Jonas Lans (Sega)

"…Oh joy."


Name: Jonas Lans
Nicknames: n/a
Species: Squirrel
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alignment: Hero
Type: Intelligence
Team: GUN
Height: Average, aroun 3' tall
Build: Slim, almost skinny
Residence: GUN HQ
Occupation: Chief Engineer on Project Counter-Metallix
Likes: Video games, working on a project, helping people.
Dislikes: Being threatened
Hobbies/Talents: Robotics technically is a hobby, though it's one that sometimes goes hand in hand with his job these days. Other than that he enjoys RPG games, video or otherwise.
Played By: Lans
Theme: "Working for the Weekend" by Josh Gracin


Jonas is fairly easygoing, except when he's working, and then he displays a bit of a one track mind, usually not stopping until either the job is done, or he can't continue for one reason or another. He's pretty easily intimidated, but can stand up for himself or others when it really counts. He is admittedly, very geeky, spending most of his free time tinkering, playing games, or, more recently, helping a rather destructive robot take down a madman.



Not many. Though highly intelligent, that's about all he has going for him.


Though he works primarily as a mechanic, Jonas is also no slouch when it comes to robotics as well. As part of this he is also well versed in computer programming languages, and has developed these talents into some low level hacker abilities.


Nothing, other than use it to power something.



Not very strong, in fact he's kind of a wuss when it comes to a physical fight.


Bit of a pessimist

Pre-RP History

Jonas was born and raised in Station Square for the most part of his life. It was obvious from an early age that he had an aptitude for all things mechanical. It started when he would take apart his toys as child, and later even put them back together. His talents served him well in an after school job as a mechanic.

In collage he majored in Robotics, but decided he enjoyed working with cars more, and had made plans to open his own shop, just in time for Perfect Chaos to flood Station Square practically off the map. Afterwords, he scrapped his plans for a permanent shop, and decided to try something different. Converting an old tractor-trailer combination, he created a mobile repair shop. While it's not the huge success he'd hoped it'd be, it does bring in enough to keep it, and him running, especially since he switched over to robot repair when consumer model robots became more common (Robots like all the Guard Robos seen in Sonic Battle).

However this is probably the reason he attracted the attention of the rogue robot E-123 Omega. Omega, in search of a way to repair and re-arm in between attacks on Eggman, sought him out because of his low-profile status. They met when Omega cornered Jonas in his shop one night and threatened to 'annilalate' him unless Jonas repaired him.

Originally not at all happy with having a trigger happy robot to work on, Jonas has since changed his mind after realizing that it would be a good thing for everyone if Omega were to succeed in his goals. He has since become a willing accomplice of the robot's, not only repairing and resupplying him between his attacks on the Eggman Empire, but helping him to locate any of the Doctor's bases that Omega didn't already know about.

However he does retain some concerns about his 'partner', especially Omega's trigger happy attitude. His biggest worries are what Omega is likely to do if he succeeds in his goals, or if he ever decides to rejoin his creator.

Post-RP History

It seems most of Jonas' activities have been related to cleaning up Omega's destructive tenancies, though he has had other adventures, one of which resulted in an encounter with Maze, where he managed to download her naked blueprints schematics, giving him a template, along with his own knowledge and some stuff he picked up from working on Omega, to build a robotic unit of his own: Metal Amy.

Recently a botched attack on Eggman's base led to the Doctor actually suing him. However the trial attracted the attention of GUN, and led to Jonas being recruited (IE drafted) into their ranks to become the chief engineer for the Counter-Metallix project. A project to create or otherwise obtain robotic units to counter Eggman's elite units such as Metal Sonic.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


E-123 Omega His mechanic.
Metal Amy Creator

Misc. Info

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