Jenny The Doll

"I don't look THAT much like Amy…."


Name: AR-5309, “Jenny”
Nicknames: None, though you can greatly irritate her by claiming she's a 'Metal Amy/Amy Doll'.
Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog modeled Metallix – Doll Type (….Adaeggus metalspinus?)
Gender: None; uses she/her pronouns
Age: 6 months (psychologically around 12 years old)
Alignment: Neutral (Neutral Neutral)
Type: Defense (Doll Mode); Speed (Endo Mode)
Height: 2'8"
Build: Plush
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Companion to Ada Robotnik
Likes: Ada, cute clothes, video games (especially party games!), drawing, exploring, television
Dislikes: Being compared to Amy, having to go into endoskeleton mode, puzzles, being left alone
Hobbies/Talents: Jenny is very skilled with multiplayer video games.
Played By: Nikki
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cosmic Angel Zone


Cheerful, upbeat, and almost obnoxiously friendly. Jenny views all the world as a potential friend for herself and Ada – even Amy, despite her disgust at being compared to the organic hedgehog – and is always on the lookout for the next game. While she recognizes the need to protect Ada from anyone who would use her against Eggman, Jenny still feels the measures taken are a little extreme: she and Ada deserve Girls Outings without anyone looking over their shoulders, they deserve to do all the things any other girl their age would do, and really, it's not like they're gonna go blabbing Ada's identity! (That someone might make the connection when seeing Ada with a robot hedgehog genuinely does not occur to her.) If left to her own devices, Jenny remains just as cheery; adept at entertaining herself, she usually has some sort of game in mind – though she gets lonely easily, and will tend to seek Metal, RK, or even Eggman himself for company if Ada is unavailable. While generally endlessly bubbly, Jenny can display a temper if she feels she's being babied or is compared to Amy – that's an insult to her creator's, uh, creativity! Otherwise, she remains outgoing and energetic – a foil to Ada's shyer, more introverted personality.

Deep down, Jenny does have a certain amount of fear she'll be left behind or forgotten once Ada starts making other friends. But still: she has faith in Ada, and wants to see her best friend happy, so Jenny is willing to trust in her and help her make all the friends she can.


Physical: In Doll Mode, Jenny is extremely durable: aside from being huggably soft, the stuffing of her plush shell is very dense and can cushion blows that might give another robot pause.

In Endoskeleton Mode, Jenny shows the speed and maneuverability typical of her line; while neither as fast as Metal nor as strong as Robo Knuckles, Jenny is still strong, fast, and capable of flight. With the gloves off her metal talons are revealed and allow her to inflict great damage with clawed strikes, and she can curl into a ball to expose her spines when under attack.

In either mode, Jenny has excellent senses of sight and hearing, in frequencies and lighting not detectable by organic life.

Mental: Chipper and resilient, nothing holds Jenny down for long. All setbacks are temporary, and her endless friendliness and optimism keep her upbeat in any circumstance. Her cheer should also not be taken for foolishness; while it's true she often doesn't think things through, Jenny isn't terribly gullible either, and an attempt to fool her usually just leads to determination to expose the fraud.


Physical: In Doll Mode, Jenny is very slow as robots go – able to maintain only an average human pace and at risk of overheating if she keeps up activity too long. In general she is susceptible to extreme heat, as well as much less maneuverable as the plush shell limits her range of motion to a degree – leaving her slightly clumsy.

In Endo mode, Jenny is instead susceptible to cold – she's designed to withstand the insulation of her plush shell at normal room temperature, and as the temperature drops she becomes progressively more sluggish. She is also relatively fragile due to being smaller than other similar models, and this issue is exacerbated by her being so accustomed to the shell's cushioning.

In either mode, Jenny has the expected weaknesses of a robot: EMP blasts can knock her offline, her plush shell can't protect her from powerful magnets, and if her firewall can be hacked so can see, making her vulnerable to viruses and outside control. She can also be incapacitated by removing her gem, as it contains her main drivers (though Ada does have backups stored elsewhere). She also has no sense of smell, and her sense of touch is generally limited to sensing pressure.

Mental: Jenny has a tendency to just not think things through; her motto might as well be 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'. She rarely stops to consider more than two steps ahead, and consequences can therefore take her by surprise even if it seems obvious to everyone else involved. She means well, but foresight is genuinely not her forte.

Emerald Abilities

Chaos Vent: With a Chaos Emerald, Jenny is able to use her Endoskeleton Mode abilities while still in Doll Mode: the Emerald's energy both shunts any excess heat away from her body and prevents her jets from damaging her plush shell – thus allowing her both Endo Mode's speed and maneuverability and Doll Mode's durability.

Pre-RP History

Ada Robotnik loves her dad, her brother Metal, and her pet ballhog – but one thing she was lacking was an offline friend her own age. And so, taking a literal approach to 'making friends', she took one of the hedgehog chassis in her father's storage units and started to modify it: smaller. Cuter. Softer, with minky fur and flame-retardant plush stuffing! Add in Ada's skill with programming, and AR-5309 was born.

Dubbing herself 'Jenny', the new robot started with fairly standard programming to act as a companion to Ada: her creator wanted to see how Jenny's personality would develop with only that in place, to allow her to grow into her own self. In the months since her activation, Jenny has grown into an extrovert 'opposite' to Ada, balancing her creator's shy nature with a more actively sociable outlook. Now developed into an outgoing, high-spirited girl in her own right, Jenny is ready to venture out with Ada so they can see the world together!

Now if only Eggman could be convinced it's a good idea….

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Ada Robotnik Jenny's creator and best friend. Jenny is devoted to Ada and wants to see her happy more than anything.

Other Info

Jenny's ID number is so high because Eggman assigns a project number to everything Ada does when he finds out about it – from drawings on the fridge to really nice photographs to small personal machines.

Her voice sounds like Stephanie Beard as Sailor Chibi Moon, with a robotic overlay. (She's sugar baby, the REAL sugar baby, all you other sugar babies are just imitating)

Jenny's mode of speech is largely pulled from media, giving her an odd way of expressing herself including outdated slang (“Groovy!”) and tropey vocal effects (an exaggerated anime 'eeEEeeeh??' is not unheard of, for instance). She relies on her LEDs, bauble, and body language for physical expression, as she lacks a mouth or eyelids and her ears are immobile.

Name Origin: From Jennifer Douillard, Amy's first English VA. (Don't tell her.)


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