Midnight the Bat (Sega)

"I'm gonna hit you if you don't stop being stupid."


Name: Mina Estella Nacht
Nicknames: Midnight, Midi, Batgirl, PMS Bat
Species: Greater flying fox (with common vampire bat heritage)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Alignment: Hero (Neutral Good)
Type: Flight
Height: 3'7'' (not counting ears)
Build: Average
Residence: Mystic Cave, Mystic Ruins
Occupation: Freelance artist and writer.
Likes: Her hobbies/talents, stargazing, cloudwatching, music, singing, dancing, the internet, hanging out with friends, beef jerky, tea, cappuccino, being annoying, showing off, fruit, forensics, psychology, martial arts, nature.
Dislikes: Bright sunlight, cloudy nights, snow, being annoyed by people, cold weather, waiting, coffee, cooking, having secrets kept from her, having her sleep disturbed, boredom, being out of loop, artist/writer's block.
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing (mostly CG but occasionally uses traditionals), writing, clay work, adding to her reservoir of useless information, latent singing potential (her voice is untrained), sewing, is very good at impressions and voice acting. She's very artistically inclined and is a bit of a jack of all trades as there's a lot of things she likes to get her hands into, however she rarely masters a field due to her scatterbrained attention not allowing her to focus long enough.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "I'm a Bitch" - Meredith Brooks
"I Break Things" - Erika Jo
"If You're Going Through Hell" - Rodney Atkins


Spunky and bold. She's got an attitude, a sharp tongue, and isn't afraid to use either—Double this up with a heavy dose of impulsiveness and it's a recipe for trouble. She's very loud, sassy, sarcastic, somewhat airheaded and often blunt and/or tactless, as well as prone to comical violence. She has a morbid and mischievous streak in her and a very bizarre and sometimes crude, perverse and even morbid sense of humor.

Overall, Midi is an idealist and a dreamer, and can often times be found inside her own mind where she creates her own worlds to escape in. She's driven primarily by her feelings and has a strong sense of intuition. While she tries to be optimistic, she's a realist in that she understands the world isn't perfect and bad things are simply bound to happen. As such, she's often the first person to point out the downside to a situation or announce a possible bad outcome, whether it be a serious warning or done in morbid humor.

She doesn't like taking orders and is very stubborn and rebellious. She demands courtesy when addressed, and when not shown the respect she believes she deserves is known to become spiteful. She's known to hold a bitter grudge against those she feels have wronged her, however, upon receiving an honest apology she's also very quick to forgive and forget. She craves positive attention, feeling that she needs the attention of others to be validated, and because of this is very competitive and often tries to make herself look impressive. She's aware of this shallow side to her personality and often berates herself for it.

Contrasting to that, she's a very laid back person who's generally flexible and is content to simply take life as it comes at her. She just wants to feel good, have fun, and deal with as little complication as possible. She's withdrawn and has difficulty expressing her softer feelings, often showing them through her actions or her creative works instead. She's extremely caring and loyal to those she feels close to, to the point where she can become overprotective and feel a need to shoulder their problems. It's not uncommon for her to leap up in front of one of her friends when she sees them under attack. She believes in and has an extremely strong sense of integrity and becomes fierce when it's challenged.

She's an extreme perfectionist and is never content with herself or her work no matter how much praise or encouragement she's given. Under her tough leathery hide she has a terrible inferiority complex and is extremely insecure. She beats herself over even the most trivial things, sometimes years after everyone else has forgotten, and has a habit of reading too much into what others say. She's somewhat paranoid and suffers from social anxiety when around people she's unfamiliar with. When under too much stress she's known to fall into terrible depressions, or even throw herself into wild anxiety attacks that can cause her to lose sleep.



Midnight is decently fast and agile while in the air and has very quick reflexes. On the ground she's only capable of average running speed. Using echolocation she's able to 'see' in complete darkness and can concentrate her sonar to stun others. Naturally this means her hearing is extremely sharp. She also has excellent vision, a very keen sense of smell and is naturally much more flexible than the average person, so much so she's sometimes mistaken as double jointed.


She's a pretty capable swimmer, has enough computer literacy to know how to use one and can drive automobiles. Besides that there's really nothing too noteworthy at the moment. Eventually I plan to get her started into learning martial arts, but I'll detail that more when it actually happens.


Chaos Sonar: Amplifies her normal sonar to let her create a high-frequency sound capable of shattering glass and some stone, its potency increasing with each emerald in her possession. It can be used in either a radial attack or be concentrated into a sort of focused beam of sound. It also amplifies her hearing to let her hear targets within a half-mile radius, though, really this is more of a double-edged sword considering loud sounds usually trigger migraines.

Chaos Spectrum: Illusionary manipulation over the light based color spectrum. No physical attacks, it's purely defensive and meant for disorientation, able to cause bright flashes or steal the light from a room entirely, as well as change the color appearance of an object or person, or even camouflage it to make it appear invisible.



Suffers from ADHD. She's prone to frequent migraines that can sometimes last for days, the worst of which pretty much impede her ability to think at all. Loud noises (in general due to sensitive hearing, but also a migraine trigger), excessive amounts of bright yellow or bright lights (another migraine trigger). Certain scents and foods, as well as certain types of weather have also been known to trigger migraines. She lacks upper body strength and is clumsy.


Considering how impulsive and smartmouthed she is she has a real talent for getting herself in trouble whether or not it was intended. She's hot headed, reckless, and has a very short attention span. She also suffers from social anxiety and mild claustrophobia. Though she enjoys swimming, due to a childhood trauma she panics whenever her head is dunked underwater. Also tends to panic and even lose sleep if she thinks she's done something wrong or stupid. Her friends can be used against her. Tendency to become obsessive compulsive and is prone to tunnel vision.

Pre-RP History

Basically just your average joe. No lights shined down from heavens upon her birth and no prophesies exist foretelling some fantastic destiny she must fulfill. She was born in Central City, later moving to Mystic Ruins and had what could be considered an average childhood, raised by her mother and grandparents. Growing up she had been something of a backward and naive outcast which would cause her to be ignored or taken advantage of, but as she matured began to develop perception toward this. This resulted in the conflicting duality of her personality, as on one hand she became elusive and cynical, but at the same time desired praise and the security and feeling accepted. Later on she moved to her own place where she continues to live.

Post-RP History

One night a small spaceship carrying PS27 crash landed into Mystic Ruins. Midi and Gains found the strange alien hedgehog and took it upon themselves to try to help him. However, they soon lost track of him and never managed to find him again (Dr. Talon has unknowingly abducted him).

Though concerned about 27, Midi soon found her attention focused on Ray after coming into possession of a Sol Emerald. The emerald seemed to 'possess' him, causing him to behave differently than normal and run off. Midi chased after him, and the result was an exhausting pursuit that spanned over Mystic Ruins, Ice Mountain and Windy Valley. The emerald was finally stolen by Scorra, and Midi and Mighty, who had been in Ice Mountain, took Ray, whom was now back to his normal self, home.

Once home, Ray decided to sell his now ruined Sega Saturn (where the emerald originally crashed) on the internet with the pitch that it was haunted. Characters such as Colonel Harper, Bokkun and Eri bid, but it was ultimately won by Bogert for o1,000,000,001. Needless to say, Midi was more than a little skeptical, which turned to shock when the item was paid for. Mighty left shortly after having things to take care of.

Using his new wealth, Ray insisted on doing some home improvements on Midi's house (in spite of her protest). The two end up being attacked and captured by a rogue GUN unit. During the time she and Ray were kept prisoner they learned that it was in an attempt to manipulate Mighty. They were separated, and during the time apart she met Espio. With his help the two managed to escape their cells and began searching for their comrades and an escape.

They found Mighty, who was under the influence of a mind-control device. A fight ensued, and Espio forced Midi away and locked her out of the room despite her protests. When she witnessed Mighty lay a critical injury on the chameleon she panicked and ran off to find another way back in; there she ended up running into Ray, who was now under the influence of a Chaos Emerald. Realizing he wasn't a threat, the two eventually found their way back to Mighty and Espio. By this time the person who created the device, Professor Resson, had caused it to self-destruct, leaving Mighty distraught. While trying to figure out how to transport Espio safely, Vector arrived on the scene and managed to carry everyone out before the base sunk into the volcano it was built on which was totally stupid.

After things had settled down a bit, she went to visit Espio in the hospital, and is now on her way to check on Ray.

Crossover History


Ray the Squirrel A timid and spastic squirrel with a serious caffeine addiction. The two have been neighbors for years and are good friends (despite the times he annoys her).
Mighty the Armadillo A super strong guy who seems to have prior history with Ray. She finds him to be kind and gentle, but FAR too hard on himself and aloof.
Espio the Chameleon An old friend of Mighty's. Midi met him by chance after her and Ray had been taken prisoner by a rogue GUN unit. She currently has mixed feelings about him due to the circumstances she met him under.
Deeb Rec An online friend of hers she's yet to meet in person. Despite this, considers her one of her best friends.
Leda the Pangolin Another online friend she's not yet met in person yet. Also considers her one of her best friends.

Misc. Info

On sunny days she's often seen wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and is usually carrying around an MP3 player and a portable game system in her hammerspace. Also usually carries a metal folding clipboard she keeps drawings in… which she sometimes threatens to beat people with.

While for all intensive purposes she's considered a greater flying fox, she does have a small amount of common vampire bat heritage through one of her grandparents. This is why she's able to use echolocation, despite being a species that shouldn't be able.


Thropes, Gaians, Fanchars, Team Hyperdrive

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