Ivory Macintosh



Name: Ivory Macintosh
Nicknames: Apple, Ivo
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Speed
Team: N/A
Size: 6'2"
Build: Average
Residence: A medium sized apartment in Radical City
Occupations: Pizza Girl, web surfer, and cosplayer extraordinaire
Likes: Her computer, the Internet, her job, her online friends, apples, cold temperatures
Dislikes: rain and everything related to it (except snow, she thinks snow is cool), excess moisture, heat, any body of water, hackers who attempt to harm her precious baby's software
Hobbies/Talents: Surfing the Internet, chatting with friends on AIM, downloading porn music to her MP3 player, rocking out to said MP3 player, playing baseball (she has a wicked overclocked pitch)
Created By: Stoney
Theme: "I Love My Computer" - Bad Religion


Ivory acts like she's disinterested in most things, but the real reason for her seeming apathy is because she vastly prefers the virtual world to the real one. Most of her time is spent online; during college, she even enrolled in online classes so she didn't have to leave the house as much.

Speaking of computers, Ivory thinks they're the coolest thing in the world. She can frequently be seen fangirling over stuff normally attributed to much geekier individuals, such as the latest issue of ''Computer World'' and its awesomesauce new hardware. The incongruity of her interests and appearance has forced her to keep the latter a closely-guarded secret while online, since she fears that every male nerd in the universe would demand her hand in marriage otherwise.

When danger is around, Ivory can be counted on to shriek like a girl half her age and run around in a wild panic…unless the danger targets her computer. Then Ivory suddenly becomes a she-beast of sorts, jealously guarding the machine like a mother would her newborn child. In such cases, she's always ready to fight whoever or whatever is threatening her precious baby…even if it's (gulp) Eggman and his robot army.

Ivory has a good heart, and is willing to help out any newbies she spots online. However, she is shyer in real life, since she feels emboldened while online by the wall of anonymity between her and other computer users.

The welfare of Ivory's computer is Serious Business to her. She has an obsession with giving it maintenance, and does so every weekend after returning home from the gym and taking a shower. It's almost like her life depends on it receiving proper care…



  • Can run at 55 miles per hour normally
  • When angered, her speed can increase up to 70 miles per hour, which is her physical maximum
  • Functions better in cold climates than in hot ones
  • Extremely fast reader; can process a page of text in fifteen seconds


  • Skill at skateboarding video games
  • Skill at Extreme Gear video games
  • Rapid typing speed
  • Ability to handle CDs/DVDs with utmost delicacy
  • Minimal levels of hacking, unless equipped with proper software
  • Performing handshakes at 500 megahertz per second


None (an emerald's energy would likely fry her brain, see below)


  • Her left arm (cannot be lifted above her head, cannot carry weight in excess of 50 pounds)
  • Being touched by water provokes a sharp surge of electrical activity in her brain, giving her a seizure
  • Chaos Emeralds have the same effect as water
  • Particularly vulnerable to heatstroke and slows down in hot climates

Pre-RP History

Ivory Macintosh was born in Radical City's general hospital on April 1st, 1976. Her parents were Bill and Melinda Gates, who at the time could not afford to raise a child. However, they were against the idea of abortion, and instead chose to put Ivory up for adoption.

For two years, Ivory remained in legal limbo as the state searched for someone willing to adopt her. During this time, she was cared for by a foster parent, Ronald Wayne.

Ivory eventually did get adopted…by a homosexual couple in a domestic partnership in Massachusetts. Their names were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The two Steves sought to raise Ivory as best they could…and for the most part, they succeeded. However, having two dads caused Ivory to be subjected to no end of taunting and teasing throughout grade school. Unable to take the abuse, she retreated into a shell of shyness and began avoiding contact with other people. (It was also during this time that she learned to run very fast, so as to better escape those malicious girls at school who sought to make her miserable in order to feel better about themselves.)

With no friends to hang out with and no real drive to escape the house, Ivory turned to books for her entertainment. She became quite studious, receiving high marks in class all the way up through college as a result of her constant absorption of knowledge. Eventually she moved away from Massachusetts and beck to her hometown, which had a larger and more accommodating library for her to browse.

Yet Ivory eventually ran out of books; the library began turning her away at the door, saying they had not yet received any new shipments. Ivory did not have the money to go purchase new books at the rate she would need to keep herself satisfied, and she became lost, wondering what she should do next.

That's when she discovered the Internet.

A source of infinite knowledge; this truly was the ultimate book for Ivory. She became obsessed with it, and by extension the computer she used to access it. Within months she had gone from newbie to tech-savvy geek and was exchanging acronyms with the best of them.

These days, Ivory dislikes leaving the house for long; it means being separated from her computer, and she fears what things may happen to it while she's absent. She has considered getting a laptop on numerous occasions, but couldn't bear the thought of parting with her current desktop setup.

Still, she has to pay the electrical bill somehow to keep that computer running, so she goes outside on occasion to her job at the local pizza restaurant, ''Puchini's Smiling Teeth''. She prides herself on quick deliveries and exercises at the local gym every weekend to keep herself in tip-top shape whenever the company car breaks down and she has to rush the order over on foot (which happens a lot…the company really needs a new car).

As a side note, Ivory's left shoulder was injured during her youth in an accident at her school's playground; her left arm's mobility has been hampered ever since.

Post-RP History

After Ivory's app was created, Stoney placed her into the Off-Canon AIM Convo at SEGAStH. Other than that, she has had no major activity.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


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Misc. Info

Body Colors

Ivory has deep black hair that does not stick up in spikes. Her eyes are a very light brown color that appears red in some lights. She has pale caucasian skin, fitting for her name.


Ivory prefers to wear a special costume she created herself after many months of researching the hidden art of Cosplay (see above picture). It's slim, form-fitting, and a bit skimpy (which makes it difficult for her to wear it in the cold climates she loves so much). When that costume cannot be used for a situation, she defaults to blue jeans and a white t-shirt…or a white sweater. She likes wearing white tops, which is yet another one of the reasons she hates rainstorms and water.

Her work uniform is your typical fare, black pants and a red shirt with the company logo on the front. She's also required to wear a cap with the logo on it too, in case people couldn't tell who she worked for by the shirt alone.

Character Origin

Ivory was created as an example to newcomers of how to create an effective character application at SEGAStH RP. During the creation process, Ivory's creator, Stoney, chose to make her humorous and comical as well.


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