Metal Blaze (Sega)

"I'm gonna give you COOTIES!"


Name: MX-01 Metal Blaze
Nicknames: Maze, Metal, various insults.
Species: Lilac burmese modeled metallix.
Gender: Genderless, female oriented.
Age: 5
Alignment: Dark (Lawful Evil)
Type: Balance
Height: 3'1'
Build: Average in appearance.
Residence: Wherever Nega's current base is.
Occupation: Second in command to the Nega Empire.
Likes: Nega, Serving Nega, Blaze, hugs and cuddles, setting things/people on fire, dancing, music, being around others, cute things, bubbles, her hobbies/talents, skipping…
Dislikes: Seeing Nega upset, solitude, boredom, things interfering with orders Nega's given her.
Hobbies/Talents: Oddly enough, she likes cooking, though how good she actually is at it is highly debatable. The interest seems to come from her incessant desire to please her creator. She also seems to enjoy sewing and metalworking (creating jewelery in particular), as well as activities that allow her to use her flamethrowers. Probably strangest of all, she's a tea connoisseur despite the fact she doesn't even have a mouth, much less a sense of taste.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Valley Girl" - Frank Zappa


Like Metal Sonic she was originally built as a mindless machine, but gradually developed self-awareness and began teach herself how to feel emotion. Eternal happiness and smiles, she has found that certain emotions are, as of yet, too complex for her to fully understand, and instead seems to be in a perpetual state of ignorant bliss.

You would think having a poor understanding negative emotions like anger and fear would be a blessing, as evil becomes a foreign concept, but the is reality it's a curse; she feels no fear, sorrow or guilt, and as a result lacks a conscience. Associating with her is like playing a game of Russian Roulette. If she doesn't consider you an ally of the Nega Empire, she can be extremely unpredictable, and may become utterly violent and ruthless without provocation and without the capability of feeling remorse. To her it's all fun and games. Naturally, this tends to give her a psychotic and inhuman quality.

Despite the fact she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions, she's loyal and protective of her master to an absolute fault. She fawns over him lovingly and the only time she ever seems to show any glimmer of upset is when he's spoken ill of. She knows not the fear of death and would gladly destroy herself if Nega gave the command.

Maze is very playful and gets excited easily. She's almost always giggling vapidly about something and often rambles like a scatterbrain whether or not people are actually listening to her. She's extremely social and loves being around people — whether or not they want her around them — and often greets friends and enemies alike by pouncing and cuddling them. She seems oblivious about her actions and their repercussions and doesn't seem to care about people's opinions of her.

Generally ditzy and naive, she actually purposely exaggerates this to lull people into a false sense of security, revealing a surprisingly calculating and manipulative side. If your enemy doesn't take you seriously, then they'll obviously underestimate you, right? Despite the way she portrays herself, she's actually much more intelligent, analytical and perceptive than she lets on, though often times lacking common sense. She just doesn't usually take anything seriously, which can actually be quite disturbing during the times she does. She's also very curious and it's not beyond her to let her curiosity lead her into trouble.



As a robot she's naturally much more durable than the average person with phenomenal stamina for as long as her batteries are charged. She has a pair of sharp talons in place of normal hands, and her memory and attention to detail are especially sharp. She's also very flexible and agile, and sports above average strength over the average person. She is waterproofed.

Aside from that she has flame throwers built into her hands, feet and tail tip, she can also produce flaming barriers around herself which she can use both in offense and defense. The flamethrowers in her feet also give her extra boosts for jumping, dashing, kicking, etc, as well as slowing down descents and allowing for limited hovering. Finally, she has an emerald radar installed in her to mimic Blaze's innate sense.


Mastery of all moves Blaze is capable of preforming. She has some knowledge of mechanics, electronics and programming - enough so to be self-sufficient should she be in a position where she needs to repair herself. She also knows how to pilot a range of craft, and if necessary can use a variety of firearms. She can speak in a variety of different languages, including her native language binary, and as a robot she can technically be programmed to know anything necessary.


Sol Control: Used for either teleportation or entering bullet time (moving so quickly the world appears in slow motion).

Also boosts the strength of her radar and her firepower. With all seven emeralds she's capable of gaining a super form. Chaos Emeralds would cause her to act contrary to her normal behavior (I'm guessing she'd prolli become more snooty and arrogant).



Though her body is waterproofed, when completely submersed in water her flamethrowers cease function until they've completely dried out. Strong magnets can be used to restrain her and EMP blasts will disable her software and effectively 'knock' her out. She's vulnerable to viruses and hacking that can get past her firewall. If something jammed the cooling fan on her forehead it could cause the temperature of her own flames to overheat her hard drive and inhibit her ability to function properly, if not cause her to shut down completely until it cools off to prevent permanent damage.


She can be easily sidetracked and tends to be naive when it comes to understanding certain emotions. She's loyal and obedient to Nega to an absolute fault, so naturally this could also be used against her. She doesn't seem to have any presently known fears and is difficult to upset, but speaking ill of Nega is a known trigger.

Pre-RP History

Maze's story began as part of a madman's desire for power. At age 13 Princess Blaze underwent her family's rite of passage, becoming guardian of the Sol Emeralds and assuming the Servant Emerald on her forehead. Seeing her about to rise as a major threat to Nega's goal, Maze's purpose was clear; stop the ritual, steal the emeralds, and prevent Blaze from becoming fused with the Servant Emerald.

The attempt failed, and a rivalry was born.

Maze became infamous that day, and though originally designed as a mindless machine, she had been given a fuzzy logic AI to give her adaptability against her counterpart. Though built as an emotionless robot, from her AI he slowly began to develop emotion and self-awareness. Nega noticed her increasingly strange behavior, and in his curiosity took an active interest in nurturing her mental development. Maze grew to be fiercely loyal to her creator, and the two developed a sort of father-daughter relationship. Overtime this progressed into a misguided crush on Nega.

Maze continued to make reappearances into Blaze's life over time, incessantly looking to please her creator and help him achieve his goals. Time after time she failed, but rather than allowing herself to become dejected, she remained determined and optimistic. It didn't matter how long or how hard she had to fight - no matter what, she would succeed.

At some point Nega began to experiment with dimensional technology. This created a temporary weakening of Terra's reality, claiming several victims - including himself, Blaze and the Sol Emeralds - and warping them into a foreign world known as Gaia, creating the events of Sonic Rush. After his return Nega set back to work, knowing the technology worked, but needing a stabilizer.

That was when he sent Maze in to, once again, try to steal the Sol Emeralds from Blaze. She succeeded this time, and Nega successfully stabilized his gate. Before he could test it, however, Blaze infiltrated the base in a rage and confiscated the gemstones. The sudden change in power threw the gate into disarray a second time, once again weakening reality and claiming the princess and her emeralds. Nega was spared this time, and while he struggled with the gate, he sent Maze through to retrieve the Sol Emeralds from the new world.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Dr. Eggman Nega Maze's creator and master. She's fiercely loyal and protective him, and though Nega views her something like a daughter, Maze has developed a misguided crush on him.
Blaze the Cat Maze was modeled after this fiery feline. They have been consistent rivals since, and despite being enemies Maze considers her to be her twin sister.
Eiffel the Monkeybot Maze's younger brother - an monkey modeled robot created using an experimental stretchy alloy. The two get along famously with each other and treat each other as siblings.
Dr. Eggman Nega's interdimentional counterpart. She's not very familiar with him since they've only met once so far, and she doesn't hold the loyalty to him she has for Nega.
Metal Sonic An infamous metallix created by Eggman, modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog. Uptight and grumpy, Maze enjoys teasing him for his reactions.

Misc. Info

She has a valley girl speech pattern and her voice sounds like a higher pitched version of Blaze's with a metallic overtone. She tends to assign cutesy nicknames to everyone. For example, Brizzy-Boo and Lixxy are Blaze and Metal Sonic respectively. Her eyes flicker yellow when angry.


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