Neuro Modifier

Created by Dr Finitevus as a side project stemming from his mechanical prosthesis research, neuro modifiers are small microchips less than the size of a grain of sand that're implanted into a person somewhere around the base of the skull. Finitevus uses these chips on his Dark Legionnaires as a means to control and manipulate them. The device is undetectable and has several different uses, all of which have different effect on the person's brainwaves and chemicals.

The first way induces a strong urge to sleep in a person, and soon ends with them in a trance-like state. In this state they're both aware and unaware of their surroundings, causing them up to being extremely open to suggestion. While like this Finitevus can pry information out of the individual, as well as also manipulate them into the directions he wants them to think and behave, including the implantation of false memories. The person eventually wakes up on their own and do not retain direct memories of the session. However, the thoughts and/or memories remain implanted in the subconscious, and over time the individual may not only come to believe these as true, but as their own personal decisions.

The other ability the device has is to induce spots of amnesia, able to cause a person to completely forget anywhere from the last few minutes to last few days. This is used in instances where perhaps the individual may have poked their nose in the wrong place and learned something they shouldn't have.

Despite how powerful and intrusive the device may seem, it does have its drawbacks. For example, strong willed individuals would prove to be much harder to brainwash than others, and people, places or objects may be able to jog their senses. The amnesia may also not always work perfectly, leaving feelings or vague thoughts still imprinted in the subconscious.

Should a person ever manage to overcome their brainwashing and break away from the Legion it's a strong possibility that person will become mentally scarred. False memories don't leave, they can only be realized as false and worked around. Because of this, the individual would likely constantly question theirself and their memories, on top of whatever guilt they have from crimes they may have committed. Most likely they would probably have an extremely difficult time blending back into normal society (Ignoring the law-related problems being a former Dark Legionnaire alone would cause).

Only Finitevus himself is aware of the existence of these devices. They are among one of his most closely guarded secrets.

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