the government. An egotist, he believes himself superior to almost everyone and does NOT like to be showed up. Tends to exagerrate his abilities when speaking about himself.



Cybernitc parts and implants:
Feet - Hoverskating and flight
Right Arm - Increased strength, claws, and retractable laser blaster, neual uplink hookups
Eyes - superior and night and thermal vison modes
His implants also include the ability directly connect his mind to a computer system, making for a much more efficient interface.
Standard DL holographic disguise generator.


Hand to hand and marksmanship skills. Above average-expert computer hacking skills.





Find a way to disable his implants and hes basically down for the count. His implants are vulnerable to EMP and other electronic scrambling methods.


Quick temper.

Pre-RP History

Inari was living in Westopolis when the Black Arms attacked and lost his family. However, instead of blaming the aliens, he blamed GUN and the Government for being unable to protect them, and thus sought out ways to make them suffer in return. Eventually he ended up joining Finitevus' legion, one of the first, recieving combat 'upgrades' to turn him into a dangerous assasin, as well as prototype neural uplink implants that allow him to directly interface with computer systems on a mental level.

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