Infinite The Jackal (Sega)

"This stagnant world must crumble…for something new to take its place."


Name: Finn Tabaqui
Nicknames: Infinite. The Ultimate Mercenary.
Species: Side-Striped Jackal
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Height: 3’6”
Residence: Rusty Ruin Dark Legion base.
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Enforcer of the Dark Legion
Likes: Anime and manga, usually the more violent and gory type. Feeling superior to others. The sound of his own voice. Strategy games, especially card games.
Dislikes: Being beaten, ignored or otherwise disrespected. Anyone having any control over him or knowing something he does not. How boring he feels the world is. BEING CALLED WEAK!
Played By: Val
Theme: Infinite - Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane


Sadistic, narcissistic and deranged. Finn grew up cold and distant and displayed signs of textbook psychopathic behavior from an early age.
He passed the time mostly by reading manga and watching anime, sinking hours of his day into binging boxsets of whatever he could find. He became fascinated with the anti-heroes and rivals, those with the best backstories filled with angst and tragedy, the best fight scenes, the ones who stole the show but still had to live in isolation in one form or another. He could relate to that given how emotionally distant he was from those he knew he should’ve loved.
While he never felt any real emotion towards his family his world was still shaken the day he was placed into adoption. Abandoned, Finn processed it all by choosing to focus on his pain and letting it fester, hoping to one day become as strong as the heroes he’d grown to love.

Throughout his time as a mercenary he learned how to fight, how to survive but the way of things just bored him. Lacking any empathy or fear, he was unable to be intimidated by any other criminals and was easily able to earn a reputation for his violent but effective results. He felt he’d peaked at what he was doing and yet felt no satisfaction from doing so, like he was meant for more, like the world just wasn’t right.

And then he was recruited by Finitevus. Suddenly everything fell into place and for the first time in his life Finn felt truly alive. He wanted to watch the world burn, he wanted to see the status quo, the dull meandering life around him up heaved. The greatest excitement he ever feels is in change, true permanent change. He views himself as an unstoppable fighter, able to be the force of nature needed to tear down the old world and see something truly new to replace it.


A skilled swordsman.
Capable of sprinting long distances.
His cyborg left arm has much greater strength than his other limbs.
His robotic eye is capable of projecting a Heads up Display for him, able to give him access to information streamed from the nearest DL computer. It can scan for infer red and heat signatures of whatever is in his field of view.


His ego, if challenged, will cause him to fly into a rage.
He prefers to work alone and as such is not good at coordinating with others.
His cybernetic parts are vulnerable to electricity, EMPs and hacking.
He’s not very strong in comparison to other fighters.
Very mentally unstable, lacking in empathy and fear and prone to outbursts of anger.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Finn grew up in a city in Mazuri and was a seemingly average child however he began to display disturbing tendencies growing up that worried his family such as compulsive lying and random acts of violence. While his family tried to help, the boy tended to ignore those around him and shut himself away in his room or find a spot high up to just stare out across the savannah. Emotionally distant from anyone around him, he chose to entertain himself mostly alone, refusing to spend time with anyone or make friends. His youth was problematic with him initially being in trouble at school but eventually slipping into an eerie sense of calm control. From there his schoolwork wasn’t the problem but his family felt chilled by his presence within their home, always on edge.
It eventually became too much for them and chose to give him up for their own safety. The next few years of Finn’s life were spent in an orphanage where most families would read his file or be unsettled by his mannerisms and refuse to adopt him.
When he was finally old enough to venture out on his own Finn quickly fell into spending time in the bad neighborhoods of his city, dealing with criminals where he became a low level enforcer for a warlord. Over the next decade he worked his way up the ranks, being beaten to near death and rising back up, refusing to back down from any challenge.
Through his manipulations he ended up rallying several others to his side and formed his own mercenary group, the Jackal Squad.

For the next few years Jackal Squad rose to infamy for raids and missions completed as well as the brutality with which they were enacted. Having broken away from any loyalty they sold their skills to anyone with the money but Finn himself was still feeling unsatisfied.
While out on a mission in the Rusty Ruins Finn found himself captured by the very group he and his team had been sent in to combat; the Dark Legion. Their leader, Dr Finitevus offered Finn a choice; he could either join the Dark Legion willingly and help in making this world burn…or he could refuse and be subjected to the good doctor’s experiments. Finn chose the former and soon found himself on an operating table from which he walked away with a cybernetic right eye and left arm.

From there he became one of Finitevus’ most zealous enforcers. Finn abandoned his Jackal Squad without any remorse and now lives to create destruction.

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