Mephiles the Dark (Sega)

"… Doom, those're Cheerios."


Name: Mephistophiles the Dark
Nicknames: Mephiles, Meph, Crystal
Species: Chimera; a combination of hedgehog/Black Arms chimera (from PS27), pure-blooded black arms and Chao.
Gender: Genderless, male oriented.
Age: Unborn as of yet.
Alignment: Dark (Chaotic Evil)
Type: Fortitude
Height: 3'4''
Build: Average in appearance, made of extremely hard crystalline material.
Residence: Nowhere permanent.
Occupation: Black Doom's personal hell.
Likes: Annoying the utter crap out of Doom, being the one in control of their body, violence, lying, cheating, stealing, creating mischief and chaos, darkness.
Dislikes: Light, peacefulness, seeing others enjoying themselves… DOOM'S BAUBLES AND POTATO SACK ROBE. Also, when Doom ignores him or has control of their body.
Hobbies/Talents: Making others miserable, making Doom miserable, going all MST3000 on Doom when he tries to do anything.
Played By: Jamie 'SwiftRunner' Lee
Theme: "Infected" - Bad Religion


… Temporarily deleted. This was written embarrassingly badly and is in desperate need of a re-writing. I'll fill this out after I get a better handle on him through in-game play… if he ever manages to be created anyway o@; ~Jamie



Mephiles and Doom's body is capable of assuming a liquid form about the consistency of tar which can allow them to reach places otherwise inaccessible to them as well as stealth advantages. They can hypnotize and/or put others to sleep, though the reflectivity of this varies on person to person. Their body is crystalline in appearance and extremely hard as such. Hitting them would pretty much feel like hitting a boulder.

They're both capable of accessing the Black Arms hive mind, but seeing as there aren't anymore pure blooded Black Arms, it's not terribly useful other than to make Shadow miserable as a means of communication. Doom specifically has the ability to attempt possession of others with Black Arms heritage - Shadow and 27 - through this, but as both of them aren't pure blooded the strength varies and it fairly hit and miss. Mephiles may develop this ability himself in time.


Well, at this point until I can get a better handle on him through actually playing him it's kinda hard to say… Due to his connection with Doom I imagine he's inherited a pretty vast knowledge over a variety of things such as technology and the Chaos Emeralds and such.


Exclusive to Mephiles:
Chaos Time: Can temporarily halt time. The amount of time he can manipulate varies depending on the amount of emeralds in his possession.
1 Emerald: 30 seconds
2 Emeralds: 1 minute
3 Emeralds: 3 minutes
4 Emeralds: 5 minutes
5 Emeralds: 10 minutes
6 Emeralds: 15 minutes
7 Emeralds: 30 minutes

Usable by both Meph and Doom:
Chaos Control: Used for either teleportation or entering bullet time (moving so fast the world appears in slow motion).
Chaos Blast: A radial attack, creating a localized but extremely powerful explosion of energy.
Chaos Spear: Creates beams of energy which are typically shot from the hands.

With all chaos seven emeralds they're capable of assuming a super form. Sol emeralds cause them to act contrary to their normal behavior.



Their body is a bit on the slow side. Due to the fact they have an equal ability to rend control from each other, it's quite likely their body would end up spasming on the floor and appear like it's having a seizure often while the two minds fight over it.


They tend to be a good foil for each other because they argue so much XD

Pre-RP History

None. He'll be created during play.

Post-RP History

Not yet born. He'll be the result of a collaboration between Black Doom and Dr Finitevus.

Crossover History

To be written.


Black Doom A symbiotic consciousness who shares the same body with Mephiles. Once the ruler of the Black Arms
Dr. Finitevus The one responsible for actually creating Mephiles, as well as the one responsible for Doom also sharing Meph's body.

Misc. Info

What is Mephiles? Thaaaat's a pretty damn good question XD; I'm not even entirely sure myself if he's truly his own separate entity or just something created by Doom's mind. The two have complete and total access to each other's thoughts and memories - they literally have no privacy from each other whatsoever. They also regularly fight over who gets to be in control of their body. Doom is played by DB

Obviously, this Mephiles is hardly anything like the canon version of Sonic 2K6. This is due to our own adaption of the story being extensively re-written in order to accommodate discrepancies the roleplay had with the story, and as a result Mephiles had been removed.


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