SatAMStH Mythropes

Dragons, gryphons, phoenixes and the like. Mythropes are what we traditionally consider to be creatures pure of mythology. In SatAMStH they were the results of genetic manipulation for reasons that are now unknown, while their origins in ArchieStH remain a mystery. Like thropes they are self-aware, have human-level intelligence and the ability to speak. However, this is where the simularity ends, as they generally tend to have a more non-anthro body shape, and many are known to walk on four legs. Aside from echidnas they have the strongest indole bloodlines and highest percentage of such individuals in their population.

Myththropes are not allowed in SegaStH. The closest to a myththrope that could potentially exist there may be, for example, a monitor lizard with an indolistic ability to wield fire. But no actual dragons and the like.

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