Jet the Hawk (Sega)

"To be the fastest on a Gear, you have to become one with the wind! Without wings, well, you might as well kiss the ground and go home!


Name: Jet the Hawk
Nicknames: Birdbrain, Boss, Legendary Wind Master
Species: Hawk
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Speed
Height: 3'3"
Residence: Babylon Rouges' airship, the Babylon Airship
Occupation: Thief, Extreme Gear racer
Likes: Treasure, sports, winning
Dislikes: Wave and/or Storm messing up, Wave’s lectures, Wave and Storm’s arguments, losing, cheating, extensive planning
Hobbies/Talents: Flying around on Extreme Gear
Played By: Joshun
Theme: Catch Me If You Can by Runblebee


Jet is fiercely competitive, looking to challenge anyone anytime, mostly in Extreme Gear races. Constantly arrogant, he puts himself above most others, believing himself to be the fastest in the air. While he may taunt his opponents quite a bit, he still has some honorable ethics in him, refusing to cheat or break conditions applied in a challenge. Jet also cares about his team, but has a hard time showing it. As a Babylon Rogue, He constantly pursue wealth and treasures, willing to take any work that pays.



As a hawk, Jet can fly with great mobility in the air and swoop down quickly. Despite using his arms to fly, Jet has great strength in his legs, being able to kick entire desks or robots across the air. He also has experience piloting the Babylon Airship.


Since he was born, Jet has raced on Extreme Gear for most of his life, eventually becoming so talented, he was named the Legendary Wind Master.


None, would sell for money.



While he is the Legendary Wind Master and one of the fastest in the air, he’s not very fast on the ground. Jet’s also not very good with nature, constantly getting bitten by bugs and insects everywhere.


Jet doesn't use logic most of the time, and as such, rushes into things without thinking. Jet also has trouble

Pre-RP History

Jet has been with Wave and Storm for as long as he can remember. They were a part of the legendary group called the Babylon Rogues, a group taught to pillage, steal, and con people of their pricey jewelry and gems. Since he was young, Jet's been extremely talented with Extreme Gear, and was eventually named Legendary Wind Master. As of now, little is known about their past and their ancestors.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Sonic the Hedgehog Jet's rival in Extreme Gear racing. While Jet has respect for Sonic's skill, he'll never pass up a chance to beat him in a competition.
Wave The Swallow Jet's mechanic. Always ready to repair Jet or Storm's Gears if they break down. Not as honorable in ethics as Jet.
Storm the Albatross Jet's muscle and right-hand man. Looks up to Jet.


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