Katie Tal (Sega)

"Woo, that was fun!"


Name: Katlyn Tal
Nicknames: Katie, Speed Vixen
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Alignment: Hero
Type: Speed
Team: None
Height: Average
Build: Athletic
Residence: Soleanna
Occupation: Athlete
Likes: Speed, a good race.
Dislikes: Rudeness, cheating, slowness.
Hobbies/Talents: Skateboarding and extreme gear racing, also likes snowboarding
Played By: Lans


Katlyn like things fast, very fast. She has zero patience (even less than Sonic, if that's possible) always wanting to have things done RIGHT NOW and hates it when it can't be that way. Despite her slightly inflated ego when it comes to her skills, she tries to be a good sport.



Katie is a natural athlete, and has pretty good endurance, but other than that, off her board she's mostly a basic soleannan thrope. However, on her personal Extreme Gear board (a black and yellow version of Sonic's speed Gear) she can give most of the speedsters out there a run for their money.


She is an EXPERT skateboarder and has channeled these skills into Extreme Gear, making her a strong competitor in the sport, even if she's only been able to just practice at the moment. She's also learned some basic mechanicing so she can maintain her own gear, but to actually improve it, she'd need help.


Katie has the ability to control inertial fields in her immediate (aka up to about 5 yards away from her) area. This means she can make an object move by empowering it with kinetic energy. For example, if she wanted to make a ball roll on a flat surface, she could simply add inertia to it to make it roll in whatever direction she wanted. She can also use this on a personal level to increase her own speed and striking power, or to add kinetic force to a weapon, held or thrown.



Not very skilled at using her new abilities beyond on herself.


Hot tempered, tends to have "Blonde moments" of extreme stupidity, looks before she leaps.

Pre-RP History

In the Sol world, Katlyn was one of the top athletes in professional skateboarding, known as the Speed Vixen. In fact she was so good she was actually starting to get bored with the sport. Then she got sucked into Sonic's world around the same time Blaze did, and discovered the relatively new sport of Extreme Gear. She'd barely had time to buy her own Gear before she was forced to go back, but looks forward to a chance to return and show those "slowmos" what she can do.

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Misc. Info

Extreme Gear Datafile
Name: New Moon II
Type: Board
Class: Speed
Rider: Katie Tal
Dash -
Limit -
Power - *

Cornering - **
Special: None
Description: Essentially a black colored Blue Star II, Katie has had her board tweaked for improved performance.


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