Every culture, nation and region has either its own unique language, or a unique variation of a common language that employs its own slang and terminology. For the sake of limiting confusion and having to learn entire fictional languages, the StH Roleplays don't delve too far into these aspects. Usually when foreign languages are spoken they are replaced by symbol fonts, such as Wingdings, which can be copied and pasted to read, or in the case of binary provide a translator.

Written English


While the phonetics of spoken English have remained virtually unchanged over time, the written alphabet has not, though grammar, syntax and morphology remain largely the same. However, written English in the alphabet as we know it is not dead and is still in common practice. It was kept and preserved by the humans who typically isolate themselves from other mobian races. As such, many thropes would probably not be able to understand the human alphabet. Despite this, since Robotnik's rise to power and his common use of his native human English many thropes have learned how to read it out of necessity to keep up in the war.

Old Mobian


"Old Mobian" is considered for the most part a dead and ancient language studied only by scholars. Despite this general acceptance, there are still a few straggling thropic tribes in existence who speak this language exclusively. Roleplay-wise it is written in the Wingdings font to help distinguish it. In the crossover it's considered the same language as Latin.


Binary is a form of computer language spoken by robotic characters. In written form it's comprised of 0's and 1's, and when spoken sounds like a series of beeps and clicks. With rare exceptions only robots are able to understand/speak this language, sentient robots often using it in place of English for confidentiality purposes around organic people.

In SegaStH the only two organics who're known to be able to understand binary's spoken form are Dr Eggman and Professor Resson. Resson reportedly has the ability to actually speak it to a limited degree. In SatAMStH and ArchieStH, while robian characters may be able to understand and speak it to varying degrees, as it is not a first or even naturally learned language they tend to… not be very good at it, often having an 'accent' of sorts and/or poor syntax.

Link to a binary translator

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