Luna the Stray (Sega)

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Name: Luna Havana Brown
Nicknames: Luna, Lou
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Balance
Height: 3'00''
Build: Undersized and underweight, scrawny
Residence: Central City
Occupation: Living takes up most of her time.
Likes: Money, peanut butter, purple things, shiny objects, children, stealing, nighttime
Dislikes: Loud noises, cops, rich people, winter, loneliness, sweets, people who dump trash in the streets
Hobbies/Talents: Luna hasn't really had the spare time to seek out hobbies- the closest thing would be collecting small, shiny objects in the hope that they're valuable. She also enjoys card games and tricks, and sometimes can be seen just shuffling the cards to keep her hands busy.
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: Cage the Elephant- Ain't No Rest for the Wicked


Although she was once a happy child, Luna has become cold and cynical. She knows that tomorrow isn’t promised, and her years on the street have colored every interaction in her life. She has an inability and a fear to get close to other people, thinking that they’ll be done the next day. While she would love to believe she’s just fine being alone, and is tough and cold-hearted as the persona she maintains, there is a deep sadness in her. She still mourns the loss of her parents, and many times wishes she had a place to call home and some semblance of a family. She rarely dwells on this during the day, however. For now, the only smiles she gives are little smirks of joy as she parts a fool from their money.



Luna is very agile, capable of long leaps and high jumps. She has incredible balance and hearing, as do all felines. Her night vision is stellar; partly because of her natural eyes, and partly out of need for survival. She is able to squeeze into small spaces, and almost always lands on her feet. She has sharp claws on both hands and feet, and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Her claws are retractable, and she uses them to scale the city buildings with relative ease.


She knows how to fight, nothing formally trained, just street brawling with a lot of nasty moves. She has learned to pickpocket, steal from grocery stores without getting caught, and rig card games to her advantage. She also knows the layout of the city practically by heart- and where the best spots for unsuspecting tourists are. Luna knows how to get around the city by rooftop or alleyway.

Luna has quick hands and a glib tongue; she’s very good at charming unsuspecting people out of the contents of their wallet. She’s also very good at noticing small details. She also has a very good head for numbers, especially in matters of finance. She also has a practiced talent of reading people- she’s learned to gauge who’s alert and who isn’t, and who is likely to carry what kind of money and where.


If she found a Chaos emerald, she’d try to sell it.



Luna is small and doesn’t have a lot of physical strength. Even though she does know how to fight, her body size puts her at a disadvantage. A larger, stronger opponent could pick her right off the ground if need be, whereupon she’d be in serious trouble. Also, because she’s malnourished, she is prone to exhaustion once her adrenaline runs low.


Luna has difficulty reading. While she can understand individual letters, putting together long sentences gives her trouble. She may possibly be a dyslexic. She also has a severe prejudice against rich people, borne of her many years on the streets and one too many nasty experiences.

Luna has an odd fear of falling asleep. She's afraid that she will fall asleep and not wake up - and this fear magnifies during the winter, when so many homeless do just that. She will fight sleep at any cost, but when she really can't function anymore, she will sleep in the daytime- never at night. She also really doesn't like to be in total darkness- a childish fear of the dark that simply grew when she learned what kinds of people lurk around dark corners.

Pre-RP History

Luna was born in Central City to a detective and a court stenographer. She loved and idolized her parents, especially her father- she wanted to become a detective just like him. Her father was good at his job- perhaps too good. One night they were murdered in their home- Luna escaped on the pure chance that the murderer didn’t know she existed. She was five, and the innocent kitten was quickly revealed the harsh realities of the world. Although she tried her best to ask for food, more times than not that proved to be fruitless. An old homeless collie named Morgan took pity on little Luna, and started to take care of her. She person who convinced Luna to start stealing, and cared for the child while she was still grieving over her parents deaths. Morgan taught little Luna a lot- the finer art of pickpocketing, what were the easiest foods to shoplift, and how to play various card games. All too soon she was going against all the rules her father had instilled in her and she was lying, stealing, fighting for her daily survival. They passed nearly five years this way- until one winter, when the cold claimed Morgan's life.

Luna was on her own again, but she had learned to take what the world wasn't going to hand to her. She refined her talents, until she could steal on her own without help. Over time, she began to enjoy the thrill of a well done wallet pull, steal, or successful con game. Now she takes a sort of enjoyment out stealing, one that goes beyond simple daily survival and may lead to bigger, badder things on the horizon.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

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Axe the Hyena A fellow thief and street kid. Luna calls him 'big brother' much to his annoyance.
Name Relationship with that person.

Misc. Info

- Her middle and last names "Havana Brown" is actually her breed.

- Luna carries around the deck of playing cards that she and Morgan used to play with, in remembrance of her friend and mentor. She sometimes speaks to them as if Morgan is there. (No, she's not crazy.)

- Luna likes to go barefoot when the weather allows it. Bare feet (paws?) make for easier climbing, because she can use her claws.


Thropes, Chaos Dimension, Fanchars

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