Leda (Legacy)

Also known as Leedz or Leedzie, Leda has been a chronic Sonic the Hedgehog fantard since the age of seven. At one point in her life (around high school), Leda made a conscious effort to literally force herself to "outgrow" her love of all things Sonic… but that plan crashed and burned after a couple of years, and the love came back even stronger than before.

Ironically, Leda was brought into the SegaSTH RPG against her will; insistant that she wasn't good enough to play in such a high-quality roleplay, Leda resisted for two weeks until Deebs brought her in kicking and screaming and assigned her the role of Rouge the Bat. Nowadays, Leda adores the RP and would never ever choose to leave it. Either that or Stockholm Syndrome has set in.

Leda is the unofficial mayor of Corneria and still cannot choose between ninjas and pirates. She is also a psychic, but currently has no control over the ability whatsoever, and as a result spends a lot of time gagging on auras. She is well-known among the group for giving bossoms with her hypnotic breasts.

For the most part, Leedz's priorities center around cracking jokes, trolling eBay, and maintaining peace in the community. When things do go south, however, she's known to be a crybaby, which frequently gets on the nerves of those around her. Despite her apparent outer confidence, Leda is desperate for approval within, and deeply afraid of abandonment. When it seems that her security is endangered, she's quick to grovel for forgiveness. Because of the similarities in how they react to rejection, Leda compares Tikal to her "inner self", and refers to breaking down as a Tikal moment.

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SegaStH Characters

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Rouge the Bat

SeRouge.gif A sizzling bombshell and master theif, Rouge's goals are simple: Get treasure, especially the Chaos Emeralds. With a magpie-esque obsession for jewels, her allegiance tends to lie with the highest bidder, rather than specifically with good or evil. When she's not drooling over her gems, she enjoys making the men around her drool over her… other gems.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

SeRay.gif Caffiene and anxiety tend to heavily influence Ray's actions above all other things. Very much a homebody, he spends most of his time either playing games or fiddling around with the internet. Ray is also a master carpenter — which he occasionally uses as an attempt to impress Midnight the Bat.

Uncle Chuck

SeChuck.gif Charles Hedgehog, while only biologically related to Sonic the Hedgehog, is the sort of guy that seems to be an honorary uncle of everyone he meets. Well-known in Station Square for his "successful" chili dog stand, Uncle Chuck has become quite popular for his tall tales and ingenius inventions.

Espio the Chameleon

SeEspio.jpg "Grumpy" is the kind of word that would describe Espio on a good day. As the anchor of the Chaotix Detective Agency, he's usually stressed to high hell in addition to the rest of his team grinding on his nerves. In the moments he actually has to himself, Espio persues the art of ninjutsu.

SR-1412 Heat

icocardboard.gif Originally a simple pet project of Dr Finitevus' before being dumped off on Talon to keep him busy, Heat has always been a rather awkward metallix at best, and completely counter-productive at worst. He's incredibly powerful, and not one to be taken lightly, but his programming is shoddy, leaving him easily confused and looking to his makers for instruction.

Chocolate the Porcupine

SeChocolate.gif Cocoa can easily be described with a single word: FAAABULOOOUS! Whether he's at work at the salon, shopping with his girlfriends, or hanging around at Chuck's Chili Dogs, Chocolate is the queen of gossip, and lives to bring fabulousness into the lives of others. …That, and to scope out the cute boys.

Leedz the Pangolin

SeLeedz.png Highly emotional and very creative, Leedz can either be a real pleasure or a real pain. She spends most of her time writing, both for work and for play, and when not absorbed by the written word she's probably playing games or joking around. She's also known to be a crybaby, however, and could also be holed up in her room moping.

Peta the Animal Rights Activist

SePeta.jpg The greatest threat to the personal safety of all thropes is, ironically, the person that touts herself as their greatest champion. Peta believes that humans have steered society into a lifestyle where animals are in a constant state of suffering, and believes it is her duty to "save" them all via putting them down. Watch out for the syringes!

Julie the Pangolin

SeJulie.jpg Julie could probably easily be mistaken for a boy — which is the way she likes it. Disgusted with the stigma of women being weak, Julie looks to distance herself as much as possible from typical female traits, taking far more interest in such things as cars and wrestling. She takes deep offense to any inkling of being underestimated.

SatAMStH Characters

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Sally Acorn

SaSally.jpg The current heir to the Acorn Kingdom, Sally is at the forefront of the war against Dr Robotnik, determined to restore her father's throne and liberate Mobius from the oppression. She's kind, compassionate, and patient, but hardly afraid to put her foot down if she needs to.


SaNicole.jpg A compact computer designed specifically for Sally's work and education that has an advanced enough A.I. that it warrants its own name. For the most part, Nicole's personality is rather sterile, but over the years she's begun to pick up the occasional quip — along with a mild temper.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

SaRay.png Abandoned for his own protection in the Great Forest, Ray's life is riddled with fear and insecurity. Co-dependent and untrusting of practically everyone he encounters, he clings to Bunnie Rabbot for comfort and safety. He has basically no social skills, as prior to being brought to Knothole, he'd never known anyone other than his parents.

Rouge the Bat

SaRouge.jpg Rouge is the type of person you could potentially miss all together, as she prefers not to stand out. Highly subdued and rarely speaking, Rouge suffers from an inner pain that she has yet to tell anyone about. In an attempt to distract herself, she takes care of most of the domestic chores in the village.

Espio the Chameleon

SaEspio.gif A rambunctious and well-meaning (yet often counter-productive) teenager that seems to always have a new headache waiting for Rob, Espio is determined to prove himself to the village. He's eager to please and lives for fun, but has horrendous ADD, and tends to cause more trouble than he helps.

Tikal the Echidna

SaTikal.png Despite the many hardships she's faced in her life, Tikal is a very positive person, and tries to focus on the good in people and situations over the bad. She's very gracious and appreciative of others, but thinks of herself as little more than a burden to those around her, thanks to Pachacamac.

Snively Robotnik

SaSnively1.png Dr Robotnik's nephew and assistant. Snively despises the Freedom Fighters — as well as his uncle, the very man he serves. While he's completely obedient and truely terrified of Robotnik, he's forever forming his own private plans in preparation for the opportunity to take control for himself.

Phoebe Thalia

icocardboard.gif A young woman with an undying fascination for plantlife, Phoebe is outgoing and enjoys putting smiles on the faces of others. She's best described as quirky, as she tends to follow her own path rather than what's necessarily conventional, regardless of what others think. Dash is her pet beast.

Felix the Lemur

icocardboard.gif Some sort of biiiioooo.

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