Marine the Raccoon (Sega)

"CRIKEY! That thar' ships Bonza, mate!"


Name: Marine
Nicknames: Marin, Captain, Prawn
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Alignment: Hero
Type: Intelligence
Height: 75 cm (2ft 6in)
Build: Average
Residence: Windmill Village (Sol Dimension)
Occupation: Captain of her soon to be Vessel ; the SS Marine.
Likes: Adventure, Sailing, Swimming, Surfing, Social gatherings & Meeting new people/Making new friends.
Dislikes: Pirates, Dr. Eggman NEGA, Nasty people, Ghosts and being tickled.
Hobbies/Talents: She loves building and Sailing ships. One day, she hopes to be a captain of a vessel. She also enjoys swimming and Surfing around the island. She also likes to take part in Island activities, like Barbecues, Parties and Dances.
Played By: Xeric
Theme: "A New Venture" ~ Sonic Rush Adventure Theme
"When You Believe" ~ Leon Jackson


Marine is a very hyperactive young girl who likes spending any free time she has helping/assisting her friends and just about anyone she finds who needs it. She is very open about her feelings, so it isn't hard to tell how she's feeling. She can become quite violent when provoked. People around her can find her quite annoying at times, especially when she never shuts up. She is a very adventurous person who loves to travel. Although being quite intelligent for her age, she is also quite scatterbrained, leading her to act before thinking. She can also become quite bossy and attention seeking. Surprisingly, Marine is a clean freak.



Marine has few physical abilities. She is a very good scavenger, she using this ability to look for parts for her ship; the SS Marine. She is naturally a very good climber; this also help with her search for parts. Marine can also see in the dark, her eyesight is super-sensitive.


Marine is able to build ships for bits and pieces she finds on her scavenger hunts. She is also a powerful swimmer, she's able to use her tail as a 'rudder' in the water, this means she can turn a lot quicker. She's very resourceful and has great survival skills. She also has a great knowledge and experience of piloting various water crafts.


None currently known. If she was to find one, she'd probably hand it in to a higher authority.



She isn't very quick on her feet. She isn't very strong either.


Marine has a horrible habit of overlooking things, She's terrified of Ghosts, Coyotes, Wolves, Hawks, and Owls. She freezes with terror when she sees these.

Pre-RP History

Marine lead a pretty normal life in a place called Windmill Village with her parents. She'd often travel out onto the beach and look out over the ocean, wondering what it's like to sail on a real boat. As she got older, she began scavenging for old pieces of wood and other materials she could use for a boat. One day, she finally finished her vessel and called it the 'SS Marine'. She woke up one morning to find kids from a neighboring village had destroyed all her hard work. This didn't put her off though. To this day, she is still building a vessel worthy of her sailing.

Post-RP History

None yet.

Crossover History

None Yet.


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Misc. Info

She speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent, using Australian slang words such as 'strewth' and 'bonza' and adding the word 'mate' to the end of sentences.


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