Luna Brown (SatAM)

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Name: Luna Havana Brown
Nicknames: Luna, Lu, Lucky
Species: Cat; Breed – Havana Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 05 | Mental: 07 | Luck: 09
Height: 2'7''
Build: Underweight and scrawny
Residence: San Grandia
Occupation: Freedom Fighter/Mechanic
Likes: Peanut butter, purple things, shiny objects, small spaces, taking things apart, putting them back together, card games, puzzles
Dislikes: Loud noises, winter, loneliness, sweets, new environments, new people, new things in general…
Hobbies/Talents: Luna has an innate talent for mechanics. She can take apart nearly anything with the proper tools and enough time, and loves to rebuild and refurbish things, from appliances to cars and computers. She is also good with numbers and enjoys card games. When it’s not time to run and hide, she can either be found surrounded by some appliance she’s found and gutted, in order to scrap it for useful parts- or turn into something else entirely.
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: "Stray" - Wolf's Rain OST


Despite the outwardly cocky, and mouthy exterior she puts on for show, Luna is inwardly very sad and cynical. She knows that tomorrow isn’t promised, and her years on the street have colored every interaction in her life. She has an inability and a fear to get close to other people, thinking that they’ll be gone the next day. While she would love to believe she’s just fine being alone, and is tough and cold-hearted as the persona she maintains, there is a deep sadness in her. She still mourns the loss of her parents, and many times wishes she had a place to call home and some semblance of a family. When people try to get close to her, however, she will lash out at them in order to hide her own loneliness and fear. The only time she truly seems to be happy is when she’s working on a new project, taking something apart, putting it together or talking about it.

Outside of her toughness, Jin is surprisingly people-shy. She has a tendency to blush when flustered or embarrassed, and brush off any praise. She really doesn't know how to handle herself socially, and will be short spoken- if she decides to speak at all. She seems to liven up in situations of danger- she gives commands, and if she's not alone, she'll take the lead to a degree to help other people out of danger.



Luna is very agile, capable of long leaps and high jumps. She has incredible balance and hearing, as do all felines. Her night vision is stellar; partly because of her natural eyes, and partly out of need for survival. She is very agile, due to her small size and natural feline flexibility and speed. She is able to squeeze into small spaces, and almost always lands on her feet. She has sharp claws on both hands and feet, and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Her claws are retractable, and she uses them to scale the city buildings with relative ease. She is small enough to climb under or squeeze though spaces that many thropes can’t- one advantage to her small size


Luna can swim with average speed and talent, but she won’t like it. She enjoys computers, but would be more likely to take one apart and rebuild it than hack into something with it. She has also learned how to drive, and does so with excellent quality- she’s paranoid enough to be an extremely careful and quiet driver. Her true talents lie in mechanics, however. She seems to have an innate knowledge of how things work, and given enough time she can figure out just how to take something apart, and then she’ll enjoy putting it back together again.



Luna is small and doesn’t have a lot of physical strength. Even though she does know how to fight, her body size puts her at a disadvantage. A larger, stronger opponent could pick her right off the ground if need be, whereupon she’d be in serious trouble. Also, because she’s malnourished, she is prone to exhaustion once her adrenaline runs low.


Luna has difficulty reading. While she can understand individual letters, putting together long sentences gives her trouble. She may possibly be a dyslexic. Luna is also very paranoid and dislikes new things and people. She barely trusts anyone besides herself, and even then she constantly doubts her own thoughts. Luna also has an odd fear of falling asleep. She's afraid that she will fall asleep and not wake up - and this fear magnifies during the winter, when so many homeless do just that. She will fight sleep at any cost, but when she really can't function anymore, she will sleep in the daytime- never at night.

Due to her looks, Luna resembles a kitten much younger than she is. Thus, she will fly off the handle if anyone calls her any variation of kid, child, kitten, or immature. It’s an extreme sore spot- causing her a whole lot of irritation. She will scream, yell and possibly go to blows with anyone who tries to dismiss her as a child.

Pre-RP History

Luna was born in San Grandia to a detective and a court stenographer. She loved and idolized her parents, especially her father- she wanted to become a detective just like him. Her father was good at his job- perhaps too good. One night they were murdered in their home- Luna escaped on the pure chance that the murderer didn’t know she existed. She escaped that night, out into a very different world than the one she knew. She learned quickly who would be helpful and who wouldn’t- which is how she met Morgan, an old, homeless collie who took pity on the little girl. Morgan taught Luna the best and safest places to sleep, find food, and how to get the most out of people. She also tried to teach her how to steal, but Luna rejected these lessons, not wishing to turn to dishonest means to make a living.

Once, they were staying a rare night inside a homeless shelter, when the heater broke down. While watching the maintenance crew work on it, Luna grabbed a tool belt and a ladder, and the heater was working an hour later. She had discovered her knack, one that would help she and Morgan survive. As she grew, she took on small jobs fixing things, wherever she could find them. She and Morgan made enough not to starve, and Luna learned a little bit at every job she could get. The city’s various dumpsters became practice workbenches, and Luna learned through trial and error.

Morgan died a few months before the San Grandia coup, and Luna was left alone again. Due to her already being used to living under dangerous conditions, along with a hearty dose of sheer luck, she was able to outrun, outwit, and outhide most of the city’s unluckier denizens. She passed several years this way, using the mostly abandoned city as her personal running grounds, and hooking up with the other nomads known as the Freerunners.

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Misc. Info

Equipment: Luna has a toolbelt swiped from an abandoned house. It has a large array of tools, a hammer, wrenches of all sizes, screwdrivers, scissors, a tape measure, and, taken from the same house, a roll of bandages. She is constantly collecting nuts, bolts and screws of all sizes, “just in case” she comes across something that needs fixing. She keeps an old, worn deck of cards in one of the belt’s pockets; a momento of her old mentor.

Luna is also incredibly jumpy; her fur fluffs at loud or sudden noises, or lights- but this is learned behavior from being in a city where one must constantly be on the run. Any sudden noise or light will cause her to run and hide in the nearest small space: in a closet, under a bed, etc.


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