A secluded village nestled in the Great Forest. Knothole is one of the few safe havens closest to Robotropolis in the central region of Mobius. Originally having been constructed as an emergency evacuation point for Mobotropolis, records of its location were strictly verbal. The village is nestled within a canyon surrounded by tall trees that cover it from view even from the air. Entry into it can only by done by either riding down a hole dug out below a hollow tree called the great oak slide, or by following the river. Exiting the canyon is often by a small elevator.

Knothole is a small 'backwater' sort of community. Electricity here, which is supplied by a waterwheel, windmills or batteries is considered a precious commodity and not something taken for granted. Housing material is usually wood and straw, though despite this modern conveniences such as working sinks are usually available.

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Power Ring Pool
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Sally & Bunnie's Hut
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Rotor's Hut/Workshop
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Antoine's Hut
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Tails' Hut
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Sonic's Hut
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Emergency Hideout
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