''Not'' the last name of some Japanese guy. ''ACTUALLY'' a term for the most BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE Sonic Pairing in all existence: Metal Sonic and Motobug. THEIR LOVE IS PURE.


The pairing between Metal Sonic and Motobug (hereafter referred to as "Motey") first originated in an AOL Instant Messenger conversation between DB and Jamie. The concept was soon thereafter brought up in one of the RP's fequent AIM chats, much to the amusement of everyone else present at the time. The term "MetaMoto" was later suggested by Stoney as a descriptor for the pairing in another chat, and the name quickly grew in popularity amongst the StH role-playing group.

Both the original DB/Jamie conversation that created the pairing and the following chat conversation in which it was introduced to the rest of the RP group are viewable in the Sonic Bash thread on the SegaStH board.


MetaMoto has since gone on to spawn a DeviantART Fan Club, a parody "lemon" fan fic, and innumerous pieces of fan art. It has a small but loyal fan base headed by DB, who plays Motey at SegaStH, and Jamie, who plays Metal at both SegaStH and SatAMStH. DB has admitted on more than one occasion that she is no longer sure whether she still considers the pairing a joke or if she is actually serious about it, while Jamie has repeatedly stated her bafflement at how the pairing is still funny even months after its creation.

Associated Phrases

"THEIR LOVE IS PURE" originated in the same conversation between DB and Jamie that the MetaMoto concept itself spawned from. It is a paraphrased version of a line uttered by Metal in retaliation against Sonic in a spontaneous skit that DB wrote between them. It has since become the motto of all supporters of the MetaMoto pairing.

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