Metal Blaze (Sega)

"I'm gonna give you COOTIES!"


Name: MX-01: "Metal Blaze"
Nicknames: Maze, Metal, various insults.
Species: Lilac burmese modeled metallix.
Gender: Genderless, female pronouns
Age: 7
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Height: 3'1'
Residence: Wherever Nega's current base is.
World of Origin: Terra
Occupation: Second in command to the Nega Empire.
Likes: Nega, Serving Nega, Blaze, hugs and cuddles, setting things/people on fire, dancing, music, being around others, cute things, bubbles, her hobbies/talents, skipping…
Dislikes: Seeing Nega upset, solitude, boredom, things interfering with orders Nega's given her.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: Undecided


In a fashion similar to Metal Sonic, Maze had originally been designed as a mindless machine. Due to her neural network AI, as well as various forms of emergent behavior, she gradually began to develop self-awareness, and with it the ability to feel emotion. Eternal happiness and smiles, she seems to be the very personification of cheerfulness. Bubbly and optimistic, it's almost as if she runs in a perpetual state of ignorant bliss, and indeed comes across as playful and easily excitable. Often giggly, she enjoys rambling like a scatterbrain (regardless of whether or not people are listening to her). She's social and loves to insert herself around other people, regardless of whether they want her around them, and often greets friends and enemies alike with playful banter. She almost seems oblivious to her actions and their repercussions and doesn't seem to care about people's opinions.

All of that said, much of it is a purposeful exaggeration, meant to lull people into a false sense of security by her seeming incompetence. This reveals a calculating and manipulative side to her - if you're enemies are unable to take you as a serious threat, they're more likely to underestimate you. This, and she truly does get a kick out of messing with people and getting a rise out of them, pushing their buttons and figuring out ways to throw people off balance. In the face of everything she makes herself out to be, she's extremely intelligent, analytical and perceptive. If she doesn't consider you an ally of the Nega Empire, she can easily flip a switch and become ruthless with little care for remorse. To her, it's all fun and games. She does take her loyalty to the Nega Empire extremely seriously, often to a fault. There is, after all, a reason she is the second in command. Speaking ill of her beloved father is a known way to crack her composure.

This isn't to say she doesn't have a truly ditz-like quality about her, and she can genuinely be absent-minded. She just doesn't usually take anything seriously outside of her loyalty to Nega, which can lead to a disturbing dissonance during the times she buckles down. In spite of her intelligence, she's very curious, and it's not beyond her to allow her curiosity to lead her into trouble.


Mastery of all moves Blaze is capable of performing. She has some knowledge of mechanics, electronics and programming - enough so to be self-sufficient should she be in a position where she needs to repair herself. She also knows how to pilot a range of craft, and if necessary can use a variety of firearms. She can speak in a variety of different languages, including her native language binary, and as a robot she can technically be programmed to know anything necessary.

As a robot she's naturally much more durable than the average person with phenomenal stamina for as long as her batteries are charged. She has a pair of sharp talons in place of normal hands, and her memory and attention to detail are especially sharp. She's also very flexible and agile, and sports above average strength over the average person. She is waterproofed. Aside from that she has flamethrowers built into her hands, feet and tail tip, she can also produce flaming barriers around herself which she can use both in offense and defense. The flamethrowers in her feet also give her extra boosts for jumping, dashing, kicking, etc, as well as slowing down descents and allowing for limited hovering. Finally, she has an emerald radar installed in her to mimic Blaze's innate sense.


Boosts the strength of her radar and her firepower.


Though her body is waterproofed, when submerged in water her flamethrowers cease to function until they've completely dried out. Strong magnets can be used to restrain her and EMP blasts will disable her software and effectively 'knock' her out. She's vulnerable to viruses and hacking that can get past her firewall. If something jammed the cooling fan on her forehead it could cause the temperature of her own flames to overheat her hard drive and inhibit her ability to function properly, if not cause her to shut down completely until it cools off to prevent permanent damage.

She's loyal and obedient to Nega to an absolute fault, so naturally, this could also be used against her. She doesn't seem to have any presently known fears and is difficult to upset, but speaking ill of Nega is a known trigger.

Pre-RP History

Maze's story began as part of a madman's desire for power. At age 13, Princess Blaze underwent her family's rite of passage, becoming the guardian of the Sol Emeralds and assuming the Servant Emerald on her forehead. Seeing her about to rise as a major threat to Nega's goal, Maze's purpose was clear; stop the ritual, steal the emeralds, and prevent Blaze from becoming fused with the Servant Emerald.

The attempt failed, and a rivalry was born.

Maze became infamous that day, and though originally designed as a mindless machine, she had been given a neural network AI to give her adaptability against her counterpart. Though built as an emotionless robot, from her AI he slowly began to develop emotion and self-awareness. Nega noticed her increasingly strange behavior, and in his curiosity took an active interest in nurturing her mental development. Maze grew to be fiercely loyal to her creator.

Maze continued to make reappearances into Blaze's life over time, incessantly looking to please her creator and help him achieve his goals. Time after time she failed, but rather than allowing herself to become dejected, she remained determined and optimistic. It didn't matter how long or how hard she had to fight - no matter what, she would succeed.

At some point, Nega began to experiment with dimensional technology. This created a temporary weakening of Terra's reality, claiming several victims - including himself, Blaze and the Sol Emeralds - and warping them into a foreign world known as Gaia, creating the events of Sonic Rush. After his return Nega set back to work, knowing the technology worked but needing a stabilizer.

That was when he sent Maze in to, once again, try to steal the Sol Emeralds from Blaze. She succeeded this time, and Nega has begun to enact his latest scheme…

Post-RP History

Having met with Nega to discuss his latest scheme, Maze was given one of the Sol Emeralds and sent through the portal to Gaia with the intent of seeking out Eggman

Crossover History

None yet.


Dr. Eggman Nega Maze's creator and master. She's fiercely loyal and protective of him.
Blaze the Cat Maze was modeled after this fiery feline. They have been consistent rivals since, and despite being enemies Maze considers her to be her twin sister.
Scourge the Hedgehog A member of the Nega Empire, the two haven't had much interaction yet.
Dr. Eggman Nega's interdimentional counterpart. She's not very familiar with him since they've only met once so far, and she doesn't hold the loyalty to him she has for Nega.
Metal Sonic An infamous metallix created by Eggman, modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog. Uptight and grumpy, Maze enjoys teasing him for his reactions.

Misc. Info

She has a valley girl speech pattern and her voice sounds like a higher pitched version of Blaze's with a metallic overtone. She tends to assign cutesy nicknames to everyone. For example, Brizzy-Boo and Pudsy are Blaze and Scourge respectively. Her eyes flicker yellow when angry.


Nega Empire, Metallixes, Terrans, Fanchars

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