Mecha Sonic (Sega)

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Name: Mecha Sonic
Nicknames: Mecha
Species: Metallix modeled after a hedgehog.
Gender: None, goes by he.
Age: 12
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 3'3"
Residence: Wanderer
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: None
Likes: Small animals, morning mist, watching things grow (no, really), old outdated technology books (they read like fantasy fiction to him), forests and wooded areas
Dislikes: Hunters, bounty hunters, mercenaries (You get it), rusting over, finding new parts to do his own upgrades

Played By: Wren


Naive due to his reprogramming, Mecha doesn't have much to say about anything. Almost effectively mute, he's a more qualified listener than a talker. Still remembering all the times Metal Sonic confided in him (with some blips in his memory), Mecha is very torn on what side to be on. On one hand, someone who held him in a brotherly regard must miss him, on the other, he takes no joy in destruction anymore, or surpassing what he was made to surpass. The very antithesis of a robot agonizing without purpose, Mecha finds calm in the fact that he has none. He no longer has to be upgraded, replaced, remade by any stretch of the imagination. Though he considers it a favor from G.U.N. to think this way, he doesn't want to work for them any longer due to the possibility of more alterations.

Mecha both does and doesn't want to find his brother; he thinks their clashing again will result in some sort of pull towards Eggman's side, and Mecha wants to find out what the world is all about first. However, he's somewhat of a pushover, to the point where he observes nature and how it changes as a 'prime directive'— he could easily be swayed with the right argument. He does have some hesitation towards Eggman himself, because he knows any sort of disloyalty will be reprogrammed.

Knowing he was somewhat the 'abandoned son', Mecha doesn't take it too hard. Though he has an inner revolt to any immediately recognizable 'good guys', it's mostly because he presumes they will clash without mercy. Albeit not too clever, Mecha would know how to feign loyalty or goodness if it meant getting out of a sticky situation. He's not immediately trustable to Sonic or Tails, but other characters will find him amenable.

He dislikes being called any form of 'Sonic'. Likely, upon learning Silver's name, will dislike being called Silver as well.


If triggered into remembering his former primary objective, Mecha becomes violent. Utilizing the full capabilities of what GUN gave him, he becomes something entirely powerful, fast, and a hard-hitter. With rockets in his boots that can move at around 500 miles per hour, along with hands that can turn into electrified pincers, he's a tough cookie and hard to mess with. He's also been upgraded as an anti-robotic defense unit by GUN, meaning he's been programmed with the ins and outs for disabling badniks using electric currents. He emits an incredibly high voltage at his full potential. He also can plug in and hack most computers.


Naivete, coupled with repressed mechanics makes him not as formidable of an opponent. GUN could only get so far with his build, and though he's effectively been neutralized, he doesn't want to fight. He's easily swayed to the good side or the bad side, with the bad side having it just a bit tougher having him reconcile with Eggman.

Emerald Abilities

A system boost, but no mechanical upgrades are made to handle a chaos emerald for much more.

Pre-RP History

Once one of Eggman's special robots, and Metal Sonic's inferior successor, he used to be the baddest badnik in town!

That's not true anymore. He was abandoned in the Final Egg zone when the Perfect Chaos incident happened. Afterwards, GUN began experimenting on Eggman's abandoned tech, Silver Sonic included. Silver Sonic was upgraded to be a powerful ally to GUN, only… the 'good' that GUN programmed him with cancelled out the bad Eggman was set on having him use to be a complete destructive force. The result was… a very neutral robot that didn't see why it had to serve GUN for any purpose at all.

Using his hacking abilities, he was able to abandon GUN's base, though not without a bounty on his head. These days he spends his time avoiding everyone if possible, though reminiscing on his brother and his words. Certain events can trigger his old memory, making him turn violent and usually making things end… poorly, to say the least.

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