Madonna Garnet (Sega)

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Name: Madonna Garnet
Nicknames: Mads
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 5'7"
Residence: Gun Headquarters, Barracks
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Special Operative under GUN, C.L.I.P Division
Likes: Disassembling guns, key-lime pie, the color red, fashion, dancing, exercise
Dislikes: Spring, rejection, oversleeping, egotistical criminals
Played By: Wren
Theme: None


Madonna is… wow. Okay, first of all, she's a very strict woman who follows her orders without a second glance. At first appearing unfailingly loyal to Abraham, GUN Commander, she's actually quite capricious outside of her job. She holds herself to very high standards… but when she's off the clock, you can bet she's going to be winding down. She takes her private life as seriously as her working life, and wants to live life to the fullest. However, this doesn't mean she's soft. When she's working, she's a brutal interrogator but has one weakness: she can't tell easily when other people are lying. This is because she has the disposition to trust others when they're on her bad side. She's a bit confident in her abilities, which can make her gullible when getting outfoxed.

She's also quite the crusher. As a nod to her status as a forgotten love interest, she tends to crush on others very easily, though they come and go about as quickly as they arrive. She can be quite devoted during that time! It gets a little embarrassing to look at, and most of the objects of her affection tend to… not want to be. So she crushes easily, but all of them mostly fail. However, this won't stop her from acting like a professional when the time comes.

She's very sassy and sarcastic, in contrast to her sweet behavior. Somewhat like Calhoun from Wreck-it Ralph, she's got no time for people wimping out beneath her orders. She's got her own small troop and they're whipped, to say the least. As said before, Madonna holds high respect for her Commander and only produces perfect results. She's cool under pressure and doesn't tend to lash out at others, letting her sarcasm and acerbic wit be her verbal barbs.


- Extreme combat skills, learned from a young age. Well versed in many types of hand to hand combat.
- Smart, to the point, clever.
- Kind to children and people who need help, will go out of her way to protect people while in uniform and in plainclothes.
- Fast to react to danger, excellent markswoman.
- Easy conversationalist as long as you're not pulling her leg.
- Has a 'downtime' side to her that's easygoing and humorous, enjoys the company of others.
- Physically at the peak of human strength, or very near it.


- Gullible, willing to believe lies if they sound convincing enough, which is not good in her division.
- Allergic to most antibiotics.
- Scars all over her body due to fighting on the battlefield.
- A little too sarcastic and can push others away.
- If infatuated, tends to be oblivious to the fact the other party couldn't care less. One-track mind.
- Loyal to a fault; can make bad decisions when doing her best to stick to a plan someone she's loyal to gave her.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Coming from a military family, Madonna would eventually join the ranks of GUN as soon as she was of age.

She was given rigid military training and spent her late teens on the Campus, learning to fire weapons and was taken in under the wings several higher-up's instructions. This was where her loyalty was fostered— GUN essentially became her family outside of her family. Though they couldn't quite change some things about being a teenager in a military facility (her crushes and desire to escape strict training), she eventually blossomed into a well-trained individual whose strict upbringing became a total asset. Sent out on hundreds of missions, Madonna always came back alive and had a habit of picking up those who lost their family in war-torn territory and helping them find their homes, or in the most desperate of cases, introduce them to the upbringing she had.

She would constantly look up to the Commander and at first, had her view of the world shaped by him. However, more lenient individuals were happy to show her the life outside the military, where she got an interest in makeup and fashion (and to some extension, letting loose and going to clubs), but keeps this side of her a strict secret to her coworkers. Her professional side is the only side she wants being seen on GUN's headquarters. She feels like, with them being her only family, that she has a duty to live up to their expectations and more.

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Abraham Tower Mentor, the person she looks up to the most. Like a father to her; responsible for the person she is today and why she has such loyalty to GUN.
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