Milo The Coyote (sega)

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Name: Milo
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Coyote
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alignment: Lawful good
Height: 3'5"
Residence: Eggman Land
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Employee of the Eggman Empire, Sharpshooting instructor to Ada Robotnik.
Likes: Sleeping, playing arcade shooters and fighters, reading comic books and graphic novels about superheroes. RPG board games, swimming, Milo loves meat; burgers, hotdogs, ribs, as long as it‘s more meat then anything else he‘ll eat it. He likes faded shades of earth colors like greens and browns. He likes to hang out in high places where he can feel the breeze and also likes the dark, anything that makes him hard to see. He loves the hot sun and dry weather.
Dislikes: Milo hates salads, soups and overcooked food, He doesn‘t like bright or bold colors. He hates being in confined spaces, rain or snow. He also takes criticism badly.
Played By: Val
Theme: When Can I See You Again - Owl City


Essentially a coward for most of his life, Milo spent most of his time in a dream world, either reading comic books or playing RPGs always hoping to one day prove himself, but never having the physical skills or strength of will to go out and do anything. Because of this he has a serious inferiority complex and considers himself worthless by comparison to many others who are seen as invaluable, one such person is Metal Sonic. This also causes him to be very fidgety and talk nervously when he’s around such people.

However after seeing Eggman’s first attack on Grand Metropolis and learning as much as he could about him, Milo came to the conclusion that this was his chance to make a difference. He had always felt the way life was in his hometown was too artificial and rushed and that the way the government acted made him question them many times in the past.

His family had abandoned him, chasing him out of town, calling him a traitor for wanting to help Eggman, that had obviously hurt him immensely but it was too late to turn back, that bridge had been burned and Milo’s desire to help the Doctor change the world for the better drove him on. After seeking Eggman out and making his case, his confidence increased dramatically when he was allowed to join the Empire. Gradually as his confidence continued to increase and he learnt more about the machines he worked on, Milo began to build a belt that created a sphere of energy around him to protect him.

Milo is driven by his ambitions, his only loyalty is to the Eggman Empire and he had honed his talents. He knows his limits and follows his orders to the letter, even if it means his own end.


While physically weak and not a good fighter, Milo makes up for it by having excellent reflexes and being a good runner. His jaws are quite strong, as are his teeth. Training for Eggman, he’s put his improved eyesight to use and become a great marksman, his flawless sense of smell, acute hearing and ability to use his surroundings to his advantage make him a skilled tracker and hunter. He is also a very good digger and swimmer.
Milo is quite intelligent and a talented strategist. Since joining the Eggman Empire Milo has had to learn a lot about machines and robotics, mainly to perform maintenance on his Force field Generator Belt.


Very weak in hand to hand combat, not very strong. He is also very sensitive to cold temperatures. His excellent sense of smell can also be a great weakness. His fur also sheds frequently. Not a good climber.
Cowardice, bad memory, hates loud noises of any kind, an inferiority complex due to his lack of fighting ability, too trusting, gets bored easily, constantly needs to chew something, paranoia and worry that someone is watching him, natural dislike of wolves.
Has a stuttering problem.

Emerald Abilities

Inserting a Chaos Emerald into his belt allows Milo to prolong the usage of his Force fields indefinitely, charging his gun up with the energy from an emerald increases the power of the blast significantly.

Pre-RP History

Growing up in Grand Metropolis, Milo’s life was simple but boring. The entire city’s power comes from the HEXAeco company, who had created a futuristic, bright machine operated world of their own where almost everything was done for you. While his family and friends loved the ease and efficiency with which their lives ran, Milo grew up on comic books, reading stories of heroes standing up for their own ideas and always felt the morals he learnt in those books were ignored in the real world. Of course he also became a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog when he heard about him on the news, and the evil Dr Eggman he battled.

However Milo’s life changed the day Eggman attacked Grand Metropolis and stole the energy running the city. With the bridges out Milo was stranded atop a building where he watched swarms of robots begin to tear the city apart. When it was all over he saw the people helping each other, showing compassion, working together. The true nature of people he knew they had forgotten in their fast paced lives. It was only in the wake of anarchy that people showed their best sides.

After that Milo began to research Dr Eggman and learned why the mastermind wanted to dominate the world. He finally made up his mind that Eggman’s vision of a better world was the right way and he wanted to help Eggman achieve his goal any way he could. He tried to convince his friends and family to come but they only saw him as a terrorist and a traitor. With no home anymore, Milo ventured out in search of Eggman to plead for the chance to aid him.

After joining Eggman’s Empire, Milo began to train his talents; tracking, marksmanship and even learning about some robotics. Of course nothing too fancy, his proudest creation is a belt that, when completed, allowed Milo to create two kinds of force fields around himself. One kind allowed him to negate the effects of gravity and fly while the other protects him from attacks, though because of Milo’s inexperience with mechanics there are major downsides to the belt; he can only have one shield activated at a time, the shields can only last for short periods of time before they burn through their Chaos Drive power source and the defensive shield may prevent any attack from getting in to Milo but it also prevents him from making an attack of his own.

When Eggman returned and transformed Grand Metropolis into Eggmanland, at first Milo felt uneasy, not about taking the city over in the name of his Emperor, that idea had been what sparked his decision to leave here in the first place. It was worry for his family, even though they had disowned him, he still cared for them. However when he returned to his old home he found it boarded up and deserted. Whether they had left because of him or for some other reason, his family was truly gone from his life now and so Milo laid to rest any worries he had and was now truly devoted to the Eggman Empire.

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