Naked Blueprints

"I take orders from no man I do not choose! Especially not after he takes the liberty of viewing my naked blueprints hard drive without consent!" - Metal Sonic

This joke began from a phrase spoken by Metal Sonic, as written by his player Jamie Lee at SegaStH. It's initial reaction was a round of good laughs by all who read it. It gained force after Jamie placed a screenshot of the green wire frame of Metal from the Sonic OVA as her personal icon with the caption "NAKED BLUEPRINTS!".

Then a few AOL Instant Messenger conversations between either Jamie and former player Kato, or Jamie and DB (still viewable in the Sonic Bash thread on the SegaStH board) depicted Dr. Talon's (played by Kato) humorous choice of words of his desire for Metal's body (to study for mechanical reasons) and his wish for Metal to join his ranks. It was these conversations that inspired Riyami to draw an image of Talon laying on a bed in candlelight gazing seductively at an uncomfortable Metal that the caused the joke to really hit full steam.



The phrase has since inspired an ongoing running gag of how Talon wishes to steal Metal's blueprints to use them for reasons similar to how any male would use nude photos of their preferred orientation, much to the violated dismay and often obnoxious pathetic chick style whining of Metal. Since Kato's departure and Talon's death the joke has fallen out of use.

It has gone on to inspire other fanart and even the spin-off Naked Fluids.


After failing to obtain a copy of Metal's data after trying to manipulate him into blowing Emerald Coast's oil lines, Talon later got his chance and succeeded when Tails the Fox shot Metal with an EMP gun and had a robot kidnap them both. Using the schematics from Metal he created SR-1412 Heat, a "Metal Shadow", and had taken to maliciously provoking both Metal and his creator Dr. Eggman any way he could until he finally met his demise by Heat's incompetence.

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