One of the very first members of the original roleplay group, Jamie was partially responsible for convincing them to be made. Now the owner of the new group, she is a member of the approval team and a dedicated worker both behind the scenes and in front, and arguably one of the community's most influential members. She is responsible for much of the roleplay's maintenance, has contributed largely to its world building and organization, and often tries to act as a motivator to other members to keep things running smoothly. She is also known for - to quote a member of the community - profiles that are "longer than the Lord of the Rings".

An aspiring artist and writer, Jamie "Jammerlee" A. Lee is formally known to the Sonic fandom as Jamie SwiftRunner. Brutally honest, ADD and having a notoriously flatulent brain, she has a very bizarre and often crude and morbid sense of humor. Her passions, besides art and writing, include martial arts and music and her hobbies consist of video games and roleplay. Her interests include psychology, medicine and forensics, and according to the Myers-Briggs Type Index she is an INFP.

Jamie is well known for her notorious and obnoxious fangirl obsession with Metal Sonic. She's also obsessed with roboticization, cyborgs, androids, and robots in general. She often proudly proclaims the titles she's earned as a result of this, including Metal Molester, Robophile and Female Robotnik.

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters

SegaStH Characters

SDDfCgP.png Y0t6nMW.png vOuMZqq.png SHm9JMq.png h1Io1CL.png 6wZSmc3.png 1dL7JaE.png yvuiTzH.png OLhrvfB.png

Metal Sonic

SDDfCgP.png Considered one of Eggman's most infamous creations, Metal Sonic was created for a single goal: the elimination of Sonic the Hedgehog. Over time he has developed self-awareness and has practically become frustration personified. The level of his frustration is only matched by his intense curiosity.

Silver the Hybrid

Y0t6nMW.png A time traveler from a now non-existant future, Silver returned to the present day in search of a new life and now exists as a temporal anamoly. Well meaning but naive to a world not ravaged by fire, he struggles to cope with understanding the strange new world he's found himself in.

Shard the Metallix

vOuMZqq.png A Metal Shadow created by GUN in the event that Shadow the Hedgehog were to ever become unreliable, Shard is a snarky metallix with an experimental power source who hopes to live up to the reputation set by his predecessor.

Ada Robotnik

SHm9JMq.png The daughter of Eggman, her existence has been kept a secret in order to protect her from his enemies. Sheltered, overprotected and in many ways naive, Ada has finally been given the opportunity to gain some independance with the establishment of Eggmanland.

Dr. Finitevus

h1Io1CL.png An undeniable genius, to the public he is Dr. Zachary, a well respected inventor in the medical field. In private however he is Dr. Finitevus, the Dark Legion's leader bent on leaving a trail of destruction and misery behind him. As eccentric as he can be, he is a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Bunnie the Rabbot

6wZSmc3.png Probably one of the sweetest, caring and most optimistic people you could ever meet. Despite her obvious physical scars, she stands as a pillar of strength and refuses to let life's little problems make her miserable. She's a romantic at heart and has a fine love of all things artistic.

Midnight the Bat

1dL7JaE.png Energetic, spunky and impulsive, Midi's the kind of girl who's not the least bit cross about shooting her mouth off at the drop of a hat. Naturally, she's no stranger to getting in trouble. Despite this, she cares deeply for her friends and is willing to go out of her way for them.

Lance Argentum

yvuiTzH.png A con artist and Dark Legionnaire, Lance is a master at acting with a smooth tongue that can easily trick people. He usually has little regard for others unless he can somehow benefit from them, yet in spite of his ways he does have a sense of morals… somewhere…

Metal Blaze

OLhrvfB.png Eternal ignorant bliss, Maze is the very personification of cheerfulness. Unfortunately, she also doesn't know the meaning of fear and guilt, which gives her a psychotic quality. She serves her master Eggman Nega to an absolute fault and has a school girl crush on him.

SatAMStH Characters

CXsqAwB.png EMQGadc.png sjTwERE.png Cf0e0M7.png sHtkKhD.png 6KhvRs1.png NUbICkg.png TjStODi.png

Sonic the Hedgehog

CXsqAwB.png Faster than sound, cooler than ice - and more than willing to tell you so. Sonic frequently comes off as an egotistical airhead, but don't let that fool you - he's more than just talk. An eternal thorn in Dr. Robotnik's side, he's among the most important members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Metal Sonic

EMQGadc.png Created to be Sonic's equal, Metal Sonic is the result of biological data extracted from Sonic and used in a robotic shell molded in the hedgehog's image. As an unexpected result, Metal has begun to develope a personality and will of his own, and is practically anger and frustration personified.

Bunnie Rabbot

sjTwERE.png Probably one of the sweetest and most caring people you could ever meet. Despite the fact she's been partially roboticized, Bunnie's often the one acting as a shoulder for others. She stands as a pillar of strength both physically and mentally as one of Knothole's best Freedom Fighters.

Lance Argentum

Cf0e0M7.png A con artist and a trouble maker, Lance is a talented actor and a smooth talker to those who don't know him. Having been partially roboticized he's become lethargic due to the discomforts of his limbs and a danger to everyone with his uncontrolled strength.

Robert O'Hedge

sHtkKhD.png An expert archer and an all around good fellow, Rob is the leader of the Meqadowood Freedom Fighters. Growing up in a rural area, he's old fashioned in his ways and deeply believes in chivalry and nobility, making it his personal goal to uphold peace and justice.

Dr. Zachary

6KhvRs1.png Gruff and withdrawn, Zachary often unintentionally comes off as cold and uncaring. Despite the fact he was partially roboticized he suffers poor health, often compromising his ability to be more helpful in field missions. He maintains Lower Mobius' power stone and is the village's resident mechanic.

Maria Terios

NUbICkg.png Maria is the last person you could ever imagine being involved in a war. Timid and insecure, she's always looking to her friends for strength. Being kind and gentle, her motivation comes from her desire to see the world's people be happy.

Coconuts the Monkey

TjStODi.png Pessimistic, grumpy and obsessive compulsive, Coconuts is a clean freak who on a bad day could drive anyone insane. A robian, his free will was accidentally restored when he broke into Lower Mobius and tried to steal the location's power stone.
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