Nate The Ferret (SatAM)

"Trust me! I do this all the time!"


Name: Nathaniel Williams
Nicknames: Nate, Nate the Ferret
Species: Cyborg Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 09 | Mental: 05 | Luck: 07
Height: 3'5''
Build: A "swimmer's build." Slim body structure, but powerful arm and leg muscles. He also got his right arm roboticized up to his elbow; the original arm was rather bulky, but the "upgrade" he got from Zack is much more streamlined.
Residence: Lower Mobius
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Likes: Exploration, Strategy games, Socalizing, Kids
Dislikes: Innocents (ESPECIALLY CHILDREN) getting hurt, His ineptitude with mechanics, Being unable to beat Zack at any mental challenge, Heights (due to his vertigo)
Hobbies/Talents: Playing strategy games, such as Risk and Chess, with Zack, even though he frequently loses; Trying (key word) to learn some simple mechanic skills; Killing ratbots in the caves around Lower Mobius (it keeps his skill up, so he says); Exploring the world around him whenever he has the freedom to do so
Played By: SHM 128 III
Theme: "Into the Fire" from The Scarlet Pimpernel


They say that being in a dark, enclosed space, such as Lower Mobius, for too long can cause some negative emotional side-effects, such as depression, lack of energy, and general moodiness.

Apparently, Nate never got the memo.

Nate is a bright, energetic young man who, despite the harsh reality around him, still holds a very romantic view of the world. To him, this whole Robotnik thing is just a "temporary setback" that he has no doubt will eventually come to an end, allowing him to return to his first love: exploration. In the meantime, however, he keeps fighting the good fight, fequently volunteering for many of Lower Mobius' missions, particularly the search-and-rescue ones or, if he's really lucky, ones where he gets to travel to other parts of Mobius. He is very friendly to everyone he meets (even SWATbots… Although that is frequently a mock-politeness before beating the circuts out of them), and will often show incredible amounts of respect towards his elders and women… Although, in regards to the latter, he often shows so much politeness towards them that, to others, he almost comes across as a Casanova.

This is not to say, however, that he doesn't take what he's doing seriously. On the contrary, he is very much aware of the dangers and risks involved, and how much is truely at stake. He simply does not let it bog him down. Rather than feeling pressured by it, it envigorates him. In the clash of Good vs. Evil, he knows that good must always triumph, and he certainly wants to help in any way he can! To him, this is no burden or struggle, but an honorable duty that he is very proud to be a part of.

However, if there is one thing that does fraze him, it's seeing any innocent person suffer under evil, especially children. If you "kick the dog," so to speak, all bets are off; he will make you pay, and Hell hath no fury like Nate when he's angry. In fact, this is very closely related to one of the only pieces of emotional baggage Nate has: having accidentally left behind a young child while escaping from Robotropolis.

At home, he seems to spend most of his time with Dr. Zack and Cass (due to their histories; see below), but with his charming personality, it would be a pretty save bet that he's on relatively good terms with just about everyone in Lower Mobius.



Being a ferret, Nate is very flexible and evasive. He can easily squeeze through tight holes and will spend most of his fights dodging blows rather than making them. He also has heightened senses, so he's able to search out hidden goodies very easily. He can also produce various scents depending on the situation, but he generally avoids doing so, since robots can't exactly get scared off by a bad smell anyway. Finally, his roboticized arm gives him super strength in his right hand, not to mention that is where he actually keeps his fighting staff for when he needs it.


Decent swimmer, self-trained in the art of pole fighting, well-educated (he was in high school when the coup happened), surprisingly smart strategist, good driver (depending on who you ask… to him, "good" means "getting from point A to point B by any means necessary and surviving", not "obeying the rules of the road"; others would probably disagree)



Even though he's stronger than he looks (especially with the robo-arm), Nate is still a bit on the weak side; Has the standard cyborg weaknesses toward magnets, EMP blasts, and the like


Could make a computer crash just by looking at it (don't ask how many times he's "broken his arm"); Has mild vertigo; Gets really rialed up if friends or innocents are threatened

Pre-RP History

Like most people in Mobotropolis, Nate had a pretty normal life for the first 15 years of his existance. Play, learn, grow, go through typical teenage shenanigans, the usual stuff… Until the coup happened, of course.

Despite his best efforts to escape, Nate found himself to be one of the first ones captured. Not long after, he found himself being lined up with a bunch of other Mobians, being led towards the infamous Roboticizer. When he was the the fourth person away from the machine, however, something unexpected happened. Turns out a squirrel wasn't exactly thrilled when he discovered that the next person to be robo'ed was a 7-year-old female bat. Needless to say, chaos broke out.

Now, back when the roboticizer was first made, there wasn't any glass tube to hold the person inside; it was literally just a sort of laser beam shooting downward. Nate made this unfortunate discovery when, in the middle of the melee, the machine got activated while an old echidna was knocked into its line of fire. Not wanting to let the old man go out like that, he reach foward with his right hand and quickly pulled him back out, but not before they both got blasted with the ray, resulting in Nate getting his right arm roboticized, not to mention that the echidna got hit a bit as well. Improvising as best he could at this point, Nate began using his newfound "metal knuckles" to pummel the remaining SWATbots while the echidna attented to another young, terrified girl, this one a sparrow. At the same time, Nate quickly ran to rescue the young bat girl. However, in the mists of all the confusion, he lost her and failed to find her again. This is something that has haunted him since then, and is the source of his strong hatred of bad things happening to children.

In the end, he, the sparrow, the echidna, and a few others escaped to Lower Mobius, a refuge that Dr. Zack, the old echidna, happened to know about. Since then, Nate has worked with the Lower Mobius freedom fighters. When he isn't smashing Robotnik's resources, he can usually be found hanging out with the usually recluse Dr. Zack (rather ironic, considering their conflicting personalities) or trying his hardest to get to know the still shell-shocked sparrow, Cassia.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Dr Zachary The echidna Nate saved from a fate truly worse than death. While they aren't exactly bosom buddies, they could be considered friends. Although some would say Nate is almost the echidna's sidekick, or vice versa.
Cassia the Sparrow A sort of adoptive niece, Nate seems to have made it his life's goal to bring this sparrow girl out of her self-imposed shell.
Rouge the Bat The bat girl he failed to save. He's not sure what happened to her, but he still remembers.

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