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Often improperly referred to as "Talented" or "Gifted", Indoles possess a very rare trait in that they are born with the ability to preform emerald abilities without the reliance of a Chaos Emerald or Sol Emerald. All individuals have vague traces of Emerald energy within their bodies, allowing the use of Emeralds at all, and of those indoles have the highest amounts (the highest and rarest among those possessing super forms). This allows them to call upon that internal power at will at the cost of their physical and/or mental energy.

Indolistic individuals are native to both Gaia and Terra. Gaian indoles tend to be prone more toward extreme physical feats - super speed, strength, etc., while Terran individuals are more prone to what might be considered psychic or supernatural - telekinesis or elemental control, for example. Of course, this isn't a strict rule, as there are exceptions. Indoles are limited to only one ability, however others may be achieved through the possession an Emerald.

The most famous members of this group, respective to each world, are Sonic the Hedgehog of Gaia, and Blaze the Cat of Terra. Indoles who've honed their talents are often known for being able to take very high ranking jobs, such as in the military. The use of Emeralds only enhances their power as long as it is from their native world. Emeralds from the opposite world will only fuel their abilities so long as they possess them, but once having dropped them will temporarily disable their power. Chaos and Sol drives, fake Emeralds, or other Emerald by-products can also be used as a sort of indole "kryptonite".

While prejudice is fairly uncommon to indoles native to Gaia, and indeed many are even hero-worshiped… the same is not so for Terra. Many "normal" individuals fear the powers of indoles due to their frequently supernatural or "magical" nature. Because of this, indoles native to Terra who are open with their abilities may by shunned, even hated by society, and perhaps even be subject to hate crimes depending on how powerful their ability is. This forces many Terran indoles to hide their powers and/or live in seclusion.


Known Indoles

"Magic" on Mobius does not work in the traditional sense most people are familiar with. Rather, it is the manipulation of power stone energy and can be achieved in two different ways. Those with these abilities are properly referred to as "Indoles" and improperly as "Talented" or "Gifted".

One way to produce magic is through innate power. Rare and usually inherited through blood lines, some people have been known to have an extreme sensitivity to the minute traces of power stone energy present in the air and in their bodies, giving them the ability to manipulate it at the cost of their physical and/or mental energy. While this can result in "magical" abilities in the conventional sense, "true" witches and wizards - that is, those able to manipulate energy outside of any specific theme - are the rarest among an already rare minority. More likely are individuals who follow a specific theme - the Arakkis Tribe's general penchant for divination for example. Other examples are affinities for specific elements, or things like telekinesis. This is not limited to what we would conventionally consider magic or psychic/supernatural abilities, but extreme physical feats as well. Sonic the Hedgehog's super speed is a perfect example of innate energy manipulation.

Most individuals with innate power generally tend to have a low amount and require practice and study to reach their full potential. Those with higher amounts, who can easily preform abilities on an instinctual level without prior training, are almost as rare as witches and wizards. Among all known races echidnas and mythropes are the most sensitive and tend to have the strongest genes.

Their powers can be boosted through using an actual power stone, or a by-product such as a power ring or power crystals.

Another way to create "magic" involves the use of an actual power stone. With the knowledge of how to properly channel its energy, whether through technology and/or study, the air, land and even other people can be manipulated from even great distances. The best example of this is Lazar's Computer. Magic technology is extremely rare and tricky to create, but can allow normal people the ability to preform magical feats.

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