Knuckles The Echidna (Sega)

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Name: Knuckles the Echidna
Nicknames: Knux, Knucklehead
Species: Short-beaked Echidna
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 3'5"
Residence: Angel Island
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Was once the Guardian of the Master Emerald, but as that position has been taken over by Chaos, has been a treasure hunter for the sake of preserving history since.
Likes: The Mystic Ruins, history, archaeology, being in charge, adventure, especially considering he was jealous of Sonic's adventurous lifestyle for a while, pineapple, coconut, grapes, Rouge
Dislikes: - People not listening to him, tricksters, liars, people who are too cheery, cold weather, Eggman's entire empire, Rouge
Played By: Wren
Theme: Unknown from M.E.


Stubborn through and through, Knuckles is someone you don't want to mess with. He acts before thinking and considers himself "right" most of the time. Extremely hard headed but not unclever, it's difficult to get him to back down from a position or change his mind about something. He's quick to mistrust others but has learned a bit of forgiveness from Sonic and Co. and isn't above not making friends with former rivals. Rouge the Bat is an acquaintance of his who falls under this category— a rival, no doubt, but also a close friend. He definitely has some unresolved feelings about his rivals, particularly Sonic and Rouge, make no mistake.

Burdened with purpose and wouldn't have it any other way, Knuckles takes pride in his heritage and who he is as a person, and without being the guardian of the Master Emerald anymore, he's somewhat lost with what to do with his life. He sort of wishes someone would drop another magic rock in his lap to guard, because that's what he's used to. He's very grounded in his sense of identity and is confident in who he is and what he does.

He's very gullible, especially when something involving his purpose is threatened; known to be duped by Eggman that Sonic is the real bad guy, they've gotten into their fair share of scuffles. His hard head has gotten him into more trouble than it's worth at times, but he always comes out on top and on the side of the good guys. Knuckles might not show it, but he really is grateful to Sonic and Tails and the rest for providing a distraction from his primarily solitary life. He's better off with friends, and can make a surprisingly good leader if left to the task.


Super strong, Knuckles has rock-hard spikes on his knuckles that allow him to punch clean through walls, climb them, and burrow. By trapping air under his quills, he's also able to glide from extreme heights, but only downward. He can roll into a ball to attack enemies. He can sense Chaos Emeralds and when the Master Emerald is in danger, or if a fragment of it is nearby. He's also got a strong sense of character and is a good rock to lean on in hard times. His sense of justice is decisive and he will never yield to the side of evil… unless it tricks him.


Knuckles absolutely can't tell when someone is lying to him, being a very blunt person and taking people at their face value. Though he does learn after being tricked the first time, his slip-ups can be massive if he sides with the wrong person. He's used to a tropical climate and doesn't do well in the cold, and is stubborn to a fault. He won't yield, ever, if he thinks he's right. He has a hard time admitting his true feelings when it comes to people he likes, and would rather let people take the first move if there is one to take. In this sense, he's pretty introverted.

Emerald Abilities

Well, he does have Super/Hyper Knuckles. He's also in tune with the Master Emerald and has his own 'spidey sense' of whether it's in danger or not. Very spiritually in tune with the emeralds, as well.

Pre-RP History

Having raised himself on Angel Island and having lost his parents, Knuckles has a long history of butting heads with Sonic and co. over the years. At a young age, he was their rival, siding with Eggman after being sold lies about Sonic's involvement in the Master Emerald's disappearance. This would reoccur over and over, until finally, around the Sonic Adventure era, he'd get over it. Eggman would eventually shatter the Master Emerald, freeing Chaos and kickstarting the plot of the game, and he would spend his time finding the shards to reunite the Master Emerald.

That wouldn't be the end of it, though. Meeting Rouge would lead to it being shattered again, this time by Knuckles himself to avoid letting it fall into the wrong hands. Competing with Rouge to rebuild the Master Emerald, he eventually saves her life and she hands over the emerald shards, saying they "stink" like Echidna's do, to which he retorts that if she thought that, she should have just handed them over in the first place. He's completely unwise to her interest in him after that. He goes on to help Sonic and Co. in the ARK colony, saving the world after.

He would then go on to have several adventures with them in the chronology of Sonic Heroes, making a cameo in Shadow the Hedgehog and so on, until the events of '06, that changed the world forever.

Believing himself to be the sole guardian and protector, eventually he would be retired from that position by Chaos, who would resume his duties as the one true guardian. This would leave Knuckles lost and confused over what he needs to be doing, until finally… he began spending his time treasure hunting, wishing to protect artifacts of old and preserve history, as opposed to Rouge's method of liberating their riches. This is where Knuckles finds his freedom, being able to protect the past while living within the present.

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