Joule The Android (SEGA)

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Name: Joule
Nicknames: (None currently)
Species: Human Gynoid
Gender: Technically Female
Age: Appears in early 20's
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5' 4"
Residence: Central City
World of Origin: Gaia
Occupation: (None)
Likes: People Watching, Arcades, Flying, Learning new information, following Instructions, orderly conduct, being useful.
Dislikes: Stasis, Magnets, Being Underground or in large bodies of liquid, extremely hot environments, tampering with her programming, paradoxical statements.
Played By: Riyami


Joule prefers to operate much more on efficient logic than emotion. Not to say she doesn't have emotions, She's just not very experienced at understanding and expressing them. Joule tends to take things literally and responds to new social situations in a what she can best determine is the 'correct' emotional response. If she can't immediately determine how to respond, she often looks to anyone she's familiar with and gauge from their reactions.

Joule is often quiet, and has a very calm demeanor. When trouble arises, she will first quickly analyze the situation and respond immediately. She tends to be speak with a direct, matter-of-fact attitude. She often uses technical terms, but is getting better at incorporating slang into her speech. Joule operates best under a clear set of directions, and is dutifully loyal to those she sees as in command. She's not completely obedient however, and will sometimes chose a more independent course of action if her directions aren't clearly defined or she deems a more direct, practical approach will yield the same results.

Despite all this, Joule is still inherently curious about the world around her and has an eagerness to please. She tends to closely inspect new things, even tinker with them, almost to the point of distraction.


Energy Rifle built into her arm, slow rate of fire, long range accurate and decent damage output. Can shift to a burst fire multi-target mode that does much less damage per projectile and a longer recharge, has homing capabilities.
Jets on her back and calves allow her to fly and maneuver at high speeds.
Able to generate bursts of energy across her body, requires physical contact or to be plugged into something. Can use this to make herself into a makeshift generator or just electrocute something good.
Standard Robotic augmented vision, strength and durability.


Joule has trouble seeing moral grey areas, and often falls into a "ends justify the means" attitude. She's still fairly naive, and her penchant for following 'orders' can set her up to be mislead or taken advantage of. Joule's poor grasp on social situations often make her come off as cold, dull, or insensitive.

Joule's power core has an overheating flaw, and overuse of her combat abilities or Max speed flight will cause a massive heat-dump fail-safe. Vulnerable ports will open across her body and rapidly try to vent the excess heat, shutting down most of her non-vital systems until her core cools down. Environment can effect this, so extremely hot places will accelerate her overheating.

Joule is also susceptible to the more common robotic vulnerabilities. Strong EMPs can stun her and disable her systems, and high powered magnets will physically restrain her. She is not invulnerable to being influenced via hacking. Joule does not like being submerged in water. She may be mostly waterproof but not only does her weight not allow her to swim but if she tries to use her energy charge she'll just get herself caught in the surge. Clothing that protects from electric shock can protect from her energy charge and homing fire.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Joule was created by a research facility in <Station Square> as part of a private project to develop androids for military combat. However, Just before Joule was ready to be completed, a major overheating flaw was discovered in her power core and She was put into stasis. I wasn't until after <Station Square was partially destroyed by Chaos> that lingering damage to the facility caused a malfunction to disable the stasis lock, allowing Joule to finally awaken. Joule sat in the ruins of the facility for days, scouring the wrecked computer systems for information. What was the facility, what had happened and what was her intended purpose? She found little more than a heap of corrupted data and a few words out of an early log: "Military use". Joule left the ruins to search for more information, and upon seeing a GUN ship fly overhead, decided to follow it to Central City and hopefully fill in the gaps in her programming.

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Other Info

Joule attempts humor with wildly varying degrees of success and sometimes mimics the actions / gestures of people she's with when idle.
Has a bad habit of staring.


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