Kassandra Tigernan (SatAM)

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Name: Kassandra Tigernan
Nicknames: Kassy, Kass
Species: Bengal Tiger
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Lawful Good
Stats: Physical: 05 | Mental: 11 | Luck: 05
Height: 5 feet
Build: Fit in her arms and torso, but one leg is significantly smaller than the other.
Residence: Elem
Occupation: Counselor
Likes: Soft music, bugs, books, fluffy things, fish, nighttime, telling stories
Dislikes: Sweets, bright lights, mornings, computers, being the center of attention
Hobbies/Talents: Kassy enjoys reading of all kinds, from storybooks, to reference books, even biographies. She also enjoys chess. She also plays the flute, and likes to carve things out of wood, sometimes with her bare claws.
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: Landscape Painter in Sound Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Kassy is outwardly serene and mature. She places a lot of faith in book learning and logic, and her self-training in psychology and constant quest for knowledge has kept her grounded during the war. She is a wonderful listener and truly enjoys giving other people counsel, and encourages them to discuss their issues. She believes that this is the only way that she can help in the constant struggle against Robotnik- if she can't offer her body to the battle, she can help with her mind.

This makes her somewhat hypocritical- she's extremely reluctant to share anything about herself, especially when she's having problems of her own. She has difficulty getting out of the role of therapist, and believes she should put her own issues on the back burner because they aren't as important or pressing as anyone else's.

She hides things behind a faint smile, and has become very good at faking happiness when she doesn't feel it. Not to say that she's constantly faking a smile; Kassy is usually fine- but when she isn't, no one will know about it, if she can help it. She takes the pain of the Freedom Fighters to heart- there's a piece of her that wishes to share in their strife, for better or worse- and she feels guilty that she can't. It's when they go off on raids and missions that she feels the most pain, a variation of survivor's guilt.

All in all, she tends to stick to the book and is a very concrete person. The fact that she has unexplainable visions bothers and confuses her. What they did to her mother makes her afraid of that part of her. Repressing them makes things worse, so most of the time she publicly ignores that she's having them at all, explaining her sudden lapses in consciousness as "spacing out" or "brainfarts" for lack of a better term. Because her visions make her zone out, it may give people the impression that she's not all there. She does keep a steady record of them in a notebook, trying to put some logic into an otherwise illogical part of herself.



Kassy has the usual feline abilities such as night-vision, good hearing, sharp claws on her hands and feet and balance. She does have some muscle in her arms, and can throw nasty punches if the need arose. She's also good at silent movement, but she has to be barefoot to do it.


Kassandra can swim, but she’s not particularly fast at it. She is also a speed-reader, and can write things very quickly. She's also learned to recognize and analyze people's emotional states, and is very good at catching signs of trauma, even the less obvious ones. She knows how to drive and pilot various crafts, but due to her leg can only handle those without pedals. Hand powered vehicles are alright, though.



The joints on her right leg are weak, leading her to limp when she walks around. The tendon on the back of her heel is nearly useless- Kassy can't rotate her ankle, or wiggle her toes on that foot. If overtaxed, her joints will swell, especially the ankle. Her right leg is noticeably smaller in the muscle area. Because of this, she can't run far distances, and is more prone to injury on that leg. Due to her weakness, she can't drive vehicles that require pedal power, since she can't shove down the pedal properly.


Kassandra has a distrust of computers, preferring to keep her information in books instead. She believes they’re safer, because books can’t get viruses or crash. She tends to bottle her emotions rather than express them, and they tend to come out in various unhealthy ways. She can be a little obsessive when it comes to solving other people's problems, preferring them to her own.

When Kassy is hit with a vision, she goes into a trance state, from anywhere from ten to thirty seconds. She's basically useless in this time, oblivious to her senses. Her body still works, but there's no one home until the vision passes.

Pre-RP History

Kassy was born prematurely, and from a young age knew that she wasn't going to get by on in the physical department. Her mother was never a healthy woman, neither physically or mentally, always complaining of headaches and muttering about robots taking over the world. Kassandra was sent many times to visit her aunt and uncle. Kassandra's visions began when she was ten. Her parents instructed her very sternly to never speak of her 'seeing things', and to try to push away the urge to 'drift off'. With the growing stigma of her mother's insanity, they didn't want the daughter tied down to the family "curse". When her mother finally died when she was thirteen, she was sent to live with them permanently, her father simply lacking the fortitude to care for her any longer.

Kassandra threw herself into her schoolwork, focusing on psychology and psychotherapy studies. She believed that her parents may have benefited from such, and wanted to offer that help to other people in the future, especially war veterans and survivors. She had no idea just how much this training would come in handy- when the coup happened, she was in her school library, and managed to escape capture by hiding in the tall, dusty stacks for nearly a full day.

She was rescued, tired, hungry and aching, by a small group of Mobians looking for survivors. They moved to Elem, where she isolated herself with the books she'd salvaged from the library, waiting for the chance to use her gift to help people.

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Misc. Info

—Kassandra has infrequent prophetic visions. She can't control when they come or what they're about. Basically, they hit her when they want to, and they may be about anything from tomorrow's weather to an upcoming fight. They are accurate, but it's hard to place them without any context.

-Kassy sometimes carries a massive wooden walking stick.

-Kassy's vision ability comes from her mother's line; her mother possessed the gift/curse but repressed it to the point of illness.

-Her name is a reference to the Greek prophetess who was cursed to have accurate foresight, but never to be believed.


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