Metal Sonic (Sega)



Name: MX-01: "Metal Sonic" / Merce Robotnik
Nicknames: Metal (preferred), Gramps (by other Eggbots), Lixxy (By Maze), various insults.
Species: African pygmy hedgehog modeled metallix
Gender: Agender, male pronouns
Age: 12
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 3'3''
Residence: Eggmanland
Occupation: Heir, five star general and second in command to the Eggman Empire
Likes: Having his freedom, organization, order, psychology, learning, reading, people watching, web lurking, puzzles, pinball, solitude, pinball, being respected for the intelligent being he is, pinball, success, keeping his armor polished, pinball.
Dislikes: Sonic, his pseudo identity, being called by his full name, being manipulated, dysfunction, boredom, the media/paparazzi, crowds, attention, having his integrity challenged, getting his armor scuffed/damaged, being treated like an object, sentient robots being referred to as "it".
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Me Against The World" - Simple Plan
"Skin" - Oingo Boingo (Theme of Merce)
"Revvin' Up" - Crush 40 (Theme of Sonic and Metal)


Originally designed as a mindless machine, Metal over time began to develop self-awareness, and with it the ability to think for himself and feel emotion. With this came an intense curiosity, a perpetual state of frustration, a severe inferiority complex, and a near constant existential crisis over his own identity. As a self-defense mechanism against accepting his low self-esteem he tries to act self-righteous, superior, and an authority, as well constantly belittles and criticizes others. He has absurdly high expectations of himself (which he seldom reaches to his satisfaction) and acts intrepid and overconfident, making it hard for him to accept defeat. He has an inability to stand up to criticism and an overambitious drive to prove his competence to his peers, to Eggman, and especially to Sonic and himself.

Metal is very cynical and jaded, preferring his solitude and avoiding attention if he can help it. He prefers to work alone, feeling he can accomplish more faster if he isn't being slowed down relying on others. However, when necessary he is capable of working with a group - though very reluctantly. He has a quick temper, but in spite of this he's usually fairly calm, quiet and reserved. He suffers from social anxiety that borderlines on phobia, and when caught off guard his underlying feelings of inadequacy and insecurity come through. Often times he'll try to avoid trouble/fighting and usually won't lash out unless he's been given orders or under a high level of stress (in which case he's prone to snap on anyone). Overall, he carries a policy of 'respect me and I will respect you'. The trouble is with his grouchy attitude, on top of his reputation as Eggman's most infamous creation, he rarely receives that luxury.

For those he doesn't like or respect he can be extremely rebellious and spiteful toward, and the mere sight of Sonic in his presence often throws him into a childish temper tantrum. Though he initially tried to live up to being the "real Sonic", he has since come to DESPISE his pseudo identity and has developed a knee-jerk reaction if he so much as suspects someone's just made a comparison of him to Sonic. Earning his trust, much less his loyalty, is extremely difficult. However, for those who manage to pull off this feat he possesses a strong sense of commitment and may have a hard time turning down tasks if he feels he can reasonably handle them. To anyone outside his circle of trust, however, he absolutely will not stand taking orders and will fight tooth and nail if he feels he's being manipulated.

He's extremely loyal to Eggman except for that one time. He supports his ideals and reasons for world conquest and will go to great lengths to back his cause, even to the point he's willing to risk his 'life' to protect him. He views him as a father, and as such looks to him as a role model and craves for his approval. He's extremely dependable, and though he might drag his feet when presented with a task or problem he's not comfortable with, once he's given his word to someone he respects he will follow through with it to the best of his ability. He takes his sense of duty and integrity very seriously. However, this won't stop him from questioning or speaking out against something that doesn't make sense to him or doesn't seem to have any practical purpose.

In contrast, he often comes across as naive and he's driven by an intensely strong curiosity that can easily lead him to trouble, consciously or not. He has a strong interest in learning and puts tremendous amounts of effort into his pursuit of knowledge. Though he can be surprisingly insightful at times, he usually has difficulty understanding things that are different from his own perspective. Despite what his impulsive nature and occasional childish tantrum might suggest, he's extremely intelligent and analytical, able to think and improvise quickly on his feet and look at things logically and rationally. In particular, he enjoys observing organic people and studying their psychology and behavior in an effort to better understand his own emotions. When things are slow and he's not required for any sort of purpose, he'll seek out ways to stimulate his mind. If he's denied this he becomes restless and often childishly irritating.


Aside from having a wicked set of talons in place of normal hands (which are still surprisingly nimble) and above average strength and durability over the average person, he's capable of mach 1 speeds and can utilize flight with his jet engine. He can generate electrified barriers around himself that he uses both in offense and defense in battle, as well as for protecting himself from obstacles while traveling at high speeds. Additionally, he's able to shoot a laser beam from his engine's air intake.

He possesses mastery of all moves Sonic is capable of performing. He has a vast knowledge of mechanics, electronics and programming, can communicate and interface with other computers, and is capable of low-level hacking. He knows how to pilot a range of vehicles and mechs; those he doesn't he can probably figure out fairly easily. Though it's not his preference, if necessary he can use a variety of weapons. While he technically can't swim, he is waterproofed and can propel himself forward by using his engine as a sort of crude pump jet. He can speak in a variety of different languages, including his native language, binary. Technically he can be programmed to know anything necessary, but he prefers to learn for himself.

In more recent times, Metal's body has been converted into a nanite collective which gives him additional abilities. One of these is a self-repair system. Though much faster in comparison to organic creatures, this process is by no means instant and varies depending on how severe the damage is. It's important to note that while he can still meld objects into himself to a limited extent, Metal Overlord is never making any comebacks because I hate it due to additional outside forces required to maintain it. His ability to meld objects is mostly only used to help aid and speed up his self-repair.

He's also capable of limited shapeshifting, having a set of pre-programmed forms in addition to the ability to steal life data. In terms of life data, he can steal it from any organic person (only one at a time without an external means to store others' data) and use it to copy all of their special moves, or even completely assume their likeness, with freedom over clothing. Once he discards a person's life data it is gone unless he steals it again. The only exception to this is Sonic's data, which has been hard-wired into him. In all assumed forms he has a full range of senses. In terms of his pre-programmed forms excluding the original, he has the following:

Liquid: What may now be considered his 'true' form. This is the stage between his solid forms, which is basically a puddle of metallic liquid comprised of his raw nanites. Though all of his normal abilities are lost and he becomes his most vulnerable, there are advantages to assuming it. He still retains all sight, hearing and mobility (though all are warped or hindered in some way), and thus becomes able to reach places otherwise inaccessible to him in addition to potential stealth advantages.

Neo Metal Sonic: Heavier and more decorative armor that bears a resemblance to Shadow. His strength and durability are increased dramatically, but in balance, his speed is also significantly reduced. He generally only uses this form in situations where formality and/or presentation is required.

Merce Robotnik: A hedgehog android form created from a modified copy of Sonic's life data which has been tweaked to give him a slightly more unique appearance. All normal abilities, including his speed, are lost except his shield and is the most frail of all his solid forms. However, he gains the ability to blend into public without assuming a specific person's form. He guards this form from his true identity fiercely and goes to great lengths, sometimes at the risk of his own safety, to protect it.


WALLS CARDBOARD BOXES Metal is physically incapable of running in his normal and Neo forms. His legs were only designed for aesthetic purposes, and at their fasted can only achieve a light jog. This forces him to be almost completely reliant on his jet engine - disabling it will severely cripple him. In his android form, his lack of experience with having a sense of touch causes him to be hypersensitive to physical stimuli such as pain or being tickled and he frequently suffers from sensory overload. While he can physically run in this form, it's only at about the same pace as an average sprinter. Strong magnets can restrain him, EMP blasts will 'knock' him out, if his firewall can be gotten past he can be given viruses or be hacked, etc. He can't (or rather, won't) use his nano abilities during combat. Depending on how much damage he sustains, trying to change forms could cause him to be locked in his liquid form until his damaged nanites have repaired themselves. His raw nanites are also extremely vulnerable and fragile.

ELF SHOES Metal is easily irritated and can be prone to impulsive behavior when he's upset. He has a severe underlying inferiority complex and suffers from social anxiety that borderlines on phobia. He has a tendency to be naive and also suffers from vulcanophobia (the fear of volcanoes and lava). The fact that he absolutely refuses to reveal his true nature in his android form to anyone outside the Eggman Empire except as an absolute last resort can also lead him into some pretty dangerous situations.

Emerald Abilities

Chaos Volt: Elemenal-like control over electricity.
Chaos Control: He becomes able to warp.

Also boosts his nano healing. Capable of gaining a super form with all seven emeralds.

Pre-RP History

After Eggman's first failure against Sonic the Hedgehog he set to work creating two robots in the hedgehog's image in an effort to see which would prove to be the more effective model. Metal Sonic was the smaller of the two, lightweight and built purely for speed. His existence began with a simple enough task; Kidnap the young Amy Rose, forcing Sonic to come rescue her, then confront him to a race that was supposed to be rigged to spell the hedgehog's downfall. But as things usually did for any of Eggman's creations, things never went as planned, and Metal became doomed as a failure.

Unlike the lesser advanced badniks, Metal had been given a neural network AI with deep learning capabilities, enabling him the ability to devise combat strategies on the fly to give him adaptability against Sonic. Eventually, his AI began to take in greater forms of data than what was related to combat, and in doing this began to find many inconsistencies in the world that - as curiosity sparked- he developed a need to figure out. Though built as an emotionless robot, from his AI he slowly began to develop emotion and self-awareness. Over the years Metal made several reappearances into Sonic's life. Unlike his retired siblings who were content to sit on a shelf and collect dust, Metal began to feel an intense need to prove himself worthy of the tasks given to him, pushing his way into Eggman's plans whenever possible to find a purpose. Time after time he continued to fail against his organic doppelganger.

Metal was later placed into a stasis lock aboard Final Egg to have upgrades performed. After the incident with Perfect Chaos, Eggman had temporarily left the base until he could get himself established again elsewhere. During this time GUN infiltrated and began a raid. Silver Sonic, also undergoing upgrades, was taken by the military, but Metal was jarred out of stasis and escaped. Afterward, due to the amount of time that had passed and having found himself alone, he came to the conclusion that he had been abandoned. Devastated, angered and fueled by ambition, he decided to take matters with Sonic into his own hands to prove he still had value. Taking advantage of his new upgrades, Metal began to develop an elaborate plan that would involve Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and everyone else closely associated to his rival. He eventually became so fanatical in this pursuit that his hold on reality snapped - and in that moment he turned on Eggman, imprisoning him in his own fortress and using the doctor's technology to his own advantage.

Unfortunately, his long term losing streak wasn't about to give in, and once again Metal became a failure. So stunned and drained was he after having given everything he had, all he was able to do was simply shut down in defeat. He wouldn't be left peacefully alone though, as Shadow and Omega got a hold of him and later deposited him into a dump. Eggman eventually found him there, and rather that simply scrapping him for good, the doctor, deciding there was still a good amount of use in him, wiped his memories of the event and locked both his nanites in their current form so they couldn't be altered, as well as his ability to steal life data.

When Eggman had finished, Metal had no data of what had taken place after he was placed into stasis. This both confused and frustrated him to have lost such a large chunk of time, but regardless he bought the story he'd been told that his software had taken irreversible damage and the files were corrupted beyond recovery.

(The following is condensed from an older roleplay that me and my Eggman partner have chosen to acknowledge in broad strokes)

This lie worked for a time, until Metal had a chance encounter with Omega. Metal denied Omega's claims of his treason until Omega showed footage from his memories of the event. Confused and infuriated, Metal set about trying to find answers for what could have driven him to such actions.

In spite of his questions, Metal initially kept them to himself and tried to search for answers on his own. During the course of several events Metal would up in a battle along Eggman against Shadow and Omega. During the fight Metal threw himself in front of Eggman, saving him from certain death by one of Omega's attacks but badly damaging himself in the process. Eggman would later call a meeting between the two to discuss the event, and it was at that point Metal chose to confront Eggman on the subject of his treason directly. Reluctant but feeling as though he owed a debt, Eggman offered to restore the lost memories. Equally reluctant, Metal initially chose to decline, choosing instead to mull over what he had learned from their conversation before taking such a large step. Eggman left the offer on the table for later

Many other events would occur, and eventually Metal approached Eggman again on the subject of his memories. Eggman agreed to restore them, and during the course of the event Metal learned the true motivation behind his treason - that all he wanted was to prove that he still had value to Eggman, rather than any sort of malice. Metal was left with shock and confusion. While he wanted to be angry and return to the feelings the restored memories had brought him, he had learned too much since that time to hold onto them. With the bonding he and Eggman had had since the events of Heroes, they had grown to be more like that of a father and son than a master and tool. And though Metal had failed in his treasonous endeavor, he had proven his prowess as a strategist. Because of this, Metal would be declared the second in command of the Eggman Empire, and in time officially adopted as part of the Robotnik family.

Post-RP History

Having come to discover a Death Egg robot hijacking an old and abandoned Eggman Empire base, Metal investigated and found that it had been planted there and was in possession of a Sol Emerald. Having run into Sonic and Shadow there as well, the three fought for possession of the emerald, until Metal was ultimately forced to retreat. During the fight, he learned of Eggman Nega's involvement. Taking the news of his findings back to Eggman, he along with Heavy Magician and Dizzy were instructed to travel to Terra, infiltrate Nega's rankings to discover what he was up to.

Currently Metal, in his android form, is at the checkpoint to the dimensional gate in Central City, where he has spotted a familiar cat there as well…

Crossover History


Dr. Eggman Leader of the Eggman Empire and Metal's creator. Metal views him as his father and as such looks up to him as a role model.
Sonic the Hedgehog Metal was modeled in this hedgehog's image and ever since the two have been constant rivals. Metal despises his resemblance to Sonic and gets upset when the two are compared.
Ada Robotnik Eggman's daughter and Metal's little sister through Metal's adoption into the Robotnik family. The two are close and Metal often acts as her personal bodyguard.
Robo Knuckles Metal's eccentric younger brother whom was modeled after Knuckles. Metal considers him to be an unintelligent moron and often goes out of his way to avoid him.
Amy Rose Metal originally kidnapped her on Little Planet as part of a trap for Sonic. The two have had encounters since then and Metal's developed a grudging respect for the backbone she's developed.
Silver Sonic Mk3 Metal's "twin" brother. He was stolen and remodeled by GUN.
Tori the Motobug An antique badnik Metal found and salvaged that can often be seen loyally following him like a dog.
E-123 Omega A traitor to the Eggman Empire, Omega is dead set against murdering Eggman. He was the one responsible for restoring Metal's memories of the events of Sonic Heroes.
Metal Blaze Metal's "counterpart" from Terra, modeled after Blaze the cat. Metal considers her to be one of the most annoying people to ever exist.

Misc. Info

An interesting quirk, he very rarely uses contraction words. For example; can't, won't, and isn't each become cannot, will not and is not respectively. He also very rarely uses slang and generally has a very sophisticated style of speech. His voice, though described in writing as a slightly deeper version of Sonic's with a metallic overtone, actually sounds like Raziel from Legacy of Kain in my mind. Yes, he has a british accent. Shut up.

When happy his eyes flicker to a green hue. He is unaware of this quirk and it would probably piss him off seeing how he already throws tantrums over his pseudo identity XD This idea was inspired by the green flickering his eyes did in Sonic R.

It's also with noting that he is OBSESSED with pinball to the point he's known to waste hours playing it.


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