Mighty the Armadillo (Sega)

"Violence is rarely the answer.."


Name: Mighty the Armadillo
Nicknames: Little Armored one, Mytee, Red Head
Species: Armadillo (Southern Naked Tailed)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Hero
Type: Strength
Height: 3'4"
Build: Muscular
Residence: Wood Zone
Occupation: Traveler, Hero
Likes: Mighty enjoys reading and writing, spending time with his friends, cooking, Ray, traveling, Forest Bath, peace & harmony, Rail-grinding and Dancing. Also, the colors Red and black.
Dislikes: War and Violence, Cruelty to others, Dr Eggman and his machines, Books with pages missing, 'Do Not Enter' signs.
Hobbies/Talents: Mighty enjoys traveling. He loves to read; and also loves to write his own stories based on his adventures. He's quite intelligent due to being a bookworm. He is also good with children. He loves to cook for others. Mighty enjoys collecting small ornaments from the different places he's traveled to. He's also quite the dancer.
Played By: Xeric (Previously Sipp)
Theme: "Human" ~ The Killers


Mighty is a very kind and gentle guy. Although, people tend to judge him on appearance. He loves to listen to other people's problems and hopefully help them out. He detests violence of all kinds, but would do anything to protect his friends, even if it means using his incredible strength against others. He enjoys being with other, but much more being on his own with his thoughts or reading a book. He loves nature and is an 'Eco-warrior' of sorts. The destruction of the environment greatly upsets him.



Being an Armadillo, Mighty's shell is extremely strong. It can be used as a defensive mechanism either by turning away, or rolling into a ball. He is also exceptionally strong; he's able to lift anything from Large rocks, to boulders. Mighty is a fantastic digger; he uses this ability to build shelters whilst traveling as he prefers to be underground than on the surface. He also has fantastic hearing, which helps him on his travels. Mighty is also able to jump quite high up.


Mighty is able to 'wall-cling'. This allows him to hold onto a wall for a small period of time, then kick off onto another etc. He is also able to super-spindash. He's great on computers; he uses computers to research different locations. Although, he isn't very good at mechanics. He wouldn't know a knut from a bolt. Due to Mighty having a heavy shell, he is unable to float on water, so when he needs to, he can inflate his stomach, which allows him float and therefore swim.


None currently known.



Due to a heavy shell, his isn't a keen swimmer. Although his shell is hard, the rest of his body is vulnerable due to only being covered in skin and fur.


He is a pacifist, therefore he detests violence; if he needed to, he would fight but without much conviction. He often cannot control his strength, which he is quite sensitive about.

Pre-RP History

Mighty's life was perfect. He had a great family, great home, great everything.. but Mighty yearned for something else. He wanted to travel the planet, meet new people, enjoy his life to full. When he turned 16, he packed his things, and left to travel the world. His first stop was Eggman Island, Mighty was unaware of who 'Eggman' was. Whilst looking for civilization, he was captured by Dr. Eggman and threw into a Jail cell. In the cell was too others; A terrified looking Squirrel name Ray, and a very frustrated hedgehog by the name of Sonic. They decided to escape as a team, Mighty ripped the bars from the walls using his incredible strength, and they escaped; destroying the island in the process. After they went their separate ways, Mighty carried on his Journey.

Later, Mighty ended up on Carnival Island. Here, he bumped into the Chaotix and Knuckles the Echidna. Once again, Eggman was trying to steal the Master emerald which was powering the island and take over. Mighty was captured and placed in the 'Combi-confiner', later to by rescued by Knuckles and Espio. After this, Mighty became close friends with Espio. Through the power of Teamwork, they defeated Eggman and Metal Sonic, and saved the island. Once again, Mighty said his farewells, and continued his travels.

(Breif Summary of Sipp's Time playing him)
There was a branch of GUN that kind of ran off on its own agenda and wanted to do experimentation on Mighty to turn him into an evil weapon. They kidnapped Resson to force him to build a mind control device to force Mighty into submission, and they kidnapped Midi and Ray to use as leverage against Mighty.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix were there for unrelated reasons, and Espio (as the one that does most of the work) crossed paths with Mighty. Mighty, under control at the time, attacked him and basically disembowled him. Elsewhere Resson sets off a remote that destroyed the mind-controller, so Mighty went back to normal. The base started blowing up and everyone escaped.

Mighty visited Espio in the hospital afterwards, they had a quick talk, and Mighty agreed to take his place at the detective agency for a while so he could get away and do some solitary training.

Post-RP History

None Currently.

Crossover History

None currently.


Sonic the Hedgehog Even though he hasn't seen him in a long time, he still regards him as a friend.
Ray the Flying Squirrel Mighty's best buddy, kinda like a little brother to him.
Dr. Eggman Enemies.
Knuckles the Echidna An old friend from Adventures gone.
Espio the Chameleon Apart from Ray, Mighty considers Espio his best friend and a worthy rival.
Vector the Crocodile Leader of Team Chaotix, an old friend.
Charmy the Bee General annoyance.
Midnight the Bat A friend of his.

Misc. Info

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