Metal Sonic (SatAM)

"I warn you; I am capable of far worse things than merely allowing you to be roboticized."


Name: MX-01 Metal Sonic
Nicknames: Metal (preferred), various insults.
Species: African pygmy hedgehog modeled metallix
Gender: Genderless, male oriented.
Age: Young, created during play.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Stats: Physical: 11 | Mental: 7 | Luck: 3
Height: 3'3''
Build: Sleek and streamlined, very lightweight by robot standards.
Residence: Robotropolis
Occupation: Dr Robotnik's servant, mechanical assassin.
Likes: His freedom, solitude, success, learning, violence, thunderstorms and rain in general, fighting, watching people be roboticized, daydreaming, blood… there's not a whole lot of things he really likes.
Dislikes: EVERYTHING. Well. Close to it. Some of his biggest dislikes include Sonic, Robotnik, his lack of freedom, his pseudo identity, being mistaken for a roboticized Sonic, being called by his full name, organics, robians, anyone who has more freedom than he does…
Hobbies/Talents: Reading whatever books he can find, has been known to lurk around abandoned arcades and is particularly fond of pinball, taking things apart and putting them back together, he's known to covet and horde bizarre objects he finds interesting (which could be pretty much anything from hair curlers, to dolls, to dead rats), likes hacking into parts of Robotropolis' databases he's normally restricted from, he often goes prowling around intentionally looking for trouble… He has a lot of strange habits and interests.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Right Now" - KoRn
"Silence" - Assemblage 23
"Battery" - Metallica


Originally built as a mindless machine, Metal was never supposed to be able to think for himself or feel emotion. However, due to the method of his creation, an unintentional side-effect occurred that slowly allowed him to develop a true self-awareness. Unfortunately, with the atmosphere he's been 'raised' in, he's come to be in a perpetual state of anger. As a servant of Robotnik, he's often abused or neglected and understands fully that he only exists so long as he proves his worth. This has caused his personality to become psychotic. He's extremely irritable, cold, quick to resort to violence, and very, very sinister and ruthless.

For the most part he tends to be reserved and carries an eerie air of calmness about him, displaying a dark and dry sarcasm. When finding a victim he tends to behave very much like a cat with a cornered mouse. He derives pleasure out of toying with those he deems to be inferior to him and loves to intimidate and assert his dominance over them, in many cases intentionally wounding them just for the sake of spilling blood. Being anywhere near him is very much like standing in a mine field; As quick tempered and unstable as he is, one false step and he's known to snap into a violent and psychotic tantrum turning against anyone and anything in his path - including SWATbots, robians and inanimate objects.

Overall he prefers his solitude and often actively tries to avoid his duties if they aren't in his interest at that given moment. He's very audacious and carries an absurdly high superiority complex, making him extremely intrepid and domineering. Because of his arrogance and his need to prove his perceived supremacy his constant defeats to Sonic have only served to drive him further and further into madness. This, coupled with his own convinced outlook that he's absolutely dependent on Robotnik (and therefor perhaps not as perfect as he would let himself believe). More than absolutely ANYTHING short of his own destruction Metal wants his own freedom and to feel as though he is his own individual, not merely a copy of Sonic. Because of this he has become intensely jealous of organics - he has equated being organic with the key to his freedom, and thus, wishes he himself were an organic hedgehog. His jealousy has developed into a secret fascination, and as such he often tries to find ways to make himself seem more life-like, and is particularly fascinated by blood.

Despite what his wild temper and violent nature may suggest, he's actually extremely intelligent, calculating and manipulative, looking at things logically and being able to think and improvise on his feet. He has an extremely strong and somewhat naive curiosity, and will often hunt around trying to find ways he might be able to stimulate his mind without Robotnik noticing… when he isn't intentionally prowling around for trouble, that is. His sheer boredom is the only that rivals his fury, and to a somewhat vague and twisted degree he suffers from loneliness. Overall he lacks any sense of remorse or humanity.



Aside from having a wicked set of talons in place of normal hands (which are surprisingly nimble) and above average strength and durability over the average person, he's capable of mach 1 speeds and can utilize flight with his jet engine. As a robot his memory and attention to detail are especially sharp. Due to Sonic's life data, If he ever got his hands on one he would be able to use a Power Ring.

Besides his ability to use a power ring, he has inherited Indolism from Sonic, making him the only indolistic robotic entity in existence. If Sonic is associated with the wind, Metal is the storm, as he can manipulate electricity. At the moment in the main roleplay this ability is underdeveloped and it is uncertain if it will ever reach its full potential. In the Crossover, however, it is fully realized. Mostly it's limited to firing off bolts and creating a shield around himself, but he can also be creative and/or resourceful with how he uses it. The energy is by no means unlimited, however, and comes straight from his own battery's power. Because of this, the amount of power he uses is usually meant to simply incapacitate, as the stronger the attack the more energy is drained unless he's able to channel an external energy source.


Mastery of all moves Sonic is capable of preforming. He's very knowledgeable about mechanics and programming, can communicate and interface with other computers, and out of his sheer limitless boredom has taught himself how to be a very capable hacker. He also knows how to pilot various transport craft. While he technically can't swim, he is waterproofed and can propel himself forward by using his engine as a sort of crude pump jet. Technically he can be programmed to know anything necessary, but he prefers to learn for himself.



He's physically incapable of running. His legs were only designed for aesthetic purposes, and at their fasted can only achieve a light jog. This forces him to be almost completely reliant on his jet engine - disabling it will severely cripple him. He becomes prone to lag spells if he uses/wastes too much electricity. Strong magnets can restrain him, EMP blasts 'knock' him out, if his firewall can be gotten past he can be given viruses or be hacked, etc.


He's far too overconfident in himself for his own good and has a tendency to not know when to back down. Generally he's mentally unstable and is extremely irritable. He can easily be sent into a psychotic blind rage that can impede his ability to think rationally. He's also obsessive and prone to tunnel vision. When angry he's known to excessively charge and waste electricity.

Pre-RP History

None. He was created during play.

Post-RP History

He is currently laying in a trash heap after Cassia shoved one of her mechanical arms into his turbine and caused it to explode.

Crossover History


Dr Robotnik Metal's creator whom he reluctantly serves, having convinced himself he can't exist without Robotnik. He despises him and would gladly betray him if possible.
Snively Robotnik Robotnik's nephew. Unlike Robotnik Metal is aware of his diabolical side. It's hard to predict how their relationship will turn out at this point - They'll either be best friends or worst enemies.
Sonic the Hedgehog Metal was modeled in this hedgehog's image and ever since has been trying to murder him. He believes himself superior to Sonic and is slowly going insane from his constant defeats.
Tails the Fox A young two-tailed fox and Freedom Fighter. He, with Amy, managed to spark Metal's first emotions by mistaking him for and insisting he was a roboticized Sonic.
Amy Rose A young girl from Little Planet under the care of Knuckles the Echidna. She and Tails were who managed to spark Metal's first emotions.

Misc. Info

An interesting quirk, he very rarely uses contraction words. For example; can't, won't, and isn't each become cannot, will not and is not respectively. He also doesn't USUALLY use slang and generally tends to have a very sophisticated style of speech. However… I'm noticing lately when he goes into one of his psychotic episodes his speech pattern seems to become more informal… also been slipping a lot of "Sonicisms" into his speech O_o He seems to have a lot of his own variations of phrases Sonic is known for. Also, his voice, though described in writing as a slightly deeper version of Sonic's with a metallic overtone, actually sounds like Raziel from Legacy of Kain in my mind. Yes, he has a british accent. Shut up.


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