Monty Dan (Sega)

"Monty is where the money is."


Name: Monty Dan
Nicknames: Mont, Dan, Danny (Faris named her modified Pen-Pen after him), MD, The Supplier, Mr.Fix-it, Pain in the Butt, Money grubbing sonuva!
Species: Crocodile Salamander
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Speed
Team: N/A
Height: Average
Build: He's a moving noodle of Salamander flexy-mass! He sort of melts around like water and has little to brag about.
Residence: Starlight Zone
Occupation: He's a money man, Monty Dan is the money man! The money lizard he would like to be known. He owns the black and all other markets, at least he deals in all of them. He works hard and well to earn his moula, travelling between cities and recruiting young followers to show the plan, to get it done, to beat the system, to become rich and above all…to become rich. Yes, this is true. BUSINESS TIME!
Likes: Money. Really fast cars and anything he can hot-wire, really. He's a lizard so sun bathing is a must as well as cooling in watery pools…(which would be an olympic sized pool) and the ladies. (not that one lady has given him the time or day…or said lady hasn't sent him rocketing over the edge of some building via purse)
Dislikes: Refunds. Honest business men (wussies) and he hates, most of all, country music. He can't stand country music.
Hobbies/Talents: Planning. Having said plans fail. Appraisal…jacking the prices up and selling them for five times their cost. He's also keen about swimming and basking, normal salamander joys in life. He's a social beast so going out to populated sreas like malls, plazas, the like and shopping around is a big thing. Bargain hunting is fun! He's a big one for haggling, as well. I would think he has an online bidding addiction. XD!
Played By: Whisperwing


Monty Dan is random at best and annoying at worst. When he's your friend he'll do all in his power to hook you up…but sides really don't matter. If you have money he has the time and he will have the care. Robotnik could buy something off him and he wouldn't bat a lash and then sell information to whoever wanted it. He likes to take in people and try to apprentice them in his ways but people like a certain Hawk tend to drive him crazy with outright honesty. HELIVESONFASTFORWARD! Sign up now and get this timely classic.



Monty can fit into most over-head storage containers. He's a flexible little git and when he's hiding he's hiding in what's readily available…a closet, a suitcase, a brief case…your coffee-mug…you name it. He's got sticky hands and sticky features in general so scurrying up things is an option entirely. Now, strength…no. His balance is not really something he needs to focus on, seeing as that he sticks to most surfaces to not even warrant dismay. He zips along faster than a roach in the daylight, the smart coward he knows when to pull out of a situation. His real ability comes in to his critical thinking, if it wasn't for his slandering ways he could have been a real mind. Getting out of tight scrapes is what he does best. Being a lizard he can swim well enough as well.


Swindling, showing the plan, giving the deal, being the man, hooking you up, marking it down, crunching the numbers, plotting the awesome, settling for plan B, running, hiding, building the empire and living life free. Yeah. Bling. He's good with computers and mechanics, simply because he deals with them first hand. He's also well to do about cameras, sound, programming, anything with hardware, if he doesn't know it he'll figure it out.


OH. NO. He'd pawn it. He'd pawn a chaos emerald. Yes, he would.



He, being a salamander, needs the moist and the warmth…living at his desert oasis back in the day was paradise…but it's significantly colder most places than his sunny home. So, he works around it. His DEX increases when money is involved, otherwise he's a clutz. Also, dusty surfaces (one cannot stick to said surfaces).


Money, anything that is bigger than he is, smart individuals who can see past his swindling, honest business men (like Jordan), not having a place to hide, not have money, plan B failing, plan Z failing, having to give refunds. (oh god that hurts).

Pre-RP History

Monty Dan woke up one scorching desert morning and decided…to be a millionaire. So he left his family and his humble sandy dunes and traded them for the cityscape. He worked hard through his younger years, first very honestly…but then he started stepping on toes. As he made his way to the top dealing and heckling with every sort of creature that ended up on his dorostep…he franchised, he expanded, he started dealing in ways that could not be described any less than crazy. Now, in Starlight Zone…he looks for an apprentice to his empire. (A friend, something money cannot buy.)

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Faris the Peacock He effectively taught the bird a great deal of her mechanical/auto-motive experience. He's scared to death of her for some reason.
Faulco the Phoenix Dearest friend, Monty thinks he's a riot and the life of the party. The bird is also his best customer.

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