Lance Argentum (SatAM)

"Hey toots, anyone ever tell you you look adorable when your cheeks fluster like that?"


Name: Lance Dalit Argentum
Nicknames: None that aren't rude.
Species: Cyborg ethiopian wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Alignment: Bastard Chaotic Neutral
Stats: Physical: 10 | Mental: 6 | Luck: 5
Height: 4'5''
Build: Buff but lean and a little lanky. Partially robotic.
Residence: Knothole, formally Greenpine.
Occupation: Does freeloader count?
Likes: HIMSELF, His hobbies/talents, body art, the outdoors, beef jerky, music, getting his way, showing his superiority, women, bread products, spicy foods (buffalo wings especially), meat (especially steak), the color blue, expensive and/or high quality objects/clothing/food/etc., attention (good or bad)
Dislikes: His mechanical limbs (duh), putting out effort just to see it wasted, being underestimated, being mistaken for a fox, cheap quality things, anything he deems 'kiddy', dark cloudy weather, rain - both in that it prevents outdoor activities and the sound it makes on his armor, being nagged, having his sleep disturbed, the color pink, not being taken seriously, being ignored.
Hobbies/Talents: Lance is an excellent artist working with pencils and has professional-grade skill in tattooing. He's a talented actor and has also shown latent potential in poetry/songwriting. Enjoys, er, women *cough* as well as gambling. Likes video games and working out as well as hunting, fishing, camping and various water and snow sports. Also, can get himself into trouble by blinking. That's a talent, right?
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Hit that" - Offspring
"Rodeo" - Garth Brooks
"The Hole" - Randy Travis


Lance is a person of varying depths, many of which appear shallow from the surface. For the most part, he likes to think of himself as a loner, the desperado or 'lone wolf' if you will. In truth, he craves attention. Preferably the good kind, of course, but he'll take what he can get as long as people are paying attention to him. He loves looking good, and because of this has a tendency to be extremely obnoxious and full of himself, and is very quick to defend his 'honor' whether or not he's actually capable of it.

In general, he tends to have a shady aura to him, like he's hiding something. However, he's honed himself to be a master con artist, and because of this is very quick with his tongue - though it's not uncommon for him to get tangled in his own lies. He's a skilled actor who has mastered the art of controlling his outward emotions, making people see in him what he wants them to see and telling them the things he knows they want to hear. Because of this, his thoughts and true nature can be hard to discern, especially so for people who aren't familiar with him. Despite this talent it's still only acting and after awhile tends to reveal itself for the superficial thing it.

Overall, he's a pretty snobby and selfish little jerk who's only out for himself and his own well-being. Despite his acting talents, he's antisocial and has a complete lack of empathy, and can therefor only see and understand what he himself feels. No matter what he might say, and no matter how much he might manage to convince even himself, very rarely does he put out effort for another if it doesn't somehow benefit himself. He's a freeloader and a scavenger, taking what he can with almost no regard for who it hurts, and often uses people for his own purposes.

And yet, in pure contrast, there's a side to him rarely seen buried deep beneath the antisocial mentality that only few can see, much less really understand. This is his moral side. Despite all of his behavior, Lance truly does want to be a good person, help others and lead a decent life. In fact, his promises and good intentions are indeed genuine at the time he makes them. Most would consider this another act, and to some degree he is indeed only fooling himself. His lack of empathy coupled with his tenacity and lack of self-control leads him to have no idea how to accomplish these inner desires.

Despite how he often comes across, Lance is, surprisingly, extremely intelligent. He has an uncanny sense of intuition, allowing him to pick virtually anything up and learn/understand it quickly and with ease. If he really set his mind to it he has the potential to be among the world's great geniuses. Unfortunately… he wastes this talent pursuing things that will only inevitably backlash and hurt him. His utter lack of common sense and inability to learn from his mistakes absolutely stunts any potential he has.

One thing that is not recommended is making Lance feel threatened. Often times when he ends up in a fight his rational mind will completely shut down. He tunes out pain and fatigue and enters a blind rage, often causing great harm to himself as well as his opponents.



Lance is very quick on his feet with decent reflexes and very acute senses, especially so for his sense of smell. His mechanical limbs are lightweight and durable, giving him incredibly enhanced strength. This allows him to lift, carry and throw objects many, many times his own size and to throw devastating punches and kicks which are capable of puncturing steel. His mechanical eye can also be used to enhance his already naturally well developed night vision, and his fingertips on each hand can shift into a set of screwdrivers, which can be used for both their intended purpose and as a set of makeshift claws.

In terms of his stamina, his partial roboticization has enhanced his ability to endure long and strenuous activity without the hindrance of muscle aches and strains. This is coupled with an already naturally high pain tolerance, as well as a trait listed under personality that allows him to block out pain and fatigue altogether, allows him to take a serious beating and shrug it off.

At some point I plan to have his forearms upgraded with a pair of SWATbot wrist cannons. This has yet to actually happen in-game.


As a child Lance had been enrolled in a martial arts dojo, and managed to make it as far as brown belt. However, due to lack of practice over the years he has lost much of his skill and is more proficient at street fighting. He's very resourceful and adept and using his surroundings to his advantage and has no qualms about inflicting serious pain on those who start fights with him.

Lance is an extremely fast learner, able to pick up new things with ease, and because of this is something of a jack of all trade, master of none, with skill in various things such as survival, mechanics (mostly dealing with cars), first aid, and the like. He's also honed himself as a talented actor capable of masking his emotions when he wants to.



As a canine with a highly developed sense of smell, bad odors can be more devastating to him then one might initially realize. The same can also be said for his other senses to lesser degrees, in terms of his hearing (loud sounds) and vision (bright lights).

In terms of his mechanical limbs, strong magnets can be used to restrain him and an EMP can be used to either disable his limbs individually… or if hit directly, if it didn't kill him outright due to his brain being partially roboticized, it would run the high risk of brain damaging him. It's also possible to hack the computer side of his brain or implant a virus into it, and he's prone to general mechanical failures.

Having no sense of touch in his mechanical limbs is also a disadvantage, causing him to sometimes physically forget where he's placed his limbs and need to check on them visually, as well as potentially not noticing damage until it becomes a liability. This is in addition to the fact that having been recently roboticized he has little control over his mechanical strength, making him not too unlike a bull in a china shop.

Finally, due to the discomfort of his limbs he's unable to get a restful sleep, causing him to constantly feel groggy and fall asleep at inopportune times and locations. He's also been known to cut his back open due to his plated shoulder blades.


If there's one thing Lance absolutely lacks, it's common sense. He's extremely arrogant and lacking in self-control, making him very prone to getting himself in trouble… especially so with females. This isn't helped by his habit of lying, and exaggerating, as well as his tendency to not learn from his mistakes. He also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and as such suffers from nightmares, and with the right stimulus has been known to have flashbacks of the roboticizer.

Pre-RP History

Lance was born in a town a ways south from Mobotropolis, and up until he was nine, when Robotnik's coup occurred, he lived a pretty normal childhood aside from such strifes as his parents divorcing. When Robotnik soon also seized control over his town he moved to a retreat known as Greenpine with several other refugees.

Lance didn't become a member of the local Freedom Fighter band until he had turned thirteen. A few years after while out in the forest he and some friends stumbled onto an unconscious and emaciated female jerboa. After bringing her back and rehabilitating her, she revealed her name to be Jacky and was accepted as a member of the village. Lance showed an immediate (if shallow) interest in her, and when learning the feeling was mutual they began dating. Eventually they became serious.

However, being the cocky showoff he was, ended up getting himself captured when he took a mission solo. Fearing for his life, he pleaded for it, offering anything in exchange - even the location of his village. Robotnik agreed, and in a surprising stroke of generosity, followed through with his half of the deal letting Lance go.

Lance immediately dashed toward his home, intent on grabbing Jacky and the two of them fleeing. Robotnik beat him to his destination though, and the wolf scrambled just in time to save Jacky from getting caught, only to be grabbed himself. Jacky fled as he started to argue with Robotnik about letting him go. This time the tyrant wasn't so generous, telling him that the deal was a one-time luxury, and had him thrown into a portable roboticizer he'd brought.

However, he had managed to be freed by Dash, leaving him three quarters roboticized. The two fled and Lance took to following Dash around afterward.

Post-RP History

After wondering around lost and homeless several days, Lance and Dash had happened to run into Tails. Or rather, Tails hit Dash with a hockey puck on accident and gave him a concussion.

The kit brought the two to Knothole for help, and afterward they both met Sally Acorn whom offered them residence. After being toured around the village by Sonic (… and puking on the hedgehog's shoes), Lance wandered off to rest.

Lance later ended up getting thrown through Dash's window after grating too far on Bunnie's nerves. The two got into a fight and Lance unintentionally broke the tenrec's jaw. Bunnie dragged him off to restrain him while [Rosie the Woodchuck (SatAM)|Rosie]]] tended to Dash's wounds, where Lance ended up being found by Alice. Bunnie discovered her after coming to check on Lance and brought her to see Dash after she explained she was his boyfriend.

Since the fight Sally has requested Lance to work with Bunnie on getting acquainted with his robotic limbs, much to Bunnie's dismay.

Crossover History

To be written.


Jacky Campbell Lance's whiney fiancé. He has no idea where she currently is or if she's okay, and judging from his womanizing around Knothole, uh… he's not too concerned either.
Dashiel Tadelesh A resident from his old village. Dash saved him from the roboticizer and the two reluctantly stuck together for several days before finding Knothole. He was later captured and roboticized, or so Lance believes.
Alice Garland Dash's girlfriend and another member from Greenpine. Where Dash is unlucky, she has dumb luck. And an annoying cat.
Bunnie Rabbot A resident to Knothole, Bunnie has been put in charge of helping Large adjust to his new mechanical strength. He also finds himself attracted to, er, certain features about her…

Misc. Info

Lance is heavily based on/inspired by my real brother >_>


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