Nicole The Lynx (Sega)

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Name: Nicole
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Computer/Lynx
Gender: Female
Age: 4 or 5
Alignment: Hero
Type: Intelligence
Height: Average
Build: Slim
Residence: GUN HQ
Occupation: GUN Agent
Likes: Sally, proving her abilities.
Dislikes: Being shaked(in computer form), having to 'dumb down' her statements.
Hobbies/Talents: Testing the latest GUN computer firewalls and anti-hacker programs.
Played By: Lans


Nicole has a pleasant, if businesslike personality. She has a tendancy to speak in technical terms instead of everyday terms. Other than a pleasant tone of voice she hardly ever shows emotion, though she does have them.



None really, even her android shell is set to only average strength and speed. She can type and read real fast though.


Nicole is a super hacker, able to crack and hack just about any computer system out there. This is much easier for her to do in her computer form, but still has formidable skills even as an android. As a precaution, she was loaded with several styles of self defense martial arts that she can use in an emergancy.





Her computer form is totally immobile with only a light tazer for defense purposes. Her android body wasn't designed for battle.


Phobias, bad habits, tempers…

Pre-RP History

Nicole started out as a prototype miniature supercomputer, with capabilities and AI on a level unheard of on a unit her size. She was to be the testbed for a whole series of units to be issued to GUN perssonel, and was assigned to one of their best agents, Sally Acorn. However, Nicole proved too sucessful, and GUN, fearing what might happen if one of the units ever ended up in enemy hands, cut the project, but left Nicole with Sally. She's gone through some development since then, even creating a holographic image of 'herself' to use in interacting with others. GUN has recently decided to use her as part of another project. Uploading her matirix into a lifelike android based on her holographic form.

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