Known Metallixes

Metallix is the term used to describe a non-android and non-robian robot whose design parodies a specific organic person, but still maintains a mechanical appearance. Most often they're usually built for the purpose of serving as soldiers and/or bodyguards. Not only do metallixes parody the appearance of a person, but their abilities are usually designed to mimic the abilities and traits that person possesses as well, though it's not uncommon for extra abilities/weaponry to be installed on top of that. They are designed to equal, or if possible, exceed the people they're based on and, most often, end up becoming rivals to those individuals.

Despite their obvious pseudo identity, metallixes are usually their own individuals, having distinct personalities and preferences that differentiate them from their predecessors. Some may even feel uncomfortable with their appearance.

Term Origin

The name "Metallix" originated from the European comic book published by Egmont Fleetway known as "Sonic the Comic". Originally an alternate name for Metal Sonic, after the hedgehog model robots were destroyed, Metallix Mark 2 appeared. His design was based off of Knuckles the Echidna, and because of this, has inspired the broad use of the name as a term for any robot whose design is based off of an organic character.

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