Nate The Ferret (Sega)

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Name: Nathaniel Williams
Nicknames: Nate
Species: Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 4'4''
Residence: Resort Island… For the moment. He's a wanderer, so he probably won't stay there for long.
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Explorer/Adventurer
Likes: Exploring; Discovering new things; Laughing as he triumphs over some deadly obsticle; Retelling stories of his previous adventures to others; Playing Guitar; Tennis; Root Beer; Cheese Pizza; Extreme Gearing; Carmen
Dislikes: Heights; Being held down in one place too long; Getting his butt kicked despite his confidence; People claiming he's making his stories up (when he really isn't); Finding out that his latest discovery isn't all that earth-shocking at all; Jalapeno
Played By: Smee
Theme: "Pressing On" by Reliant K


Think of your typical "adventurer" stereotype… Lively, cheery, optimistic, a bit of a ladies' man, and just a hint of common sense when it comes to avoiding danger… That's Nate in a nutshell. He loves to look for and discover new things, and if it leads into trouble… No problem. He just grins, pulls out his staff, and whacks his way through it. Of course, one man's "free spirit" is another's "irresponsiblity and cockiness", but Nate just ignores those types. After all, no great discovery is made without a little risk!

Oddly enough, he isn't really after the "fortune and glory" when it comes to his expeditions, although he does like to brag about his exploits once in a while. More often than not, he explores simply for the sake of exploring. If he happens to find something huge, he usually reports it to the proper authorities and then lets them take over… After taking a peek at it first himself, of course. For him, the discovery of something great is an award in and of itself.

Nate can get a little stir-crazy when not out and about exploring the world around him, but good friends and active persuits are usually enough to keep that in check… for a while. Chivalrous and social, Nate is usually the life of any party. However, don't let his upbeat and positive demenor fool you: If the time calls for it, he's more than capable of getting serious. However, this usually only happens under dire circumstances, so if you actually see him like this, it's time to run.


Ferrets have been given nicknames like "the liquid animal" for a reason: Nate's very flexible. Basically, if something is at least half-a-foot wide, he can sqeeze himself through it. He is also pretty agile, able to twist and turn his way out of almost any attack. Even if he does get hit, it isn't a big deal: he's pretty darn sturdy, able to take quite a beating before going down. More likely than not, though, he'll flee a battle before being totally worn down, using his remaning stanama to get away from his attacker. Furthermore, his sharp senses (vision, sight, and sound) helps him to "ferret out" (gag) hidden treasures.

On the metal side of things, Nate is very well-researched in the art of survival and exploration. He's more than capable of living on nothing but his wits out in the wild for weeks at a time, and he's studied enough to be quite familiar with the terrain of both Gaia and Terra. He's also trained in self-defense using a fighting staff and knows how to swim, not to mention he's an amature musictian (he plays guitar in his spare time). Finally, he's just recently began practicing using Extreme Gear, and has proven to be quite good at using Bike Gear.


Although he tries to use common sense, his lust for adventure usually sends him running straight into danger anyway (in other words, he's irresponsible). He also broke his left leg at a young age and it didn't heal quite correctly; if he puts too much stress on it (by either walking for a long time or by breaking into a sprint), it starts to act up on him. Furthermore, he broke it after falling from a pretty high distance, so now he's a bit uncomfortable around heights, but he tries his best not to show it. While he's good with Gear, he isn't so hot with other vehicles or machinery (he prefers to walk, anyhow). Also, as expanded upon below, he really wouldn't want to get near a Chaos Emerald.

Emerald Abilities

No "real" abilities… However, should he come in prosession of a Sol Emerald somehow, it would strengthen his bad leg (see above) so that it would no longer be a weakness. A Chaos Emerald, by contrast, would immediately send him to the ground in pain.

Pre-RP History

Nate was born on Windmill Island in Terra. Maybe there's something in the water there, but like many of the other residents on that island, he had a thurst for adventure. From a very young age, he would explore the many different regions of the island, trying to discover something new each and every day. Sadly, one day, his curiosity got the better of him: he fell from a tall cliff and wound up breaking his left leg. It never quite healed properly after that, and has been an issue for him ever since, not to mention giving him an apprehension towards high places.

Later, when he was much older, he took a journey with his dad to the mainland to visit the capital. Unfortunately, this happened to be just around the time the events of Sonic Rush began to take place. You guessed it… He got sucked into a portal and wound up in Gaia. Rather than be freaked out by this, he took it all in stride. It just meant he had a whole new world to explore now!

His travels led him far and wide, from urban areas like Westopolis to the rural villages of Chun-Nan. However, the downside of his inquisitive nature would soon catch up to him, after he accidentally wandered into an area that had previously been "visited" by Eggman and still had some robots hanging around. He managed to escape, but not before getting badly beaten.

Thankfully, he was found and sent to Resort Island General for recovery. It was there that he met two other people who would soon be close friends, Carmen the Otter and Skater the Fossa. Having no place else to stay once he was released from the hospital (since immediately heading back out on the exploration trail was… ill adviced), he decided to hang with them and quickly discovered a new hobby: Extreme Gear.

He's spent the past four months or so hanging with his new pals and learning the ropes of Gearing, but now that he's fully recovered, he's begining to hear the call to adventure once more…

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Other Info

Nate has a slight Australian accent in his voice (due to his birthplace being Windmill Island), but it's rather minor. It only affects his diction and such, he doesn't use any Australian lingo beyond the occational "mate."

Nate keeps his trusty fighting staff with him at all times. There isn't anything "special" about it aside from sentimental value, but it can also double as a walking stick if his leg is acting up. Beyond that, he also almost always carries a canteen of water and a satchel full of various exploring equipment (compass, maps, etc.) with him.

The Rock On is Nate's Bike Extreme Gear. It was custom built by Skater, but otherwise has pretty average/balanced stats so that Nate could learn the ropes quickly. He has yet to customize its abilities at all and in fact rather likes its "Jack of All Stats" versatility.

The Rock On


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