Hello and welcome! The StH Roleplays are three Generally T-Rated Sonic the Hedgehog roleplays sharing the same community that are written and played in a novel-style format, each based off the Sega and SatAM continuities respectively. In addition to these, our "Crossover" is a separate third roleplay collaborating the story between SegaStH and SatAMStH as a means of exploring otherwise impossible ideas.

Over time since our community and its roleplays began we've come to establish our own continuities within the greater Sega and SatAM continuities, making this wiki an essential tool and guide for newcomers and established members alike to keep our ideas consistent.

If you're interested, all the information you'll need to join can be found to the left, though registration at one of the forums will be required before you're allowed to post. We pride ourselves on the quality that we offer and consider continuity and atmosphere extremely important, but in spite of this, we also consider ourselves a liberal group who're always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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