Nicole (SatAM)

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Name: Nicole
Nicknames: none
Species: Handheld Computer
Gender: Female Voiced
Alignment: Lawful Good
Stats: Physical: 3 | Mental: 18 | Luck: 0
Height: 4'' closed, 7'' open
Residence: Sally's boot. Or Sally's vest pocket if she's actually wearing it.
Occupation: Sally's computer, and frequently instrument to other technological projects.
Likes: Getting system upgrades, defragmenting her hard drives, assisting Sally.
Dislikes: Lagging, crashing, having to repeat herself, "dumbing down" her language, being handled without care.
Hobbies/Talents: TETRIS
Played By: Leda


Even though Nicole's intelligence is technically artificial, there's no debate that she clearly has her own individual personality. Originally programmed simply as a learning tool for Princess Sally, it appears that Nicole has slowly gained sentience over the years, as evidenced by her ability to adapt and "customize" herself, as it were, to each user. She has also been known to display different "moods" based on who she's working with. This is most notably demonstrated by instances in which Nicole passes from Sally to Sonic; while she's pleasant and eager to work for Sally, Nicole seems to become disgruntled while in Sonic's custody, and reluctantly changes her language style to communicate with him.

As she still only really dances on the outskirts of varied emotion, Nicole is usually very direct, although she tends to show more courtesy toward Sally over other users. For the most part she speaks in very technical language unless she's forced to "dumb it down" for users that aren't on the same page. Regardless of her casual behavior, Nicole's primary goal is to serve Sally, or those that Sally deems a permitted secondary user. If someone without clearance attempts to access her files, Nicole immediately locks down all information and becomes completely unresponsive to the user.



Has a small laser, and can electrocute unauthorized users. Can also cause pain if she's used as a blunt object.

As far as her programming goes, Nicole is able to systematically hack her way into seemingly any computer system that's presented. She has an ENORMOUS database (likely hundreds of terrabytes' worth), and is able to store new information via audio storage, visual scanning, verbal programming, downloading, or manual installation. Nicole also has the ability to produce holograms of images too complex to be displayed on her rather small screen. This includes video feeds, complete with audio.


How to speak Layman is the only thing Nicole's really "learned" per se. Technically she can be programmed with any information Sally decides to install. She can also be upgraded with other tools, such as the laser.



Nicole has all the weaknesses one would expect of a computer: viruses, water making it inside of her casing, intense heat, magnetic blasts, overloading her circuits, etc. It's also proven problematic when Nicole is handled roughly and/or shaken, as she's had chips come loose within her casing that had to be repaired or replaced.


Perhaps the only real "mental" weakness Nicole has is frustration with secondary users, as she prefers to work with Sally only. She has an especially difficult time communicating with those that aren't particularly fluent in technical jargon.

Pre-RP History

Nicole's exact history isn't specifically known; it's obvious she was built for Sally, but it's not 100% clear who built her. As a technological genius and a close personal friend to the king, it's presumed that Uncle Chuck did the bulk of the work, but it's been noted that King Acorn was very specific about both the information to be included and how it's to be accessed. Regardless, Nicole's construction was extensive, and even now Sally continues to upgrade her to expand the memory and optimize function. It's assumed that Nicole's laser was not an original feature, and was installed in lieu of the war.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Princess Sally Nicole's owner and primary user. Loyal to her before all others.
King Acorn Sally's father and Nicole's designer. It's unclear if he actually wrote any of her programming, but he did select the information to be stored, set time locks on certain data, and left Sally several messages within Nicole's memory.
Uncle Chuck A secondary user Nicole has a lot of tolerance for. He may also be the one that wrote her actual programming.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sally's would-be boyfriend; Nicole tolerates him when she must.
Rotor the Walrus A secondary user that Nicole doesn't seem to particularly mind working with.
Dr Robotnik Enemy to the Acorn Kingdom and reason behind the current war. Nicole hacks through his systems on a regular basis.

Misc. Info

Secretly knows how to speak l337.

For some reason I'm taking a really bad FANTASTICALLY AWESOME idea of Jamie's seriously and going with the idea that the voice files Nicole uses to speak are that of Sally's mother, which is unknown to everyone (including Nicole) except for King Acorn. I hate Jamie so hard right now.


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