Maria Roderick (SatAM)

"Maria, you coward…"


Name: Maria Gabriell Roderick (formally Robotnik)
Nicknames: Marizzle (by Shadow)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 4 | Mental: 10 | Luck: 7
Height: 5'4''
Build: Slim
Residence: Area 27
Occupation: Caretaker, nurse and occasional Freedom Fighter.
Likes: Shadow, her hobbies/talents, peace and quiet, computers, stargazing, pasta, flowers, shades of light blue, soft rock, video games (especially Tetris and Pacman), fresh breezes, the air just before rainfall, spring rain, the sound of running water, swimming.
Dislikes: Specism, yelling and fighting, seeing people unhappy, getting herself dirty, feeling like a burden, large groups, hip hop, ghetto slang (she can't understand it!), pollution, loud noises, direct sunlight, excessively hot weather.
Hobbies/Talents: She's both an avid reader and writer and can often be found carrying a book or laptop around with her. Despite her love of writing she's extremely self-conscious of her work and rarely allows anyone else to see it. She enjoys singing, but again, this is something she doesn't share. Beyond that she enjoys working with computers, cooking and sewing.
Played By: Jamie 'SwiftRunner' Lee
Theme: "I turn to you" - Christina Aquilera
"My Maria" - Brooks & Dunn (joke theme)


Maria is probably one of the sweetest and most gentle people you could ever meet. She genuinely and warmly cares about the people around her and is extremely giving and self-sacrificing when it comes to their needs. A loyal and honest person, she's keenly in tune with the feelings of those around her and sensitive to their needs. Idealistic by nature, she dreams of a perfect world and wants more than anything to make everyone happy. She values harmony and in small subtle ways works hard in order to create and maintain it.

Having lived a somewhat sheltered life, she's somewhat naive, bookwormy and very quiet and shy - even around people she's familiar with. She doesn't feel comfortable exposing her personal thoughts or feelings. She's often lonely and has an inner need to be around others, but her experiences growing up has taught her to avoid interaction. She often feels guilty, views herself as a burden, blames herself for everything and tends to worry excessively.

Maria gets nervous and skittish very easily and avoids conflict religiously. She doesn't tolerate stressful situations well and tends to 'shut down' if too much is put on her plate to handle at one time. Her previous experiences with people have left her with zero confidence. She's sensitive to criticism and extremely insecure, constantly underestimating herself and her own potential. She often looks to everyone else for help and guidance and seems to be nervous - even scared - of doing anything important by herself. She has a hard time making good decisions and isn't a leader by any means. Yet at the same time she's eager to please when asked to do something and gets satisfaction from helping others. She often tries compensate her "uselessness" by doing odd jobs, such as chores, that others may not enjoy.

Those who get to know her on a more personal level discover a charming, creative and affectionate side, and despite how hard she is on herself she's surprisingly optimistic (where herself isn't concerned). When it comes to Shadow she tends to be somewhat more open. She's managed to develop a very close relationship with him and relies heavily on his support and guidance, viewing him as something like a brother and savior, and often goes running to him before she'll turn to anyone else. She has a lot of respect and admiration for him.



She's naturally very flexible and nimble with her hands, as well as has a very good memory, but that's pretty much all she's got going for her.


She knows quite a bit of first aid, though she's no doctor by any means. She knows her way around computers and has some skill in programming and is capable of low-level hacking. Currently she's being taught hand-to-hand by Shadow and is an average swimmer. She also wears a belt that carries smoke pellets.



She's pretty average by human standards; she's not outstandingly fast or strong and isn't really very agile. She gets migraines easily and loud noises (such as raised voices) can really disorient her. She overheats easily and can't take direct sunlight well without burning. Her size can also prove to be a disadvantage seeing as she can't easily fit into some of the spaces her smaller companions can.


She's extremely insecure, easily intimidated and often cracks under pressure. She underestimates herself and her own potential constantly.

Pre-RP History

For as long as she's been able to remember Maria was raised by her grandfather Gerald, having lost her parents when she was too young to remember them. She was raised in a multi-specie community and had lived a somewhat sheltered life due to Gerald's efforts to protect her from being persecuted.

Despite her grandfather's protection, Maria learned from a very young age that she was different, and that difference made her an outcast. Many refused to accept her, and in many cases even refused to even acknowledge her as a mobian, calling her some kind of outsider species. Maria became shy, withdrawn and self-conscious about her appearance. If she couldn't be accepted, she decided to try making herself invisible. For the most part it actually worked; most tended to avoid and ignore her. Finding this easier to deal with she turned her energy toward books, computers and video games as a means of occupying her time.

Then the Great War began, and Gerald was called in to serve the government. Humans were normally known as a private race who didn't mingle much in the affairs of other species, so when the news of a handful of humans, which included her uncle Julian and cousin Snively Robotnik, reached the media it created a frenzy. The very thing that made Maria "invisible" had now unwittingly turned her into a target, and it only became worse when Julian and Snively betrayed their own side, causing a devastating turn in the war, and then soon after began a war of their own against the very kingdom they'd helped win.

Maria's life was uprooted entirely. Unable to take the aftermath and thoroughly disgusted with what Julian had done, especially to their family name, Gerald took Maria and the both of them moved overseas to San Grandia after changing their last names. Unfortunately, the damage had been done, and the propaganda was wider spread than they imagined.

That was when she met Shadow.

Maria lived in the more middle classed areas of the city, Gerald's income allowing them to be able to live comfortably. Still adjusting to her new surroundings, however, Maria found herself lost in the ghetto. Scared and confused it wasn't long before she'd found herself cornered by a gang threatening to open fire on her; and that was when a streak of black and red appeared and chased them away. When she dared re-open her eyes she found Shadow standing over her extending his hand.

The two quickly grew to be friends, Maria attaching herself to him not too unlike a lost puppy.

Things would only get worse though. Gerald had kept a diligent watch over Julian — Robotnik's — war and progress through whatever means he could find, and knew it was only a matter of time before his influence spread itself overseas. He shared with Maria the knowledge of an abandoned underground military base outside the city, Area 27, and worked to prepare her for the inevitable invasion. She, in turn, shared this information with Shadow.

When the day finally came Shadow whisked her away through the chaos to safety. She and Gerald were separated however, and she still to this day doesn't know what became of him.

Post-RP History

Nothing of noteworthiness yet

Crossover History

To be filled.


Gerald Roderick Maria's grandfather and a scientist who worked in biological and chemical related fields. She hasn't seen him since San Grandia was overthrown and fears the worst.
Shadow the Hedgehog A street smart hedgehog from the ghetto. Maria has attached herself to him and has a great deal of respect for him. They seem to have a sort of brother/sister relationship.
Tekno the Canary A brilliant mechanic and the leader of Area 27's group. Her tactless and unintentionally cold nature often ends up hurting Maria's extremely fragile feelings.
Shortfuse the Squirrel A robian squirrel who lives up to his name. Maria is extremely uncomfortable around him and will usually go out of her way to avoid being near him if she can help it.
E-102 Gamma A failed prototype new-breed SWATbot whom was scrapped, later found and fixed up in a collab effort between Maria and Tekno and now belongs to the Area 27 group.

Misc. Info

Maria vehemently denies any relation she has to Robotnik or Snively - it's questionable whether or not even Shadow knows this. She also secretly wishes she was a chinchilla. Yes. She's a furry. You may commence mockery in my general direction.


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